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Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin?

Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Bar soaps are so old school, it’s all about the body washes now. When choosing one, it’s often the way it smells that seals the deal right? No sweetie there is one more thing that you should keep in mind, choose the body wash according to your skin type. So it is important to choose the right one according to your skin type. For instance, if you have dry and flaky skin, you may want to pick a product with shea butter, coconut oil or aloe vera in it. Or, if you have oily skin, you should look for honey or oatmeal in the ingredients list. If you have acne-prone skin you should go with body washes that have salicylic acid or tea tree essential oil. So without further ado let us know more about body washes according to your skin type. Body Washes According To Your Skin: For Dry Skin: For dry skin make sure to buy body washes that are nourishing and moisturizing, but not too oily. Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Skivia British Tea Rose

Miss Claire Lip Creams [Shade 30, 33 & 40] Review & Swatches ... ❤❤

Miss Claire lip creams are so popular among beauty bloggers and vloggers these days because of its affordability and awesome quality...  These are also the exact dupe of NYX matte lip creams...  Not only the shades but also the packaging also almost similar...  In fact all makeup stuffs by Miss Claire  (lip creams, primer, blushes, eyeshadows , etc) has same NYX packaging... 

I wanted to try NYX matte lip creams since long but those were not available in India easily but now NYX is available but with higher price tag...  Hence I dropped the idea of buying NYX and ended up buying the dupe Miss Claire matte lip creams... 

I have bought three shades i.e. shade no. 30, 33 and 40 which are their recent launch shades i guess...  Actually there were 40 shades available in the Miss Claire lip cream range and now they have added few more shades...

I got mine from an instagram  seller Beauty Sixteen as these are not available easily...  Only available in few stores of Metro cities and online sites Amazon and habanna  (with higher price tag)...  Hence I bought from insta seller... 

Price- Rs150/-  to 250/-
(Note : No price mentioned on the bottle, hence it varies from seller to seller)

Brand Claims - It is not a lipstick nor is it a gloss... It is something like you have never experienced before. It is a lipstick that goes smoothly on lips but looks matte.

Packaging - The Miss Claire matte lip creams comes in a plastic colour coded bottle with a black screw cap which is similar to the NYX ones completely.  In some shades the colour coded bottle is not similar to the colour inside...  I find,  it is confusing...  It comes with a duo foot applicator which is very convenient to apply on lips..  The packaging is not very sturdy but we can't expect more at this price... 

Shades - I have three shades i.e. shade no. 30, 33 &40...  It comes with shade numbers not names.. 

1- Shade no. 30 - It is a maroon-ish pink kind shade with very fine golden shimmers which are not noticable easily.. In the lip swatch picture below you can see the shimmer particles as i have taken a closer view otherwise these are not visible in real.

2- Shade no. 33 - The shade 33 is the lighter shade among all these three shades I have...  It is a nice peachy pink shade which don't wash out my complexion...  I think this shade will compliment medium to fair skin tone more.. Initially this shade looks a little patchy on lips but as time passes ,it looks quite normal..

3- Shade no. 40 - It is a cool toned orange shade and looks lovely on my lips... It has no shimmers int it and a subtle shade i must say..

Texture, Pigmentation & Staying Capacity - The Miss Claire lip creams have mousse consistency and  are very creamy in texture and feels like applying butter on my lips...  These are so lightweight on lips like nothing has applied...  It takes maximum 2 minutes to settle into a completely matte finish.. i prefer to exfoliate my lips before it as i have very dry lips .. I don't feel any dryness after applying it but sometimes due to the outer climate I feel a little dry after few hours, but I cover that by dabbling a little lip balm over it...

The lip creams are insanely pigmented except shade 33)... I need only one swipe to bring an opaque finish... The shade number 33 is not that much pigmented as compare to shade 30 and 40.. hence I think lighter shades have less pigmentation capacity...  But you can overcome that by applying two coats... once apply then wait till the first coat dry and then apply the second coat... The darker shade 33 and 40 need only one swipe... 

These Miss Claire lip creams stays for 7-8 hours (sometime a whole day) on my lips without tugging, pulling, drying... It fades a little after meals but I don't mind for a touch-up ...  sometimes I apply a lip liner underneath to increase its staying ability... 

Pros -
🔹Amazing shade range
🔹Exact dupe of NYX lip creams
🔹Super affordable
🔹Buttery texture and very much pigmented
🔹Settles into matte finish
🔹Has vanilla fragrance
🔹Doesn't dry out my lips
🔹Stays for a long time
🔹Very light weight on lips
🔹Cruelty and paraben free

Cons -

Rating - 4.8/5

Recommendation -  I am in love with these Miss Claire lip creams...  These are a really good option for college going girls who are on strict budget...  There are a wide range of shades to choose...  I will recommend for sure..

Loads of Love
Xoxo ❤❤


  1. All the three shades are looking equally pretty on you :)

  2. Even I prefer using these over nyx as these are way more affordable.. :) :) Shade 33 is such a pretty shade..lovely pics and review... :)

  3. The shade looks so pretty in the swatches.

  4. All 3 shades are pretty but I'm more biased towards 30...loved the swatches :) these are perfect dupes of nyx and they have wider shade collection than nyx :)

  5. The swatches are so pretty Snigdha :) I'm yet to get my hands on these lippies.

  6. Amazing post! Absolutely beautiful shades ! I really love 33 and 40..! I so wanna try them out!!!!

  7. miss claire lip creams are my absolute favorite..
    well reviewed snigdha.. and beautiful pictures..


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