Saturday, 17 September 2016

Simple And Beautiful Rainbow Design Nailart Tutorial...

Yesterday it was a rainy day here and a beautiful rainbow was found in the afternoon...  Then a simple yet beautiful  idea came to my mind and I drew immediately...  Here is the steps for all of you...

Products I Need  -

1- Few colourful nail polishes (I have taken red, green, yellow and aqua shade here)
2- White nail polish
3- Clear Coat
4- Dotting tool and a fine brush

Steps -

1- After applying a transparent base coat, put some white dots (big dots) at the tip of the nails...

2- Then join the dots just to resemble the picture of cloud.

3- Now take the aqua shade first through a fine nail brush and draw a curve like pattern (See the picture below).

4 - In the same way draw curvy pattern with other colours.. It should be like first aqua, then green, then yellow and at last red colour...  You can take more colours or all the seven colours from  rainbow...

5 - Now apply a top coat after drying all...

Done 😊😊

Hope you liked this simple yet beautiful rainbow nail art..

Stay Beautiful  ❤❤


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