Thursday, 24 March 2016

Marble Candies On My Nails - NailArt Inspired By HOLI

Happy Holi to all... Hope you all are enjoying the colour festival to the chore,, Well.. Just go back to your childhood and remember those colourful marble candies.. I will share a nail art tutorial based on these pretty colourful candies..

So let's get into the tutorial step by step..

1- Paint your nails with a good quality base coat and then apply one or two layer of a white nail paint. Here I am taking white as the base as all the pretty bright colours will pop up on white base.

2- Then take some beautiful bright nail paints and put small stripes randomly with a light hand. Here i have chosen colours as per my can choose according to your choice as well. I have painted my three nails like this.

3- Then put some random blue dots on these three nails..

4- Now its time to paint the ring finger and small finger. I just try to make a multi colour french nail. Just paint  three -four colours one by one like this in the above picture.

5- When all paints get dried ,apply a thin layer of top coat to seal all the colours. and here is the final look..

P.S- Here I have painted two types arts to break the appearance ,but you can choose according to your preference..



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