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Tips # How To Take Care Of Nails !!... & A Cute And Simple French Tip NailArt For Beginers

We do take care of our skin,body and face very intelligently ,but somewhere we do forget about our nails. But guys it is very important to take proper care of nails as most of the bacterial or fungal infections are caused through nails only. Don't worry ,in today's post I will tell regarding the same things. I will share some simple tips below which helps you to get beautiful yet healthy nails . So why are you waiting ,read below to know about the tips.

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1- Always try to keep clean and dry your nails. This will prevent your nails from infections on the finger tips which normally caused by fungi, bacteria or any other germs.

2- Trim your nails on regular basis and it's good to trim after bath  as the nails are super soft at that time. Always use clean tools while doing nail art or manicure to avoid fungal infection .

3- It is very important to keep moisturised the nails as well as cuticles... Try to clean the dead skin cells around the nail each time and don't forget to apply a good cuticle oil to lock the moisture and shine into it. Another way is whenever you are applying body lotion or moisturiser on your skin,just apply a little on your nails and cuticles.

4- When you are stepping out don't forget to apply  sunscreen on your hands as well as nails to prevent sun ray damages.

5- It is better to wear gloves while doing household cores like washing dishes, gardening,mopping cleaning,etc. to prevent your nails from harmful chemicals.

6- Always apply a thin layer of clear top coat to keep the moisture lock and try to avoid polishes which have toluene and formaldehyde as this chemicals are not good for our nails and body.

7- Don't pull of or bite nails..and always cut the extra growing nails from the corner of nails before they going inside/stick to the skin.

8- Don't use your nails to rub,plug anything or to pull any metal object.. That may cause infection as well as breakage on nails..

9- Just avoid excess using of nail polish remover as that may cause damages to nails.

10- Don't soak nails in water or in any liquid thing for longer period of time unless you may face breakage on nails. and always try to conform that the nail tools are well sterilized when you are doing manicure at parlour.

That's the things I think is important to follow to get beautiful and healthy nails.. If I miss anything,do let me know in the comment section below..

And here is the simple and cute French Tip Nail art for you all..

Things to need :

1- One rubber tube
2- Two nail paints (white and baby pink) - I have used the Nykaa nail polishes here.. (See my haul HERE )
3- A doting tool or toothpick
4- A thin nail art brush
5- A good top coat


1- To make the French tip ,tide the rubber tube on your finger as shown in the picture and make sure it is tight and bend your finger a little to balance the rubber properly..

2- Then paint the outer section with white polish and after 3-4 second remove the rubber carefully.

3- Then take the thin nail brush  and draw a tiny triangle like shown in the picture excluding the ring finger with the pink nail paint.. Then draw another triangle very close the first one to form a BOW like shape .

4- Then Draw lines on the both side of the bow which resemble the ribbon with bow.

5- Then to add some texture to the bow take white paint in the same brush and draw tiny lines and a dot  in the bow as shown in the picture.

6- Then at last to break the design I have put some random pink dots on the ring finger with the doting tool.

7- At last fix all these things with a good top coat .. I have applied the Oriflame very me top coat (Reviewed HERE )..

And here is the Final result...

Hope you all liked it.. Please leave your opinion in the comment section.. See you in my next post.. bye...


  1. Lovely nail art girl!! Frech mani looks cool!!

    1. Yes always I love french mani.. It makes my nails longer i guess... Thank you kanu..

  2. Awesome the nail art.. So pretty :)

  3. Snigdha, very nice nail art.. I will give it a try for sure :-)

  4. I hardly take care of nails. Have to start now. Love your mani.

    Dr. Farhat Sultana

  5. wow. I didnt know we can use a rubber band/tube for french manicure. I have used cello tape till now. This sounds easier but. Thanks :)

    Live It Young


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