Monday, 25 May 2015

Bow NailArt... #1

Heya girls..

Today I will show you a very pretty and easy BOW nail art.. Infact I am doing a series of Bow nail arts,that's why naming the heading with "#1 " mark.. In this series I will try to make some really pretty and easy-pisy Bow nail arts. So here is the first one for you..

If you are a follower of my instagram account,then must be aware of that,recently I have purchased some nail art tools.. Today I have done this art by using some of them (one dotting tool and one pointed brush). Let's see the steps one by one..


1- First paint your nail with a lavender nail shade (you can choose as per your choice) followed by a base coat.
2- Put a white dot in the middle of the upper side of nail.
3- Then draw a cross mark with the white polish like shown in figure.
4- Now fill the cross mark with white polish to make a shape like bow.

5- Then with a black shade out line the bow.
6- draw two tiny black lines in  the bow parts like shown in the figure (Sorry,I am very poor in describing drawings).
7- Now draw two wave like lines like shown in figure.. you have done..

Isn't it simple ans easy ??..If you don't have any tools,you can draw this using tooth pick and bobby pins.. I have drawn this for this first time ,that's why it isn't looking that much perfect,but i am sure i can draw better in future..

Enjoy some more Pics..

Hope you all like it..Do share your thought in the comment section..I will be back with another cute bow art very soon..Bye..:)

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