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Pamper Your Feet At Home !! - Tips n Tricks

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I know ,you will agree with me that,feet are the most neglected part of our body.. We do take care of our face,hand,etc.. so why not our feet..?? It is very important to take proper care of our feet as they carry our full body strength all the time .. and don't forget sometime bad toe nails or cracked heals can bring a disaster in your personality.. I am not saying to go parlour regularly for pedicure but we can do all these things at home as well at our own comfort zone ..

 After my baby,I have just forgotten  to visit parlour regularly due to lack of time.. But trust me if your take proper care of your hand and feet regularly,there is no need of visit parlour for manicure and pedicure.. I remember i have gone parlour only once for my own manicure and pedicure  and I love my hand and feet like never before.. I do take care on regular basis ,hence I don't need any particular touch ..

Well, here I will share how I do pamper my feet at home..

1- I do remove my nail polish on regular basis (  in the interval of  maximum 3-4 days) and make sure to remove completely without any traces left behind. Then I leave my toe nails bare for 2-3 days ,this will helps them breath properly and it also helps to absorb vitamin D from sun..

2-  Use pumice stone to scrub your feet daily . I usually forget to scrub my feet while taking bath,so I do scrub before going to bed and after that I apply the Oriflame foot cream (Reviewed HERE) on my feet and trust me this is a wonderful product. I had cracked heels before but now the cream worked like charm on my cracked heels and treat them like never before. You can apply a good moisturiser,foot cream or vaseline or boroline instead of that.

3- Do soak your feet in warm water for 15minutes at least and don't forget to add bath salt into your warm water. This will relax the muscles of feet and makes them softer. I do soak my feet every night in winter but now it has summer started ,so I am only doing once a week while doing my pedicure at home.

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4- To clean your toe nails, take an old tooth brush and put some shower gel on it and brush your nails properly. This process helps to clean all dirts inside your toe nail and also clean the dead skin cells around the nail.. Then do apply a moisturiser on it to lock the moisture into the nails and the cuticles. Do follow this process every alternate day.

5- If you have tanned feet,then make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and apply that on your feet. This will remove the tanning effect and add a nice glow after some uses.

6- Always wear a good pair of shoes which makes you more comfortable to wear and don't go behind any fashion if your feet is uncomfortable.. Like if you are not a heel person,then don't wear.. This may create trouble in your back and feet as well.

7- Do apply good quality branded nail polishes otherwise your nails get damage.

8- Don't forget to apply a good layer of sunscreen while stepping out.

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9- Do give a nice massage to your feet every night. This will improve the blood circulation and you will also get a sound sleep.

10- Do a pedicure at home in every weekend. No need to worry, just follow few simple steps.. Soak your feet in salt dissolved warm water, then pat dry and give scrub,massage and finally apply a pack. Then apply a moisturiser or almond oil.. For pack you can take the traditional besan-haldi pack which we usually apply for our face because each part of body is equally important, isn't it?

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