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MABH Blogger Hair Growth Challenge.. Month 1..!!


Finally I am going to write this post. From the past 5-6 days i am trying but not able to write,because of my baby. Now he started understanding every thing and he always wants attention of mine. Due to this I don't get time for my own work.  Any way..Let's move to the topic..

All are here must be aware of the MABH Hair Growth Challenge by Lancy,the owner of MABH blog.  I had accepted that last month (you can read here) and now i have completed one month and going to write my experiences . Here I wil write what I have done last month and what I will do this running month.

What I did: I have not followed all the strict rules for the hair growth as last month was the festive month. But i have oiled my hair properly 2-3 times per week.I have added dal ,sprouts,nuts to my meals .

What I missed: Actually I have missed so many things.  I had planned to take biotin  and vitamin B tablets regularly but  missed ,but for this month I have already started taking these tablets. I didn't eat non-veg last month as that month is considered as a holy month in my tradition. My hair missed my favourite egg mask , curd-fenugreek  mask and hibiscus mask which I am definitely going to do this month.

Products I have used:

Oil: MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

 Shampoo: Vatika Henna and Olive Shampoo
Conditioner: Oriflame Nature Secret Wheat and Coconut Conditioner (Reviewed here )

What I have noticed :

  1. My hair length has increased a little
  2. I can notice the hair texture has improved but not much. 

What I will do (November): I will consume biotin tablet and vitamin B tablets daily. I will pamper my hair with my favourite hair masks. I already started taking non-veg. I also started taking dry amla after my meals. I am very serious now for my hair care.  I hope some good results may knock my door very soon.

See you in my next post..Till then Bye...



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