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Mt. Abu , An Oasis In The Desert - My Memorable Journey ...

Hello pretty girls..

Tell me who doesn't like to travel or to explore new places,new culture, food,etc.. Like this I love travelling new new places each time .. Before my marriage , I used to travel once or twice a year to new places  with my family.. That was super fun.. In this way our general knowledge also develop.. Anyway today I will write about my awesome tour to Mt.Abu ..

After my marriage we hadn't gone anywhere due to lack of time. My husband had less leaves from office,so we didn't get time to plan anything.. Then after some months I came to stay with my husband and that time we were staying at Vadodara , Gujrat. It was a little difficult to manage everything alone .. Everything was very new for me, new place, different language, different culture and my all new responsibilities..  Hence we decided to plan a trip to somewhere, just to relax and to forget all everyday cores..

I remember , it was a rainy day of August,2011 and my husband came to me and told to pack our bags for a holiday.. I was wondered for a minute and when I asked him the destination ,he told that it is a surprise.. Then we left at night for that surprise destination and on the way he revealed that we were going to Mt.Abu .. Oh my God .. I was super happy that time.. I love heel stations..  By the way we had a train journey of 5-6 hours to Abu Road and it was the early morning (approx 3am or 4am ) when we reached Abu Road.. Then we hired a taxi for Mt.Abu which is 30km. away from Abu Road.. I am telling you the the way from Abu Road to Mt.Abu is super beautiful..There is small small waterfalls in between and the road is really high from the normal level.. Then you can imagine the top views.. I was nervous and at the same time excited.. Due to rainy weather there was fog  everywhere.

Image Source- HERE

We reached at the place at 5o'clock approx. and everywhere was like foggy foggy.. I was like in heaven...  Then we reached at our hotel and after freshened-up ,went to explore the amazing heel station.. We hired a bike to visit.. Yes you heard right, we hired a bike instead of taxi or car , because you can't r enjoy the natural beauty inside a taxi or car. I never ever forget those beautiful  moments.. It was like foggy clouds were touching our body .. We visited the top most point of Mt. Abu which is famous as Guru Shikhar and there is a big bell.. Then we also visited the famous and holiest Jain temple Dilwara , Prajapita Brahmakumari Ashram... We did boating at Naki Lake..  Then I enjoyed the famous Rajstani food Dal Bati Churma..   It was a trip of 3 days  and I enjoyed thoroughly every moments..  It was my first journey with my husband after marriage and was so amazing.. After that we have travelled a lot but the first one is always special and I know you all will agree with me..

Image Source - HERE

Image Source- HERE

If you are planning to visit Mt.Abu by flight ,then there are good communications across India.. The nearest Airport is Maharana Pratap Udaipur Airport ..  You can check the Domestic Airlines as per your location.. And you can also check different packages, price chart and flight schedules  with the domestic airlines websites..

So why are you waiting for ..?? Plan a trip to Mt.Abu soon and enjoy life in heaven...


  1. Mount Abu is ok my bucket list now 😊

  2. I loved mount Abu.. Dilwara temple is breathtaking... :)

    1. Yes the architecture of Dilwara is just awesome...

  3. Adding this in my list now. Such a lovely place.

  4. Know what I always wanted to visit mount Abu but couldn't go ! After reading your article I think I must plan it again ! Lovely post !

  5. Wow!!! Wonderful place...I should add it to my list!

  6. Wow!!! Wonderful place...I should add it to my list!


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