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Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames)

Today I am going to write the third series of 'surprise your loved one'  and today's gift is photo frame...  A photo frame is a medium to showcase our wonderful moments...  if you are thinking that,  why I  am writing about a photo frame??,  what can be innovative in a photo frame???  Then don't  worry,  read below you will get the answer... 

Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames)

There are so many handicraft  unique designs photo frames available  at the site surprise someone...  But I am going tell you about the two designs I got for myself...  the first one is a simple colourful fabric frame and another one is a frame inside a gift bag with an envelope...  First unique thing is these are made up of handmade papers and colourful fabrics...  I am sure everyone gonna love these...  I have already put the fabric design frame one on my study table with my son's  pic and i am planning to gift the other one to my sister-in-law...  these are a perfect gifting option for any occasion ...  I can see and feel the efforts within these frames..  These are super cute and beautiful... 

Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames)

Surprise Your Loved One 🎁 #3 (Photo Frames)

You can get these from the site surprise (here and here) .
The links are not showing the exact product as shown in the picture above but similar kind of products..

The fabric frame priced for Rs 199/- and the combo frames priced for Rs65/- ..

Hope you liked this post.. See you in the next eries..
Happy shopping... 


  1. Loved the idea...infact have made a photo frame to gift in past.

  2. Beautiful frames :) Enjoyed reading this post, Snigdha :)
    Natural Beauty And Makeup.

  3. Aaah.. They are so dam good! Lovely post!


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