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Easy Ways To Create Perfect Mobile Makeup..~ Tips

Hello peeps...

How was your weekend ?? Mine was like ok ok... Anyway ..yesterday when I was searching articles on ,found an interesting one. And after reading that  I was so curious to share this with my readers. Now-a-days everyone want to be upto-date with fashion and taking selfies is a latest fashion or trend I can say. I love taking selfies all the time and love to share that on social mdia and I am sure every youth has the same habit. But sometimes when you are looking beautiful in mirror but when trying take a selfie or mobile snap ,you find your face is looking more shinner or brighter or even sometimes it looks quite odd. And that happens with most of the people. All that worst things happen due to wrong makeup and wrong angle of camera. And here in that articles there are some easy steps after following which you can get a perfect mobile picture. You can find that article here -

So below are the tips to follow..

1- It is really worse when you click a picture and find a shiner forehead or nose. That happens with oily  skinned people more. A blotting paper may help you in that case,but you have to careful regarding this. You can apply powder instead of any highlighter . Translucent powder is a great option to give a matte look and keep your makeup intact as well.

2- Prep and prime is very important. Always apply (just pat) a good moisturiser on your cheekbones and around your eyes before doing any makeup. This gives a natural glow to your face.

3- Dark circles under eyes looks very inappropriate in lens. And when you apply any light concealer ,it just makes the under eyes whiter in camera flash light. So it is important to cover your eyes with a corrector first followed by a concealer. For lighter skin tone pinkish- salmon colours and for darker skin tones orangish-peach colours works best.  

4- A blush can add extra charm to your picture. Application of cream blush or liquid based blush is best as compare to powder blushes. If you are in hurry or on travel ,then a berry toned or pink toned lipstick works great in that case. I am not saying about applying lipstick on lips. Just draw a line on your ample of cheeks with light hand and blend that with finger and here you go..

Besides that a apple red lipstick or fuchsia pink lipstick (on lips) works as a good option . and that enhance your picture to the core.

5- And at last but not the least ,if your camera is not at right angle or you as well,you can never get an appropriate click. For that you have to work on your best angle. Means in your free time stand infront of a mirror and judge that which side is your best angle  To look thinner, bring your arms an inch or two away from your body and remember to keep your shoulders back .  At last a good smile can add extra charm.. 

Hope you find this useful.. See you in some other post..Bye..

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