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❤ Fuschia Lavender & Calendula Healing Intense Moisturiser ❤ - Review πŸ‘‡

Today I am going to review another product from Fuschia...  Before I  have reviewed  two more products from the same...  Till now I am quite impressed with Fuschia products in terms of quality and performance.  And today I will share my experience with the Lavender & Calendula Healing Intense Moisturiser from Fuschia...  I am using this since one month  now and below is my opinion on this product...

Price - Rs 225/- for 50ml.


The Lavender & Calendula Healing Intense Moisturiser from Fuschia  comes in a simple plastic bottle type packaging which is not up to the mark.  It has a golden screw cap which locks tightly and makes it leak-proof.  It has a wide open mouth through which the product come and each time i end up with more products than I required.  And I don't like to put back the product again inside the bottle and it is unhygienic as well...  So you have to be very careful while pouring the moisturiser on your palm ...  All information are written on the bottle... 

My Opinion

It is a hand made product with all natural ingredients which I like most about the moisturiser..  It is paraben free,  phthalate free,  SLS free which is again some good points.  I love the  mild lavender fragrance it has.  The smell last for some hours after application which makes you free fresh for  long hours...  😊

The colour of the moisturiser is milky white and the texture is very smooth and it has runny consistency.  The moisturiser is very intense and keeps my body hydrated for 5-6 hours...  I don't use it on my face but apply on my body after taking bath and sometimes before going to bed...  It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin and absorbs quite fast..   I love the refresh feeling it gives each time... 

I think the price is on higher side but I can ignore that as it is a handmade product after all.  It has all natural and amazing ingredients which I adore 😍...  The band Fuschia has some more variants in this range which I would love to try out for sure...

πŸ”ΉVery handy and travel-friendly packaging
πŸ”Ή Smells like heaven... very mild lavender smell
πŸ”ΉKeeps my body moisturiser for long hours
πŸ”ΉDoesn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin and absorbs quickly
πŸ”Ή Has all natural ingredients
πŸ”ΉIt is paraben free,  SLS free and phthalate free

πŸ”Ή Couldn't find any (I love it ❤)

Rating - 4.9/5 (-0.1 for the wide open mouth of the bottle)

Recommendation - Over all this is a cute tiny handy moisturiser which is a great option to carry during travelling...  I love this and will recommend  to everyone...  πŸ‘❤

Hope the post is helpful  for you... see you in my next post..
Bye.. 😊

Love xoxo
Snigdha ❤


  1. That's an amazing product ! Thanks for the review !


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