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Few Lines Which Take Life In A Different Way..

Today through this post I will thank my dearest hubby for coming in my life as a best friend,best guide and adviser. He is my great critic as well as admirer. I have an arrange marriage but I am luckiest enough having my husband . Before my marriage my father was my great adviser. Anytime when I was in any hesitation/problem ,always I asked my Dad for help and his advice/suggestions always works. But after my marriage, new place,new people but thank GOD I found my father's nature inside my husband. After that  its about six years now and I never ever felt alone ,whenever I need any suggestions he always there to help me.

Initially I always being tensed in small small things,but he always keep saying that "Don't be panic in such small things,always try to be positive and to be happy. You can do everything if your mind is in stable. Nothing is impossible in life,the only thing is You have to try,no matter if you fail,because everybody learns from their mistake .. " .

I got married in my early twenties. I always want to do higher studies before marriage but after marriage ,situation changed a lot. New family,new people ,new responsibilities  and I had to keep my dreams aside. But he told me that "Never be sad what has gone, keep planning for future. Create something from nothing". I learned from him that , Life is not a flower bed ,we have to create our own place . Good opportunities are not always ready to welcome us,we have create our opportunity by own.

Always his advices motivates me to move forward. He is the one who suggested me to start my blog. And I am glad that I accepted his advice and get a platform to express my thought,my love and everything ( in my comfort zone obviously) .  His advises are always works for me and I consider him as my #SachchiAdviser .

One thing he always keep saying is that  'Think Big and Dream Big'. If we dream big,then we can develop the spirit to achieve that goal and this way we can get success in life.'

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”



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