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Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Active Anti-aging Foaming Gel

Hi everyone...
How are you all?  I was hell busy in the last few days...  Finally I have shifted to a new house and my son is happy and me happy too...  Now back to work...

Well,  Today I am going write about Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Active Anti-aging Foaming Gel which I am using since two weeks now...  I have bought it from Nykaa in a combo offer, hence got a good discount...  I bought the YOUTHRx day cream (Reviewed HERE)  and this together...  I love trying different face washes each time...  This time when I switched my whole skincare regimen to lotus herbals youthrx range, then thought to try this foaming gel face wash too though there are so many negative reviews on the shopping site itself, but I decided to try out on my own... Let's see how is my experience with it...



PRICE - Rs150/- for 50gm.

PACKAGING - The foaming gel comes in a flip open plastic tube which has the signature YOUTHRx colour..  The YOUTHRx scrub and face wash has very similar packaging which can leave you confused.. The packaging is sturdy enough to carry around and all information are on the tube itself...  The opening of the cap is so proper that you will get right quantity each time without any wastage of extra product... Love the packaging...

MY EXPERIENCE - The foaming gel is peachy gel kind thing with tiny orange bids in it...  The bids are not very harsh on skin nor useless..  While applying on face, the granules give a nice scrubbing effect which can relax the skin...  I feel spa like feeling (not much 😉) .It has runny texture and doesn't lather much but cleanses face thoroughly.  It is not sticky or greasy type on skin, it rinses off very easily without leaving any traces behind.

I get a clear, clean and smooth face each time as it washes out all extra oil, dirts and makeup properly...  It doesn't dry out my skin afterwash but I think very dry skin girls will face drying issue afterwash..  But I apply my moisturizer after it..  It has very mild sweet fragrance, somehow ginger-y kind...  I can't understand, why people have shared so many negative reviews on the shopping site regarding this product but I am loving it...

🔸Very sturdy and leak-proof packaging
🔸Has peachy gel kind texture with tiny orange granules
🔸It gives nice scrubbing effect while applying
🔸Very pleasant fragrance
🔸Cleanses thoroughly and gives clean, smooth face
🔸Doesn't dry out my skin after wash
🔸Rinses off easily without leaving any traces behind
🔸Less chemicals used and preservative free
🔸Available easily

CONS.. -
Can't find any luckily 😊

RATING - 5/5 👍

Hope you find this review helpful...  Do share your thought in the comment section...

See you in my next post..

Love xoxo 💝💝


  1. Loved the review and clicks. My mom used this I guess bt no considerable change yet😢

    1. Thank you Yogita... And dear a face wash can't bring noticeable difference in skin.. You have to use the whole range to see any visible differerence...

  2. I think thats a must buy! 😍

  3. Lovely review , good to find an excellent product :-)

  4. Nice review babe.. Glad that you & little prince are happy in your new house :)

  5. Wow a 5/5 rating. This should truly be amazing.

  6. Interesting product! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  7. Anti ageing foaming gel concept sounds nice! I have used lotus Herbals products but not from this range,need to check this out ☺

    1. Do check out this range Ana, you will love each and every product...

  8. Wow !!! That's really amazing ... I will go for it 💖

  9. I think it's a must buy.. I love that it comes in a gel form

  10. The foaming gel looks impressive. Youthrx range is quite good.

    1. Yes Shreemayee... I love this whole range..

  11. Sounds like a great product. I love the packaging...

  12. I wanted to try this range from lotus...also I have heard good things about the scrub..would love to try both.. :) :)

    1. I am yet to try the scrub... Thank you for stopping by...

  13. Nice review. I like the packaging colors :) giving it a royal touch.

  14. Great review! I should suggest this to my mother :)


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