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Ganesh Puja (Lord Ganesha Festival ) Inspired Nailart Tutorial...

Hello girls...

Ganesh Puja ( an auspicious Indian festival where we welcome Lord Ganesha  for 10days ) is going on now here in India and this is my tribute to Lord Ganesha...  Yesterday I have created this Ganpati celebration nailart...  The art is really simple yet beautiful...

 Here on the middle finger I have tried to draw the  image of Lord Ganesha...  while on the other nails I have drawn the Torans...  If you are not aware of what is Toran, then here i am clearing the doubt...  Toran means gate or it is one type of decoration where we cut colourful papers into various designs and paste to a rope and hang all around the pandal (worship place)...

For this art I havn't used any nailart tool, only few toothpicks worked the charm...  For the ombre effect on the middle nail I used a sponge (a normal sponge). I am so happy by seeing the final outcome... So below is the tutorial with few images...

Tutorial -

1- First apply a layer of clear coat and then apply two layers of a white nail polish...  Here I have taken white as the base colour...

2- Then for the ombre effect on the middle nail, I took yellow and orange nail polish and brought the effect through a sponge...  Now clean the excess colour from the outside of the nail... 

3- Now time to draw the Lord Ganesha image...  For that I took a black nail polish and draw the outline using a toothpick...  It is a free hand art, you can draw by seeing the picture...

4- Then by taking few colourful nail polishes, I have drawn the Torans...  First draw a black  line which will  resemble the rope and then draw colourful tiny triangles like in the picture which will resemble the Torans...

5- After dried out everything, apply a good layer of top coat and lock your art..

DONE... 😊😊👍

Now enjoy few pics... ( I love the final outcome and clicked loads of pictures..)

Hope you liked this tutorial...  Much more arts on the way... Stay tuned..

Xoxo ❤❤


  1. This nail art is amazing! Really different from other things I've seen :)

    Shannon - Studio Inasense

  2. Love the color combo. Beautiful 👌

  3. Love the color combo. Beautiful 👌

  4. These are great, I love all the details

  5. Woah! Such creativeness! Beautiful!

  6. you are doing a wonderful jon snigdha.. loved it.. keep it up..


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