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🎀 Rain Drops On Leave (3D) 🎀 - Nailart Tutorial 💅

Welcome to this space...  after a decade I think I am going to share a nailart tutorial...  it has been 2weeks and I haven't created any new art...  I am too lazy these days and the cloudy and rainy weather outside is making me more lazier...  Well I have managed to draw few designs in between and here is one for you... 

In this tutorial I tried to draw a 3D pattern art and unfortunately  I failed badly😕...  But I decided to share the look with you guys because it is not necessary  to be perfect in the first attempt only...  I will try some more 3D arts in near future...

 So basically I have drawn leave on my nails and tried to created 3D effect water drops on it...  I have also drawn a normal water drop nails as well...  The pic i will share at the end of the post...  So let's jump into the tutorial... 

Products needed - (see the picture)

1- Three different tones green shades
2- A white polish
3- A clear Coat
4- nailart brush and sponge


1- First apply the mid-tone  green shade on nails.  Here I have applied the street wear nail polish Emerald Eyes.

2- Then take the lighter shade of green shade on a sponge  and dab over the nails just to bring the texture of the leave...  Here I have applied Revlon Sassy .

3- Then again take the lighter shade of green (the Revlon one here) to draw the lines on leave...  And wait for some minutes to dry out completely..

Note: Do apply every next coat after completely drying the previous coat... 

4- Now time to draw the 3D drops where I failed poorly 😕😕...  Well first take the dark green shade on a fine nail brush and draw a thin circle shape just to resemble the shade of drop...  Then take the white polish and draw rough dots and tiny lines in the inner part off the drop which will resemble the light reflection on the drop... 

Now after dried out everything apply a thin layer of clear coat  just to lock your art...  Done...

Here is the simple water drop art..  This one really easy...  You just have to apply any nail polish shade and then take your old guppy clear coat and put few drops on nails...  Wait till it dry and at last apply a very thin layer of clear coat again on nails to lock the art...  that's  all... 

Hope you like these two designs...
Do share your feed back below..

Love xoxo
Snigdha ❤


  1. So beautiful ! You are so expert yaa! Lovely post !! <3 <3

  2. Snighda they look super amazing.It will look so cool in this monsoon season.

  3. both looks pretty cool :)


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