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Best Online Brand to Buy Chikankari Outfits - House of Chikankari : My shopping experience

  Indian ethnic wear has a vibe. When we are discussing about ethnic wear, how can we forget about the classy Lucknow Chikankari. The beautiful thread works on soft mulmul clothes is definitely an art. Isn't it? I have a very soft corner for Chikankari Kurtis. These are comfy, body soothing, chic,  perfect to wear during the hot and humid Indian weather. Also these looks so rich in culture and classy.  When you will search Best Chikankari lables, here comes House of Chikankari on count first. They have the authentic, exquisite chikankari dresses collection. You will get the real nawabi feeling, trust me.  About House of Chikankari Visit - House of Chikankari was founded by a mother-daughter duo (Poonam Rawal and Aakriti Rawal) in 2000. It provides authenticity and guaranteed quality of the handmade ChikanKari. They are trying to make India’s traditional Chikankari craft a household staple and showcase Lucknow to the world. Their chikankari collection is a

Few Tips To Follow For A Safe Holi ...!!!

Holi is one of the auspicious festivals of India and already round the corner.. It is also known as the festival of colours.. When I was in school I didn't like this festival because of the harmful colours. But now I am very cautious about the pre-holi precautions and enjoying the festival like never before. So here I will share some tips which make your holi celebration all safe..

1- First and most important thing is ,do apply a thick layer of moisturiser or sunscreen on your face and all over the body. Also apply coconut oil or olive oil or mustard oil on face and body. This will make a protection wall between your body and harmful colour..  Sunscreen protect from sunrays.. Oil makes the colour removing process easy..

2- Don't forget to wear a full sleeve cotton dress,as cotton will soak water and make your body comfortable for a longer time period and will not stick to your body like chiffon,rayon materials do. And full sleeves also protect your hands to an extent from harm colours.

3- Don't forget to give a heavy oil massage to your hair,it will also help the colour removal process easy.. If possible wrap your hair with a scarf.

4- It is very important to wear a good pair of glass because eyes are the most affect-able part of body.

5- Drink 2-3 glass full of water and have a nice breakfast before stepping out from house, because we do forget time while playing and there also a chance of being dehydrated as you will play under sun for a long time.. If possible do avoid sitting  under sun as it may increase the harm-ness of colour.

image source- google

6- Apply a good lip balm or lip gloss on lips to protect them.

7- Paint your nails (both toes and fingers) with a transparent top coat which makes them protected from colours..

8- Wipe your face with a good cleansing milk or lotion after playing and never use harsh soaps on your face or body.. It will make your skin more dry and patchy. Wash your hair with a mild and herbal shampoo to avoide more chemical contacts to hair and give a final lemon rinse to hair.

9- To remove colour easily, you can massage your face or skin with sesame oil,then wash.

10- One last and important thing is ,please avoid using harmful chemical based colours and try to use organic colours. And don't waste water this holi as summer is getting harsh day by day and water deficiency is now a big issue among our society.. So it is our responsibility to store water and not to waste like this way.. 

So here I am ready to play with a bang  and what about yours  ??... Do share your experience as well... 

At last , A very prosperous and happy HOLI to all of my readers... Bye 


  1. Cool tips!! I love the eat before tip as we always used to forget afterwards or even if we remember can't get the food easily in mouth with colored all over. :)

  2. Cool tips!! I love the eat before tip as we always used to forget afterwards or even if we remember can't get the food easily in mouth with colored all over. :)

    1. Happy holi kanu.. Hope you will enjoy a lot..


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