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Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Nourishing Night Cream Review

Another product from youthrx range  and this is the Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Nourishing Night Cream . I have  reviewed couple of other products from the same range... You can check HERE.  We all know, how important is applying a good night cream every night to get a smooth, healthy face on the next morning...  Actually one should apply a night cream before 12am. as skin starts rejuvinating or repairing cells only after midnight...  Hence a good night cream would work wonder...  And after age25 you should definitely try specially an anti-aging night creams to avoid early aging signs...

I found this whole youthrx range of lotus herbals is good to start a nice anti-aging skincare routine ...  Well I am using this nourishing night cream since more than four months now and here is my opinion regarding the product..


PRICE - Rs635/- for 50gm.


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PACKAGING - Unlike the day cream it is also comes in a glass tub with screw cap...  But the colour combination is just opposite like purple tub and golden cap...  The packaging is unhygienic to use..  Due to the heavy glass packaging it is risky to carry around..  Again it comes with another cardboard box which has all necessary information regarding the product...

MY EXPERIENCE - The night cream is white in colour and very light in texture...  The constitency is like other creams. It absorbs very quickly into skin and doesn't feel heavy or sticky at all...  I need a small coin quantity each time and it spreads effortlessly on skin...  It keeps moisturised my skin through out the night and in the morning I wake up with a smooth, supple and healthy looking skin...  I do apply this along with the face toner and face serum of the same range and I must say it is working great on my face...

I don't have any acne marks or wrinkles or finelines on my face by now (touch wood), but I am sure with continuous uses of this night cream and other stuffs from Lotus herbals youthrx range, I can ignore all these skin troubles in a long term basis...  I am so happy with this amazing cream...  I am already in my second bottle...  And girls, don't go over the little higher price tag, because this classy purple bottle will last for almost 4 months easily....

PROS.. -

⏺Nice classy royal looking packaging
⏺ Light texture and spreads evenly on skin
⏺Absorbs quickly and not feeling greasy or sticky
⏺Keeps skin hydrated
⏺Makes skin smooth and supple and adds nice healthy glow
⏺Has various herbal ingredients
⏺Available easily

CONS.. -
⏺Bulky and heavy glass packaging
⏺Will not suit oily skins I guess

RATING - 4.3/5

Hope you find this review helpful... Don't forget to share your thought about Lotus herbals youthrx night cream...

Till then, bye 💟💟


  1. Sounds really good! 😊

  2. Nice review. I love the packaging...

    1. Yes... The packaging is really classy looking but needs to handle carefully... Thank you btw

  3. I will gift this to my mom after reading this review. She has dry skin

    1. Yes, it will work great on dry skin... I add m glad that you find this review helpful... Thank you

  4. Since I have oily skin, this might not suit me. Glad that it worked for you :)

  5. Lotus one of my favorite brand ... Very nicely reviewed

  6. Lovely review, love the packaging. It seems to be a nice night cream.

    1. Yes, it is the best one I habe ever tried... Thank you

  7. nice post
    will try this
    happy with the glass bottle as there is too much plastic out there

    1. Haha... Actually this is true that there is too much plastics these days... Thank you for stopping by dear...

  8. I was looking for a review of this product. But I don't think it will work for me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am about to finish the tub!! This cream is indeed good!! Nicely reviewed.


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