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Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

The name UBTAN is extremely familiar to all of us, isn't it !! There is a ritual to apply ubtan to the bridegroom before D-Day. Ubtan helps to revive the natural glow of the skin and works best to remove sun tanning from the skin. Also, we apply ubtan to newborn babies for months. It clarifies skin and brightens up further.  Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin Being encircled by chemical-loaded skincare products, it is quite tough to accomplish glowing and healthy skin. Our skin deserves a gentle yet effective solution that belongs to the essence of tradition and nature. And here comes natural, herbal, and organic skincare products. It is a challenge to get organic and natural skincare products as the market is flooded with zillions of brands. To maintain that age-old tradition of applying ubtan for glowing skin, I have narrowed down some of the best ubtan products for you to choose from. What is Ubtan -  Ubtan is an age-old natural solution discovered by our grannies. It is an he

Do you like Defined Curly Hair ?? - Find Solution at BBlunt Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream..

Hello ...

Now a days defined curly hair is on trend..isn't it ? If you want to add some defination or clarity to your curls,then this post may help you I guess..

Well I have naturally curly or you can say wavy hair... actually my hair is straight from the front side and as it comes down it has become curly. Brsides that my hair is dry,rough, fizzy and whatever you can call these.. I was looking for a good serum for my hair and that time the brand Bblunt send me this lovely pink bottle which is meant for specially curly hair or specially for curls you can say.I was super happy to try this out and I am trying since three weeks (approx) now . For your reference I do wash my hair twice a week and according to that I have already used this 6 times now and ready to review for all of you..

Brand Says:

Price: Rs 550/- for 150gm.
Shelf Life: 24months from mfg.


My Opinion:

The leave-in cream comes in a very girly chic pink bottle packaging which has a pump cap on it. The pump cap makes the process easy but unfortunately it is not working in my case as the pump is not working... I have to open the cap each time and pour a little quantity  which is arghh. There is also a lock system on the cap which makes the product safety during travelling. All informations are written on the bottle..

The cream is pearly white in colour and a little thick  in consistency like conditioners. I love love its smell. It has flowery kind fragrance. Okk now come to my experience.. I have dry hair type and hair fall issue as well, hence I am very choosy in hair care products and don't use any hair styling product. Actually I love my curly hair as it always adds mor volume to my look. So now  I am telling you the way I use it..

After shampooing  ( I do apply conditioner as well) I towel dry my hair,then take a coin size or a little more quantity and apply thoroughly on my damped hair. I don't apply from the root as the brand says,but covers 3/4th of the total length of hair. And then leave that like this for some time ,then comb very lightly just to set my hair. My hair dries up very quickly within 15-20minutes. and at the end I get bouncy defined curls on my hair which lasts for one day atleast... It doesn't feel heavy or sticky on hair. It also helps to de-tangle my hair to some extent..

Hope you can see the curls in the below  picture. I have tried hard to click the perfect one to show the curls but it is difficult to click pics on your own when a kid (my son) around you to ask for your camera..

At the end I can say this is a good option to try but not a must buy.. If you have natural curls like mine then this works great on it ,but for straight hair it will a little difficult to catch the curls through it. If you are using a curler over it,then that will also work i guess.. Let's summarise this in short..


  1. Lovely girly pink packaging
  2. Has a pump cap which makes the process easy
  3. The lock system on the cap makes it travel-friendly
  4. Small amount requires to get nice curls..
  5. Has no paraben..
  6. Doesn't feel sticky or heavy on hair.
  7. Helps to de-tangle my hair


  1. Not  much helpful for straight hairs..
  2. Price may be a concern for some.

 Rating: 3.8/5

Disclaimer: Product was sent by the brand for consideration but my review is honest and unbiased...


  1. I do have curly/wavy hair, its a great priduct to have in your vanity!!

    1. Yes kanu... it is a good product... thanks for visiting...


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