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Fulfil These Promises Mr.Husband ...!!

While writing this post, a naughty smile is floating on my face. When it comes to get promises (from anyone), I always have a long list.. Don't count me as a selfish,because I too give promises time to time and do fulfil those as well... Okk Mr. Husband ,now it's your turn to show your intelligence.

Mine is an arrange cum love marriage and till now I am super happy with my darling hubby and cute baby. But at the end I want some promises or words from the hubby dear because 'A Dil Mange More' ... Recently I completed my five years of happily married life and most of the things now changed after coming our son. I want that time back again.. So here is my list of promises which I really want to come fulfilled soon (tagging the hubby dear here)..

1- I seriously want a quality time for me ,obviously with him. After baby we do get very very little time to spend together,as he always busy with his work and I am with baby. I manage to bring out some time but he doesn't... So I want at-least 2hours a day or 1 whole day per week (which is not possible practically I know)   for only me..

2- This promise may sound crazy but I want.. I love surprises but he always fails to surprise me. I expect good surprises in future..

3- Give me a promise that to help me in the household cores and baby works. He used to help me in house cores before but has stopped now. I want this promise eagerly.. I am completely tired now by handling all these.. Seriously need some rest..

4- I love to explore new places..But due to my pregnancy and delivery,then baby,etc.. I haven't visited any new place now..Want a promise that to visit at-least two destinations in a year..

5- Please keep patience while I am going out for shopping. If possible give a good company to me or if that's not possible,then please keep baby at home... And Don't overreact by seeing the bill...

6- Last but not the list  demand is, please be like this forever.. I love you so much and wish we will share all secrets like now till the rest of our life.. Don't change ever...

That's all for now.. This place will update according to my mood and wish..


  1. Great idea!! Take up all much as you eant in those promises its the right of women to be treated special by her husband!!

    1. Hahaha 😃😃😃 every girl love to pamper by her husband....


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