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#7DayGarnierChallenge - Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash And Cream (Review & Price) ~ Get Free Samples

Hello everyone..

How are you all...?? Today's post is a little different than the regular ones.. Here is a surprise for all of my readers at the end of the post..

I have used Garnier products before and quite like their effects. And when the Garnier people contacted me,I was so happy and accepted their #7DayGarnierChallenge with the Garnier White Complete Range. The range is not the new invention but the improved version. Move below to find whether the products are worth try or not...

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream

Price: Rs160/- for 40gm.
Brand Claims:


My Take on Garnier White Complete Fairness Cream: 

Packaging: The cream comes in a small round plastic tub with a white screw cap. I know it is quite unhygienic  to use tub packaging creams ,but most of the moisturisers/creams only comes in this packaging. The tub again comes within a cardboard box which has all necessary informations written over it. the cream looks really lovely and easy to carry in purse .

Texture: The cream is white in colour . The texture is neither too thick nor runny just perfect to apply. It blends on skin so perfectly without any extra efforts and absorbs quickly as well. It feels really light on skin. I love its mild floral fragrance..

Application & After Effect: I have been using this since two weeks now and love it too. I always require a tiny bit and it covers my whole face amazingly . After applying it ,i can see an instant healthy glow on my face which lasts for some hours. I have normal - dry skin type and this cream works perfectly on me. During this rainy season when the atmosphere has loads of moistures ,i am sweating most of the time ,but this cream controls that amazingly. 

It moisturises my face beautifully with a stubble glow. It makes my face soft and bright instantly. It doesn't cause any breakouts till now. It has SPF19 within it which is again good for any day cream. It does whatever it claims,but I don't believe on that fairness thing. We all know that , there isn't any cream who can make you more fairer,but it can be mean in the way of removing sun tanning and can bring you your natural skin colour which exactly this cream do.. I love it.. 

It has some natural ingredients like lemon which is best known as natural bleach. Lemon can also help to enhance skin tone .. The cream has another amazing ingredient called "Active White Molecule" which helps to provide good sun protection. Hence this is a quite nice day cream..You can give it a try..
BOB Rating: 4.5/5 

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash

Price: Rs140/- for 100gms.

Brand Claims:


My Take on Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash:

Packaging: Packaging is very similar to other garnier face washes. A white tube packaging with flip open cap which makes it travel-friendly. 

Texture: The texture is a little thick ,but easy to apply on the other hand. It is white in colour with a very mild lemon smell. 

Application & Effect: Again a tiny amount requires for each use. Due to the creamy texture the facewash doesn't lather much but cleanses my face perfectly. It cleans all dirts ,excess oils from face and adds extra brightness instantly. But one thing which I want to share here. When ever I use this facewash over my makeup remover ,it doesn't clean (the oiliness of the remover) in one attempt,I do apply twice to clean all traces of that remover (oils).  It doesn't make my face drier after its use, by the way now-a-days my skin behaves like normal skin type,so can't comment on dry skin type..  Each time I apply it,it gives a refresh feeling .. It has Pure Lemon Essence which is great for oily skin types,it helps to reduce the excess oils which is secreted by Sebum Glands. It is a good product to try. Mostly it will suit for normal-oily skin types.

BOB Rating: 3.5/5


Now come to the surprise part.. Here I have a contest for all of you my readers. You can take that #7DayGarnierChallenge . All you need to do that, 

You have to register yourself by feeling the Registration Form - and Garnier India will deliver you the sample at your doorstep. 

Then you have to use that for 7 days and have to write a short review (your experience) on your social media platform with hashtag #7DaysGarnierChallenge and tagging me and Garnier India.




If can win Garnier gift hamper ...

So why are you waiting..Go and resister yourself at soon....

All the best...:)



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