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Fuschia Pure Neem Natural Handmade Soap By Vkare - Review

Today I will review the Fuschia Pure Neem  soap by Vcare.. I always wanted to try handmade soaps but don't know why i haven't purchased any yet.. May be because i don't use soaps since 7-8years now and i only use body washes.. But the handmade soaps are different from the normal soaps. These are more delicate for our skin and good as well. Handmade soaps has blended essential oils and other natural ingredients,hence these are very hydrating for our skin..

Anyway when i was sent this Neem soap by Vcare,i was too excited to try it out.. I love its fragrance,very refreshing and pleasant. Along with this soap they also has sent me some other stuffs.. I have reviewed one of these before.. Do check out ..

Price: Rs225/- for 100gm.

What the Brand Fuschia Is Saying About The Product :

Neem trees are the evergreen tress and it has so many medicinal qualities.. Neem barks , leaves, fruits,seeds,oil ,all contains huge medicinal values..

a) Antiviral- Inhibits the growth of viruses 
b) Anti-fungal - Inhibits the growth of fungi
c) Antibacterial - Destroys the growth of bacteria
d) Analgesic - Providing pain relief
e) Anti-inflammatory - Reduce certain signs of inflammation, tenderness and swelling
f) Antimicrobial - Destroying the growth of micro-organisms

My Opinion:

The fuschia neem soap comes inside a wrapped green paper cover.. The soap is light green in colour with some tiny tiny particles stuck into it.. Don't know actually what are these particles ? I can feel the scrubbing effect of these particles while applying.. One big neem leaf is also stuck on one side of the soap.. 

It lathers well and doesn't melt like hell like some other handmade soaps do.. It has very mild and pleasant fragrance which lasts for some hours on me.. The soap keeps my body hydrated for a long time.. I can't say its effectiveness during winter time but for summer or any other season it is superb to use..  

  • Natural,handmade soap
  • Have goodness of neem
  • Doesn't dry out my skin
  • Pleasant,mild fragrance
  • Lathers well
  • Good for summer
  • Pricey for someone 
  • Availability
Rating: 4.5/5

My Recommendation : If you are into handmade soaps and want to try different different ones,then do try it .. It is good for the humid weather ..

Love xoxo

P.S- Product was sent by brand but my opinion is honest and unbiased..


  1. I have never tried a handmade soap but heard a lot about it. Good to know that this been soap doesn't dry out the skin :)

  2. Oh!la!la.. That leave inside soap looking so pretty ;)

  3. Oh Wow ! I just love how it looks like! Lovely review hun! <3

  4. I love fuschia soaps...have to try this variant soon!

  5. I love fuschia soaps...have to try this variant soon!

  6. It looks awesome...I love handmade soaps..

  7. Wow... This looks so beautiful...


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