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Nivea Pure Talc - Review & Price

Nivea always comes with some awesome skincare stuffs for both men and women .. Recently this brand has launches lots of products in their whitening,sensitive and talc touch range.. I personally love their face creams (not all variants) ,deodorants ,facewashes,etc. I had no idea that they also have skin talc.. When the brand sent me this big bottle ,I was super excited to try this out and here is my opinion for all of you...

Price: Rs140/- for 400gm.

Brand Claims: 


My Opinion: Now-a-days there are very rare users of talcum powders actually. We all run behind the variants of deodorants available in market. But there are also such person who doesn't like the strong scent of deodorants and also allergic to the chemicals present in deodorants. Hence in that case a talcum powder is a right option to try out. Sometimes we need extra cool and comfortness in the hot summer or in humid weathers and that time a talcum powder can fulfil our expectations..

Unlike most of the talcum powder this Nivea pure talc also comes in a big white plastic bottle . There are two options available in market actually.. You can choose the bigger size or the small one as per your choice. It has a round scrolling cap (like the ones in Johnson baby powders). The plastic use in the bottle is not hard type means you can easily squeeze the bottle when running low. All informations are written on the bottle itself.It can be carried around while travelling.

The powder is super fine with soft and smooth texture. It spreads on skin effortlessly and doesn't look like a white layer type at all. I do use it on my underarms and backside of neck and it keeps away my sweat for 3 hours easily. My husband also using this and that works fine on him as well. I am using this since two months now and it also kept my body sweat-free (though i don't sweat a lot) during the itchy humid weather of month June and July. All you need  a small amount powder each time to through away your sweat or sweat smell. Hence this big 400gm bottle will lasts for 3-4 months easily. It has very sweet fragrance which is mild enough and not over-whelming . The fragrance also lasts for some 2 hours then fades away evenly.

All and all I like this Nivea pure talc one.. Those people who are allergic to deodorants or don't like sprays ,this talc is a good option for them.. Then why are you waiting ..Buy and give it a try..


  1. Nice mild fragrance
  2. Keeps my body sweat-free for 3 hours easily
  3. Two size options available
  4. Well priced and easily available
 Can't find any major drawback.

Rating: 4.8/5

P.S- PR Sample

Have you tried the Nivea Pure Talc ? What is your experience ?



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