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♥ Oriflame The ONE Nail Growth Booster Review ♥

Somedays before  while i was all ready to draw a new nailart, felt like my nails are looking lifeless and dull...  That's because of excessive use of nail paints and nail removers (acetone ).  Then i decided to change my nail care routine and immediately I switched to an  acetone free nail polish remover (Find the review of Colorbar acetone free nail remover HERE). But that was not enough to keep my nails healthy... Then i got the Oriflame Nail Growth Booster  and started using this since a week now.. Move down to know it in detail...

Brand Claims- Multi-nutritive  formula helps grow nails longer and stronger in just 3days.  Enhanced with kiwi extracts, vitamins C and E helps to protect, nourish and moisturise nails and cuticles.  Easy to apply and quick absorbing.

Price - Rs 279/- for 8ml.

Packaging- The ONE Oriflame Nail Growth Booster has the similar packaging like the ONE nail polishes...  I like the packaging a lot as it looks so so sturdy and the good thing is the cap has a click lock system which makes these safe to carry around.  The applicator is wide and the bristles are so organised to apply smoothly on nails...  I must say these have the best packaging ever...

My Opinion -  For the first time I am using such growth booster polish for my nails, hence can't compare with any other brands ( not sure if available any though).  I am using this since a week now..

There is a procedure of applying this.. First clean and remove the extra nail paints from your nails, then apply this growth booster like the way we apply nail paint on nails... Then massage the transparent gel on the nail and cuticle area through your finger...  After few seconds the gel disappears like nothing on nail and leaves a nice shine behind which makes the nails look healthy... I am not saying here that this  will do any miracle to your nails overnight but after continues uses may bring a noticeable difference...  I tried to click the before and after pic of my nails but it is looking similar through my camera, hence dropped the idea ..

The growth booster is actually a  transparent gel kind thing but looks baby pink colour inside the bottle..  There are few tiny  yellow particles inside which makes it looking more attractive.  It has kiwi extract and vitamin C and E which helps to nourish and moisturize the nails... I use it 3-4 times a week because naturally my nails grow faster... but if you want to grow your nails faster and want a healthy moisturized nail, then can use twice a day...  The whole process of applying it takes only few seconds which is not bothering though.   I love the fruity kind smell it has...  A totally unique product for me...

I will definitely recommend this to everyone who loves their nails 😉😉 or in doing nailarts...  As our skin needs extra moisturization, in the same way our nails need...  I am so happy by getting this...  Thanks a lot Oriflame for such amazing product... 

Rating - 5/5 😊

Loads of Love..
Xoxo  ❤❤


  1. glad i found the review of this one her... it looks good :)

    1. Thank you so much for this kind words... yeah I love this product...

    2. Thank you so much for this kind words... yeah I love this product...

  2. Sounds like an amazing nail care product.

  3. I was planning to buy it but was skeptical that whether it would I can buy it in peace :)

  4. Ah!!! It's such a lovely shade :)

  5. Wow! Such nice product! Thank you for sharing babe!

  6. I am definitely getting this.. thanks for the review..

  7. I was tritry to buy this product since a month..but I can't able to place an order..plz tell me how to get that product


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