Thursday, 30 April 2015

**** Cute Bunny Nail Art ****

Hello beautiful bunnies..

I am here with a beautiful cute nail art tutorial.. I love bunnies,they are so adorable.. I wish I could have a pet bunny. OMG even the imagination is so so cute.

Anyway after a long gap I am going to share a nail art tutorial which is very simple and i am not using any nail art tools here , only have used a toothpick ( because i don't have any tools ). So let's move to the cute tutorial..

In the bellow picture all steps are shown.. follow the directions..

Do enjoy some more pics..I love clicking pictures of my nails..I do it every time ... ;p

Hope you guys have an idea about this tutorial and you like it... Do try and share pics on instagram /facebook / twitter using #BOBNailArt .

Thank you for visiting and I will come with another tutorial really soon. Bye..<3

P.S- Please do comment below if you know any Indian website for purchasing nail art tools. 

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