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Nyassa Tea Tree Facewash - Review

I have received this Nyassa Tea Tree Facewash in my May Fab Bag.. I have got a sample size of it about 30ml. I am using this since a week now and here is my opinion on it.. I am going to do a quick review on this Nyassa facewash..

Price: Rs 400/- for 145ml.
Shelf Life : 18months..

It is available online at Fabbag website

Ingredients : 

My Opinion:

The points I like in Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash :

  1. The sample size has very cute plastic bottle packaging with screw cap ,but the full size has pump dispenser packaging which is again convenient to use..
  2. All informations are written on the bottle
  3. It smells exactly like tea tree essential oil .
  4. I use it twice a day and it cleanses my face thoroughly. But I need so much water to rinse it off as it is oily type on skin..
  5. It gives a nice glow to my skin after each wash..

The points I Don't like in Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash :
  1. It has artificial colour.. According to me it is unnecessary to add colours to a product which you are calling all natural.. 
  2. It doesn't lather much..
  3. Needs effort to rinse off completely.. It feels little slippery on my face even after few rinses,hence you need at least three mugs of water to rinse off completely..
  4. It dries out the skin a bit but oily skin people would love it.. I have normal to dry skin type.. 
  5. If you have sensitive skin ,do stay away as tea tree oil is bit strong for them .

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommendation: I have 50-50 feeling with this face wash.. I will recommend oily skin people to try this out.. Other than that it is a nice ,natural facewash which is a kinda okish type as per my opinion.. 


  1. I actually quite liked it. However I am pretty upset about the fact that it contains artificial colour.
    Makeup and Beauty Forever

    1. Yes dear.. Then there is no meaning of being natural... Thanx for visiting astha...

  2. Best suited for Oily skin only. Nice review :)

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  3. Lie your review. Yes the tea tree oil based products arr really sensitive.

  4. Got this in my Fabbag! But it sticks to my skin which I hate about few gel-based face washes :( Honest review, Snigdha :)

    1. Thank you rags... Yeah,even i don't like that type of sticky facewashes..

  5. Honest review ! I personally love tea tree face washes ! Nice review

  6. This dried out my skin. I have normal to dry skin, but I guess it is meant for oily, pimple prone skin.. So no complain ;)

  7. Nyassa products does have some weird smell so I was skeptical to try them.


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