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Olay Age Protect Anti-ageing Cream Review

Hello everyone..

I wasn't aware of anti-ageing creams before,but after reading some blog posts , came to know the benefits of applying an anti-ageing cream. Now so many famous brands have their anti-ageing creams and when the word anti-ageing has added to a cream the price also became double.. aren't the price of them too high..??

Anyway... as I am in my mid twenties now , i decided to start using anti-ageing creams . OLAY is a very well known and trusted brand in skincare products. I have used their moisturising cream,facewashes before and very happy with the result. Hence I bought this Olay Age Protect Anti-ageing Cream as it is so affordable compare to others .  I like this cream so much. I am not going to compare its effects  with other anti-ageing creams as i have only used this one till now. Me and my hubby ,we both are using this since 3-4 months. We both have different skin types (me-dry , he- combination) and this one works really well on us. I am going to finish my second tub and also planning to buy the third one soon.. Isn't that showing ,how much we love it.. Well move to know in details   ..

Product Descriptions:

Price: Rs275/- for 40gm.
Shelf Life: 3yrs.
Availability: Easily available both online and offline


Packaging: The cream comes in a white tub with a black screw cap. It is very sturdy,but the tub packaging seems unhygienic. I don't like to dip my finger each time to use..BDW i use a spatula for each application.. I like tube packagings more. The smaller version of it comes in tube packaging. The tub again comes in a black cardboard box which has all informations regarding this.

Texture & Consistency : The cream is white in color and very smooth  in texture. It has medium consistency. A small size is require for each use and blends really well and quickly absorb by skin also. It is super soft on skin ,doesn't feel heavy or greasy. My hubby has combination skin and it also blends on his skin and doesn't feel sticky at all... but if you apply more amount quantity than required then ,it made your face  sweaty.So be careful on that. I also apply this before my foundation ..

My View: Already you have known how much i like this cream.. Now come to its claims what the brand says.. " It lightens dark spots"..which I agree with that.. Actually i haven't any dark spots on my face ,but my husband has and this cream has really worked on them. After regular uses of 3-4 months,the spots have faded away now. So I totally agree with that claim.  

Then " It reduces wrinkles" ..on which I can't comment as I don't have any wrinkle on my face nor my hubby. But it makes my skin soft and smooth after use. Sometimes I used it at night also and in the morning i found a soft skin. It moisturises my skin really well . But in the heavy winter time I don't think it will moisturise my very dry face.. But for other seasons it is perfect for me.

Then "It improves skin tone"..which I don't think.. I am using it since a long time period but didn't notice any changes on my skintone,may be it has improved  very little which can't noticed..

Then the last one is "It gives radiant younger looking skin".. on which i can't comment as I am too young to answer on that.  I don't know how it works on late thirties women or on their skin.

Besides all that I like this anti-ageing cream . Also I want to try the Ponds anti ageing cream also..Have read some good reviews on that..Lets see

  • Sturdy Packaging 
  • Small quantity covers the full face
  • Blends easily and absorbs quickly by skin
  • Doesn't feel heavy or greasy on skin
  • Lightens dark spots with regular use
  • Affordable
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Moisturises really well
  • Works well on combination skins also

  • Tub packaging seems unhygienic
  • I don't think it improves skin tone
  • It hasn't any SPF factor 

Rating: 4/5

Final Thought: The Olay Age Protect Anti-ageing Cream is a very decent as well as affordable cream which suits all skin type. But if you have very dry or very oily skin then stay away from this. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy on face and makes skin hydrated ,smooth and soft. It can be used as both day cream or night cream. It helps to lighten the dark spot with regular use. I will recommend it to everybody who want to try a decent anti-ageing cream which will not affect your pocket so much...


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