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Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin

The name UBTAN is extremely familiar to all of us, isn't it !! There is a ritual to apply ubtan to the bridegroom before D-Day. Ubtan helps to revive the natural glow of the skin and works best to remove sun tanning from the skin. Also, we apply ubtan to newborn babies for months. It clarifies skin and brightens up further.  Best Ubtan Products for Glowing Skin Being encircled by chemical-loaded skincare products, it is quite tough to accomplish glowing and healthy skin. Our skin deserves a gentle yet effective solution that belongs to the essence of tradition and nature. And here comes natural, herbal, and organic skincare products. It is a challenge to get organic and natural skincare products as the market is flooded with zillions of brands. To maintain that age-old tradition of applying ubtan for glowing skin, I have narrowed down some of the best ubtan products for you to choose from. What is Ubtan -  Ubtan is an age-old natural solution discovered by our grannies. It is an he

Six Oriflame Lipsticks Which I like Most…

Being a lipstick addict I thought to try some lipsticks first after joining as a representative to Oriflame. It sounds like I am going to eat them..hehe.. :p . Hence I have bought some very pretty and beautiful shades of different range lipsticks of oriflame in the past 3-4 months.. And here is six of them which I love to apply any time.. Let’s move below to know in details…

1-      Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick: Eternal Red

Price:  Rs649/- for 4gms.
Product Code- 22751

This lipstick comes in a very royal, classy and unique golden metal packaging. The shade is a very pretty maroon-ish red which looks beautiful on lips. It moisturizes my dry lips to the great extent. It stays about 4-5 hours on my lips without fading. The texture is creamy hence it glides well on lips .A single swipe brings the actual color and it is also very much pigmented. All in all it is a perfect lipstick for a bridal vanity.

2-      Giordani gold Jewel Lipstick: Rose Blossom

Price: Rs649/- for 4gms.
Product Code- 22748

The packaging is same like the above one I have mentioned(eternal red shade). The shade is  a pretty pink-ish mauve shade.  It looks very natural on my light pink lips.. This one is not so much pigmented like the red one . It is also very creamy in texture,one single swipe gives opaque coverage. I don’t need any lipbalm underneath it, as it moisturizes my dry lips very well. The shade  stays maximum 3-4 hours on my lips which is less I think as compare to its price. Besides that I love applying it again and again.. I always carry this one in my purse…:p . I love this shade so much...(I will do a single post on this lipstick very soon).

3-      Oriflame very me Lip mania Lipstick : Vibrant Peach

Price: Rs229/- for 4gm.
Product Code: 21259

The packaging is very different from other lipsticks,it is so much girly type.. The bullet is totally transparent plastic with a shoe picture on the cap which make it very classy. The shade is peachy pink in color which is perfect for daily wear .. You can wear it to office also.. Like other oriflame lipsticks it is also creamy in texture and one-two swipes give full finish.. If you swipe more times then it may look cakey.. The staying capacity is maximum 5-6 hours with sort meals in between..  It is very light on lips.

4-      Oriflame pure color lipstick : Soft coral

Price- Rs169/- for 4gm
Product Code: 26269

It has very simple packaging , somehow boring type.  The lipstick comes in a black bullet with a transparent plastic cap. Through the cap you can easily see the shade. Like the name it is a light coral shade.  On lips it looks very natural with a hint of soft pinkish coral. I love applying this one all the time whether it is day or night. If you are searching a perfect daily wear lipstick ,then it is a must try product. It has very fine tiny simmers in it but on lips these are not visible that much. Again very creamy texture and single swipe gives good coverage. As it is a light shade ,it isnot so much pigmented, but I think dark shades are may be pigmented. It stays 4-5 hours which is quite good as compared to price. I must say it is worth try lipstick.

5-      Oriflame Pure Color Lipstick : Blush Pink

Price:  Rs169/- for 4gms.
Product Code: 26270

This one is another shade from oriflamme pure color range. Packaging is same as the above one. It is a very pretty warm pink shade which looks very beautiful on lips. The texture is creamy as well as moisturizing. Two swipes enough to bring the actual shade..More swipes can break your look. It is semi pigmented. The lipstick stays maximum 4 hours on my lips.. The color is transferable a bit (to glass while drinking). The shade makes me looking a little fairer. :p

6-      Oriflame Pure Color Intense  Lipstick : Forrest Berries

Price: Rs149/- for 2.5gms.
Product Code: 30825

The packaging is looking very cheap and boring.. It comes in black bullet with a black cap. The shade is a dark maroon shade which looks great on lips. It is very moisturizing and creamy texture. The shade is very pigmented also. It glides well on lips, a single brings the actual color. It stays maximum 4-5 hours which is enough I think as compare to its price.

So here is my list of lipsticks from oriflame which I love most. These all are great for dry lips babes.. 

Take Care....



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