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Rice Flour Rangoli Nailart Inspired By Lakshmi Puja...

Hello everyone... 

Here I am with another nailart which is specially for Lakshmi Puja...I am a little late as Lakshmi Puja is over now but better late than never...   I am belonging to Odisha where  after Navratri (Dussera), we do welcome Mata Lakshmi for ten days and at that time we make rangoli in front of our house and in front of every room as well...  There is a believe that in this way Maa Lakshmi will come yo our house through the rangolis ...

 Another auspicious thing is the rangolis are not colourful, we only use rice flour to draw the designs... For that we make a semi liquid paste of rice flour and water and through finger we draw the patterns...  In this rangoli Lakshmi Paduka (Foot of Maa Lakshmi ) design is compulsory...  Hence here i have tried to draw few designs which we normally draw in this rangoli..

Here I have put the base black as the white art will pop up beautifully on black...  I have applied the Nykka matte nail polish Black Sesame Pudding (Reviewed HERE)..  Then after that have drawn the patterns using white acrylic paint...  On the middle and ring finger I have drawn the rangoli design (The regular rangoli design). On the index finger, I have drawn a lotus flower which is the favourite of Maa Lakshmi.. On the pinky finger, have drawn a Kalash, which is again very festive and auspicious...  And on the thumb I have tried to draw the Lakshmi Paduka and a Swastik mark...  All these are completely free hand art...  I know the art is not neat and perfect but I love how it is looking...  I am yet to learn free hand arts... 

Hope you liked this art...  Now enjoy few pics...

I will come with another beautiful nailart soon...  Stay tuned..

Stay Beautiful
Xoxo ❤❤


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