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The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm From KronoKare - Review

Heya peeps... I am going to write on the Kronokare fizz kiss cooling explosion lip balm today which I had received  in  my March Fab Bag. I am very new to this brand ,so noidea regarding its other products.. I was very curious to try this out.. Actually the name 'cooling explosion' tempted me to try this soon.. I have very very dry lips.. even in this hot summer my lips are chaffing like hell. I don't like the sticky lipbalms in this hot season.. I usually apply boroline at night and nothing else.. Let's see how this one worked for me..

 Brand Claims : Our super rich Vitamin E lip balm is a delicious mix of peppermint ,shea butter and sunflower oil, which seriously restore tired tissues and keeps your lips cool until the next kiss..

Price: Rs 95/- for 10ml.
Shelf Life: 2years from mfg.

Key Ingredients: Almond Oil, Sunflower oil, Bees wax, Vitamin E Acetate , Peppermint essential oil (mentha)

Packaging: The tube is really handy and easy to use. I like this type of lip balm packaging more than the other ones.. All necessary informations are written over the tube.. Actually the tube resembles its name.. It is a nice aqua blue shade packaging with snow flakes all over it.. Isn't it cool...??

My View: I am using it so many times till now. It gives instant cooling lips which lasts for 30minutes or so easily. The lipbalm smells so fresh like cool mints. It is a transparent gel type product. It doesn't heal or repair my dry chaffed lips which I normally expected from this. It stays on lips for 2-3 hours maximum . It dries up after sometime of application and I don't like this part personally. It doesn't makes lips smooth or soft .. In a single sentence I can say I don't like this lip balm much.. It is an okish type.. I will skip this for sure..


  • Gives an instant cooling effect to lips
  • Paraben and silicon free
  • Affordable and easily available online
  • Smells good


  • Doesn't heel or repair my dry lips
  • Dries up after sometime of application
  • Doesn't give smooth or soft lips

Rating: 2/5  (I won't recommend personally to anyone..)


  1. I have this from so long time...but never tried it...may be I will give this a try now!

  2. So I don't think it's worth buying even. Thanks for the detailed review.

  3. It makes me remember the old vaseline lip balm tubes. They were i rhink much better than this is now.

  4. I love this just for its cooling effect.


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