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Best Online Brand to Buy Chikankari Outfits - House of Chikankari : My shopping experience

  Indian ethnic wear has a vibe. When we are discussing about ethnic wear, how can we forget about the classy Lucknow Chikankari. The beautiful thread works on soft mulmul clothes is definitely an art. Isn't it? I have a very soft corner for Chikankari Kurtis. These are comfy, body soothing, chic,  perfect to wear during the hot and humid Indian weather. Also these looks so rich in culture and classy.  When you will search Best Chikankari lables, here comes House of Chikankari on count first. They have the authentic, exquisite chikankari dresses collection. You will get the real nawabi feeling, trust me.  About House of Chikankari Visit - House of Chikankari was founded by a mother-daughter duo (Poonam Rawal and Aakriti Rawal) in 2000. It provides authenticity and guaranteed quality of the handmade ChikanKari. They are trying to make India’s traditional Chikankari craft a household staple and showcase Lucknow to the world. Their chikankari collection is a

The Fast & Furious Smartphone camera - ZF2 with PixelMaster technology and 4GB RAM

Hello beauties..

We all know that, how much importance a smart phone takes place in our daily life. I can’t imagine a single day without my darling phone. May be you are a business man, house wife or a working woman, smart phone is a basic need of yours. Let me tell you what we actually expect in a smart phone before purchasing any, good resolution camera to take high standard pictures or selfies, best quality technology, good additional features and better battery life, etc. right. But the phone having all these qualities will cost you heavy. But if I will tell you that there is a phone which have all these above qualities and it won’t affect your budget.. yes that is true. You must have gotten a light idea about which I am going to write here.  The brand Asus has recently launched the new Zenfone 2 smart phone which has all the best quality features with affordable price tag.

Asus is a well known brand in computer world and they came up with their smart phones through its Zenfone Series which are affordable with best quality features and stylish looks. After huge success of their Zenfone 5, they have launched the new Zenfone 2 on 23rd April,2015 in India.

Asus Zenfone 2 is available on Flipkart now..

Okay, now come to the main discussion about which I am going to write today. Well.. one of the good feature in this phone is its camera strength i.e. the Pixel Master Technology. Let’s talk about it in details..

Pixel Master Technology: Being a fashion and beauty blogger I always search of a good resolution phone. Another thing is,  I love taking selfies or other pictures all the time and to upload them on social media sites. For that reason I do want a good resolution front camera in my phone and the new Asus Zenfone 2 has 5MP front camera.  It has 13MP rear camera resolution which is linked to the pixel master technology. This 13MP pixel Master camera has f/2.0 aperture lens to capture high resolution and stunning pictures with zero shutter-lag. The Pixel merging technology in the phone allows you to capture upto 400% brighter photos at night or in low light scenes without using any flash light. It also has back light (or super HDR) mode which let’s you see clearly through day time shadow and has Super Resolution Mode which helps you to capture detailed images at resolutions up to 52MP.

The Pixel Master back light (Super HDR) mode automatically captures multiple shots of the scene and processes these using the Asus Pixel Enhancing Technology. This makes the picture 400% more brighter with improved color contrast. It highlights the photo with strong back lighting to make it look totally natural.

It has auto mode with zero shutter lag means you can capture the photo without missing a single moment. It is best to click the snap of the sparkle of fireworks, smiles of infants ,etc. It has also special wide angel mode which allows you to click beautiful panoramic selfie up to 140 degrees. It also has dual LED rear tone flash which helps to click most natural illuminations for indoor shots.

4GB RAM: Wow..this one is the great feature. .. It is world’s first 4GB RAM smart phone and this is incredible for multitasking performance. You can run 12-15 apps in the background and your phone will run smoothly without any problem or hanging issue. Isn’t it great…

Except these this phone has some other good features . To know more visit their facebook page

I am in love with this beauty package bunny ( smart phone ) i.e. the Asus Zenfone 2 . It is a complete package of good quality features,look and high performances , and a complete value for money…



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