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Oriflame Feet-Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream - A Quick Review

Some days before while cleaning my stash,I found this grey beauty . Actually I have bought this two years before but never used.. I have so many things like this which I have just bought and never get time to use.. After discovering this from the corner of my wardrobe , I searched its expiry date and luckily it was not expired.. But will expire really soon, may be in this September.. So I decided to use it till that time.

 I want to mention here that I have very very dry heels ,hence they always tends to crack ,no matter which season it is.. I had very poor cracked heels,but now it has changed a lot  (almost changed, i am so happy ) and all credit goes to this grey beauty i.e. the Oriflame Feet-Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream . I don't want to create any suspense here.. Just clearly I am telling that this is a wonderful product ,a life saver for my poorly cracked heels.. I have tried so many products for my heels but nothing worked like this one did... I am using this since a week now and the result is awesome.. Hence below is a quick review for all of you..

Price: Rs 399/- for 75gm. 
Shelf Life : 3 years from mfg.
Product Code: 21889

Ingredients: The letters are very tiny,so I am unable to write .. and due to the tube packaging ,it is difficult to take snap of the full ingredient list... I am only mentioning here that it has paraben which is very harmful for our skin.. 

My Experience:  I do apply this cream every night after scrubbing my feet . And I have just started using this a week before. Trust me the result have seen only after the first application. All the open cracks are closed in one night.. In the morning I just wondered by seeing this.. It also makes my feet smooth and soft slowly after using few times..

 I only need a small quantity to cover the whole foot ( back side of the foot) ..  The texture is like a lotion ,a little thick from lotion actually.. A pea size quantity requires for each foot. It spreads easily without any hassle and dries up soon as well,so you don't need to sit for a long time.. ( i do wash my hand after applying this)   . The cream has no noticeable fragrance and won't bother my nose .. It is white in colour. 

The one drawback I found is ,it has paraben in the ingredient list.. That's so sad.. I wasn't expecting such thing from oriflame  as the brand always say that their products are organic,free from chemicals,bla-bla...

Well, I haven't mentioned it's packaging yet.. As you can see it comes with a plastic tube  packaging which is hygienic  enough in terms of packaging.. The screw cap is tight enough to make it leak proof.. 

I will recommend this if your heels have cracked badly.. As it has paraben,then it's up to you to buy or not... But I like its after effect.. I will use this till I get soft and crack-free heels,then I will discontinue it, After that I will stick to boroline .. 

Rating: 4/5 ( the rating is for its performance and -1 for paraben in the ingredient list)

Hope this review will help you.. Have you tried any other foot cream ? Do share in the comments below.. I would love to know that.. Byeee


  1. Parabens are present in almost every product these days.. Lovely reviewed dear :)

    1. True Anjali... but it is scary... Anyway thank you..

  2. This seems nice. I love scholl's product for my feet. They work wonders.

    1. Really... From where you are getting scholl's products ?

  3. My feet could always do with a good foot cream. This one does seem to work wonderfully.

    1. Yes dear.. Try this one.. I am quite sure you will love this...

  4. Looks like a nice foot cream. Will try it.


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