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Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin?

Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Bar soaps are so old school, it’s all about the body washes now. When choosing one, it’s often the way it smells that seals the deal right? No sweetie there is one more thing that you should keep in mind, choose the body wash according to your skin type. So it is important to choose the right one according to your skin type. For instance, if you have dry and flaky skin, you may want to pick a product with shea butter, coconut oil or aloe vera in it. Or, if you have oily skin, you should look for honey or oatmeal in the ingredients list. If you have acne-prone skin you should go with body washes that have salicylic acid or tea tree essential oil. So without further ado let us know more about body washes according to your skin type. Body Washes According To Your Skin: For Dry Skin: For dry skin make sure to buy body washes that are nourishing and moisturizing, but not too oily. Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Skivia British Tea Rose

Palmolive Aroma Sensual Shower Gel with Moroccan Rose Essensial Oil & Ginseng Extract ~ Review

Hello everyone..

Another shower gel review is here..It is my third shower gel review . And this time the review is on Palmolive Aroma Sensual Shower Gel with Moroccan Rose Essensial Oil & Ginseng Extract. If you want any aroma feeling around you during the bath,then this one is just a right choice. Palmolive is a very well known brand in skin care cosmetics. They have good quality products with affordable price tag.. This one is my first Palmolive product and I love using it.. Let's move to know more..

Brand Claims: Fall under the seductive spell of Palmolive Aroma Therapy Sensual shower gel with a deep and vibrant fragrance,its formula is infused with luxurious Moroccan Rose essential oil and stimulating Ginseng extract to provide you the delighting sensuality of a blissful shower moment.

Price: Rs125/- for 250ml.
Availability: easily available both online and offline.


Packaging : The shower gel comes in a very cute transparent curvy plastic bottle with flip cap. The cap is very tight ,so no fear of leakage during travel. Due to the transparent packaging it is easy to know how much product is left behind each time. All informations regarding this has written on the back side of the bottle. The bottle is very handy and easy to carry.

Texture: The shower gel is ruby red in colour. The texture is thin and a little runny. Besides that a little quantity lathers really well and makes a good quantity foam. It is pH balanced and dermatologically tasted,so suitable for our skin. It has rose oil in it (what it claims) and i can feel the smell of rose during application. It has very sensual and wonderful fragrance which obviously not last longer. I can feel that aromatic bath each time . The fragrance only last for the bath time,after that no scent , nothing.

It moisturises my skin really well ( you can't expect more from a body wash..) .Now in winter my skin has become more dry and i am applying a lotion after my bath but i think in other seasons I will not need any extra moisturiser for my body immediately after applying it. It makes my skin smooth and soft . It doesn't feel heavy on skin and easily rinse off. Due to the good lathering capacity; a bottle will last for 2-3 months easily. I am using it from past one and half months and i think it will go another one month.


  1. Sturdy packaging
  2. Very aromatic fragrance
  3. Moisturises body after use
  4. Small quantity lathers well
  5. Cleans body properly
  6. Affordable and easily available
  7. Makes skin smooth and soft
  8. One bottle will last for 2-3 months easily


  1. The fragrance is not long lasting.
  2. Some may find the scent is strong but i have not. 

Rating: 4/5

If you want a aromatic bath each time with affordable price tag ,then give it a try for sure. I am gonna buy it again. 

See you again..byee



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