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Beautiful Nail Polishes, Coming All From NYKAA - Review & Swatches

If you have seen my latest haul post (HERE) , then you can guess my today's post.. I had bought six nail polishes from and these all are from their own production.. These are my first Nykaa nail paints.. After seeing amazing reviews on these,I decided to buy couple of them and you won't believe I have already placed another order only for some more amazing nykaa polishes..  I have the shades Marshmallow Dream, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Yum , Black Licorice, Lychee Delight and Creme Brulee with me and I will show you their swatches with a short description. I love the names of the nail so tempting ... Let's go...

What The Brand Claims For Their Nail Polishes :

I am not going to write every single word the brand has mentioned in their site.. I only will write the main and important points mentioned in the site..

The Nykaa Nail Enamel collection is Five Free. The  nail polish formulas are not only made without the three most common chemicals found in nail polishes ( Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde) but also two other very dangerous chemicals ( Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor).
The nail paints are not tested on animals and contains no animal derived ingredients.. 

Price: Rs149/-  for 10ml.
Shelf Life:3 years from mfg.

Packaging : Packaging is very sturdy and similar to other nail polishes.. As the cap is sleek and a little long ,it is to hold and apply. The applicator is of good quality and makes the painting process easy .. The names and all details are written in the bottle itself..

Now I am describing each one of the nail polishes with swatches below.. ( All the shade i have bought are matte in finish..)

1- Nykaa Nail Enamel Marshmallow Dream & Blue Raspberry :

The shade Marshmallow Dream is a bright white shade ..The texture of the nil polish is just perfect to apply and it is a really good option for doing nail arts as it has not thin or watery consistency. I have been using this in doing my nail arts immediate after receiving this.. Two coats give opaque finish and it lasts for 5-6 days easily on my nails..

The shade Blue Raspberry  is again a bright dark blue shade ( not the ink blue type) and it is again of amazing quality.. One coat is enough but i do apply two coat to bring a perfect finish.. Texture is not too thick or not thin . The colour brightens up my skin tone of fingers instantly .. I do apply this on my toe nails.. This is again stays 5-6 days without cheeping..

2- Nykaa Nail Enamels Bubble Yum & Creme Brulee :

The shade Bubble Yum is a lovely pastel baby pink shade ( not the very lighter one ), you can say it is a very unique shade .. Texture and consistency are all perfect to apply.. Two coats are enough and stays for 5-6 days on my nails.. I have also done my cherry blossom nail art by using this (check HERE )...

The shade Creme Brulee is nice light peach shade which I like most.. When you are not in a mood of bright shades ,this one will bring a nice smile on face.,.. Two coats are enough to bring a perfect finish and lasts for 5-6 days again..

3- Nykaa Nail Enamels Lychee Delight & Black Licorice :

The shade Lychee Delight is a lovely pastel grey shade .. I am wearing this more.. I love the shade..It is so so unique and elegant.. The texture is awesome. Two coats are perfect ,sometimes one coat also works .. Stays for a whole week without cheeping..

The shade Black Licorice is pure black shade .. Texture and finish all are upto the mark.. Only one coat is enough and stays for a whole week again..

I am so happy with my purchase and love all the polishes I got .. I wish I could buy all the shades the have in their range.. Last month i guess they have launched the nude collection.. I have ordered few of them and some others as well recently.. Will share the pics once i got... Stay tuned to my social media accounts..

Hope you liked this post.. Do share your view in the comment section.. Bye..


  1. Lovely shades.. You have a great choice :)

    1. Thank you Anjali... Do check out their site..

  2. I've got to check out Nykaa nail shades. The colour range looks amazing.

    1. Yes dear .. Do check.. They have much more pretty shades...

  3. Lovely swatches, some really pretty shades :D x

  4. Nice pick....I need to try this brand

  5. Lovely choice of shades, very impressed with the one coater black! x

  6. Lovely shades..........especially the lychee delight. Definitley going to buy this one. I have reviewed 3 shades from nykaa on my blog. Do check them out

  7. I also do this brand, it is really good.


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