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Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin?

Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Bar soaps are so old school, it’s all about the body washes now. When choosing one, it’s often the way it smells that seals the deal right? No sweetie there is one more thing that you should keep in mind, choose the body wash according to your skin type. So it is important to choose the right one according to your skin type. For instance, if you have dry and flaky skin, you may want to pick a product with shea butter, coconut oil or aloe vera in it. Or, if you have oily skin, you should look for honey or oatmeal in the ingredients list. If you have acne-prone skin you should go with body washes that have salicylic acid or tea tree essential oil. So without further ado let us know more about body washes according to your skin type. Body Washes According To Your Skin: For Dry Skin: For dry skin make sure to buy body washes that are nourishing and moisturizing, but not too oily. Which Body Wash Do You Need For Your Skin? Skivia British Tea Rose

Oriflame Tripple Core Lipstick "Stunning Clover" Review

I am here with another lipstick review and that is from the brand Oriflame. I had bought this lipstick one year back and have hardly applied it one or two times. Whenever I apply this lipstick my hubby tell me to remove that as that shade makes my complexion dull and I look like ill from a longer time. Anyway me too not fond of this type of lipsticks much.. Move to know more...

Price: Rs449/- for 4gm.
Shelf Life: 2years


Packaging: The lipstick comes in gray metal finish plastic case which is sturdy enough. The bullet again comes inside a black cardboard box which has all informations. The shade name and product code are written at the lower side of the box.

Shade: It is a very glossy baby pink shade. The lipsticks has three layers ( you can see in the picture),that's why the name is triple core lipstick. The first layer is the lipstick,the second layer is the lip gloss and the third /inner layer is the lip balm. That's a unique thought i must say. Due to the gloss inside, it gives a shiny glossy finish and due to the lip balm it hydrates lips well.

Texture and Finish: The texture is very creamy and glossy as I have said in the above lines. The shade is not so pigmented due to the glossy nature. You have to swipe maximum 3 times to cover the pigmented lips. The darker shades may have more pigmentation capacity. The finish is very sheer and i personally don't like this type of look. It makes my skin tone pale after applying. I think this shade will suit when you are doing any smoky eye makeup and planning to built a sexy neutral look. It doesn't stay for more than 2 hours. The shade is easily transferable to glass,things,etc. It leaves silver tints after fading away. Some times it settles into fine lines. If you apply more times to cover your highly pigmented lips then it looks terrible on you.So don't do that. The lipstick smells like bubble gum .. The particular shade doesn't look good on me,that's the reason I don't wear it much.


  1. Very unique lipstick (has gloss ,lipstick and balm at in one lipstick)
  2. Pretty pink shade
  3. Hydrate my lips
  4. Gives creamy glossy finish


  1. Not so pigmented
  2. Easily transfers on things
  3. low staying capacity
  4. pricey as compare to quality
  5. Very flattering shade for most of the skin tone
  6. Very strong bubble gum fragrance

Rating: 1/5

I won't recommend this lipstick to anybody. At this price point we can get best buys from some other well known brands.



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