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Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanser Review- My go-to Solution to Wash my Curls

 If you have curly hair like me, then this post might interest you! I have tried many products over the years, but I have never found a suitable shampoo for my curly hair until now. Curlvana’s fortifying curl cleanser is one of the best products on the market. It enriches my hair and nourishes it so that it looks curly, bouncy, and happy! Why do I recommend it? This cleanser is gentle on the scalp and ensures the growth of the new hair strands by providing the necessary supplements. It is one of the best shampoos for curly hair . My curls feel nourished and gorgeous after every wash.  India’s first Glycerin-free Curl-Care Range According to hair specialists, glycerine causes curly hair to over-absorb moisture from the environment and disrupt its shape and texture. This is one of the reasons why Curlvana doesn't use glycerin in its products. Sustained hydration from Curlvana’s cleanser makes it the best curly hair shampoo in India . Is this Shampoo suitable for frequent washes? Fre

Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Youth Activating Serum + Crème - Review

I am back after a short leave...  These days I am not feeling like blogging because of few personal issues...  Actually my energy level is very down these days.  Well.. leave all that and come back to today's post...  Ever since I have started using Lotus herbals youthrx range,  I am in love with every single  product...  I have already reviewed two products of the range and today it is time for  Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx Youth Activating Serum + Crème ... I am using this since three months now and ready to share my opinion...

Brand claims -

Price - Rs 795/- for 30ml.
Ingredients -

*Find review of Lotus herbals youthrx full range HERE *

Packaging - The serum has the typical youthrx packaging which is so beautiful in real... It has a pump dispenser which makes it convenient to use...  It has a transparent plastic cap over it which is not sturdy enough, mine got cracked within few uses only...  The 30ml. bottle is very handy to carry while traveling...  The outer cardboard box has all necessary information regarding the product...

My Experience With Lotus Herbals YOUTHRx  Serum+Cream -

I am using this serum since more than three months now along with the toner, day cream and night cream of the same range.  I use twice a day.  I am noticing slight changes in my skin texture now which is obviously a good sign...  I think if I will use this continuously for a long time, it will perform better...  And the most relaxing thing is it is in budget, hence one can try without hesitation...  Well let's discuss the product in detail..

This is a serum plus cream hence the texture is something near to creamy side...  Yes.. it has gel kind texture which is creamy enough. The consistency is neither thin like water nor thick like creams just perfect to apply easily...  It gets absorb into skin quickly without feeling greasy or sticky.  It doesn't feel heavy on skin..  I need two pumps each time to cover my face and neck..  The serum has good moisturising ability as well.  In summer when my skin behaves quite normal (in other seasons my skin is dry) ,it works fine and I don't need extra moisturizer immediate after it.

The serum has very mild fragrance which lasts for few seconds only.  After using the serum for three months continuously, my skin has become soft, smooth and it maintains the skin elasticity properly.I can feel the freshness after applying it.  I don't have any skin issues actually and don't have wrinkles or finelines, hence can't comment more on these...  But I am sure with regular uses of this lotus herbals youthrx serum, one can get rid of all skin aging issues...  I am going to repurchase this, in fact I have already placed my order...

Pros.. -
⏺The packaging is good but the cap is poor
⏺The gel creamy consistency is easy to apply
⏺Absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't feel sticky, greasy or heavy at all
⏺Very mild fragrance
⏺Makes skin smooth and soft after regular uses
⏺Has good hydrating ability.
⏺Will suit all skin type
⏺It instantly freshen up skin after application
⏺Available easily both online and offline
⏺Budget-friendly as compared to other anti-aging serums available in market

Cons.. -
None...  Can't find any..

Rating - 5/5 😊

Hope you find this review helpful...

Have you tried any anti-aging face serums? Please share your thought with me.. I would love to read...

Bye... 💖💖


  1. I'm searching for a good night cream. Will love to try this range out.

    1. Yes papri, the night cream is also good... I am using it and will review in few days...

  2. Lovely pics and nice review , the product seems excellent . I have tried Body Shop Serum which I got in one of the Fab Bags , it was good :-)

    1. Thank you Ghazala... I will check the body shop one...

  3. 5 out of 5 😀 that's great... I will definitely check this out.

    1. Sure... I know you will love it... Thank you...

  4. Oh cool.. I'm grabbing this aviance one is about to get over soon :)


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