Saturday, 29 October 2016

Pink Ribbon Nail Art Inspired By Breast Cancer Awareness...

The month October is known for Breast Cancer Awareness Month...  Breast cancer is one of the toughest diseases in the world...  I salute to those ladies who has gone though this toughest part...  Anyway pink colour is the symbol of this awareness promotion and pink ribbon as well... 

Here I have tried to draw  a nailart to salute the breast cancer awareness campaign...  Hope you all will love it..

In this art I have used a pastel pink nail polish, two different shades of grey nail polish and a glitter nail polish.  Here I have also created a ombre effect using the lighter and darker grey polish...  Below find the steps and enjoy the pictures... This is again a free hand nailart...

Steps - 

Enjoy few more pictures..

Let's spread the word and be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer...  Stay healthy and beautiful.. ❤❤

I will come with so many such simple and cute nailarts.. Till then bye... 😊


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