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Cherry Blossom Inspired Nail Art - Step By Step Tutorial...

Hello lovely girls...

Today I will share another easy and simple nailart which is inspired by Cherry Blossom.. Actually I was planning to do a jungle book inspired nailart after the suggestion of some of my blogger friend ,but failed poorly... I am not so perfect in free hand nailarts now,I have to work hard on that i guess.. Hence drop the idea and decided to do something simple yet pretty and the cherry blossom idea heat to my mind .. and see below is the step by step tutorial for all of you..

Products I need :

1- Nail Paints
2- One fine brush
3- One medium size dotting tool
4- A clear top coat


1- First clean your nail properly and apply a clear base coat  to protect nails from chemicals of nail polishes. Then paint all nails with a mint green nail polish.. Here I am using this mint colour as base ,you can choose according to your choice.. Choosing a pastel colour is good as base..

2- Then take a dark brown or black ( i don't have dark brown shade) and draw some random lines as in picture with a fine nail brush.. The lines should not be perfect as we are  drawing the branches.. Do practice on a paper then draw on nails. This give you a nice hold.. Here I have drawn the thumb,middle finger and ring finger and left other two.. Wait to dry the branches properly..

3-  Then we are going to draw the flowers.. Take the dotting tool and put random dots on the branches to form some flower like shape. And do remember we have to fill the branches with flower,so make flower dots like I have made in picture.. Here I have taken a pastel pink shade but it is looking white on picture.. you can take baby pink shade too. And here I also add some flower dots to the other two fingers as well to add some variations..

4- Now put pink dots in the middle of each flower and finish... Wait till it will dry completely then add a top coat to lock the design... At last flaunt your cherry blossom nail art...

Some more pictures to enjoy..

Update : I have also done another cherry blossom one today and thought to share with you guys...

Hope you all will like it.. Do try and share on social media by tagging me...


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