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Review - Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser

"PATANJALI" is very popular for their herbal inventions and affordability. I have tried some of their products and quite happy with their effect except the original kesh kanti shampoo. After the weird experience of that shampoo, i had decided to not  try any hair product from patanjali. But some months before my husband brought the keshkanti reetha hair cleanser which i am using now with lots of  positive hopes. Actually we all know that Reetha is very good for hair and a shampoo with reetha sounds very good , isn't it?
Well... now move to the review.. Today i am going to share my thought on Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser. 

What Patanjali claims about their hair cleanser: 
It is useful in dryness and roughness of hair. Prevents hair fall and improve hair shine.

Price: Rs 85/- for 200ml.
Sheilf Life: 24months from mfg.


My thought on Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser :

The Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser comes in a white plastic bottle with large flip cap which is transparent black in color. The bottle is quite sturdy  and the cap is leak proof which means you can carry it anywhere without any tension of spillage.  The packaging is very simple but informative. All the informations regarding the product is written very clearly on the bottle which is impressive. The bottle has a hologram of patanjali brand which indicates its originality.

The shampoo is shiny black in color with a very mild herbal fragrance which doesn't hurt sensitive noses at all. The texture of the shampoo is very smooth neither very thick nor very thin. Now move to its performance.. I generally diluted my shampoo while applying  and this one lathers really very well and cleanses properly. It's also rinse off easily, you can't feel any stickiness after wash like some other shampoos which is great i think. I have wavy hair with oily scalp and dry split ends. Due to that i apply a conditioner after shampoo to make more soft to my hair ends. I am using this since 2 months and each time after wash i get more soft,manageable, thoroughly cleansed hair . It is quite appreciable that this shampoo covers its claims to some extent.  

BDW I have visited some blogs before using that and came to know that it is not for dry hairs though I am't sure about that .


My Likes: 

  1. Very much affordable
  2. Sturdy packaging and travel friendly
  3. Lathers well and rinse off easily
  4. Removes extra oil,dirts effectively and cleanses hair thoroughly
  5. Pleasant herbal smell
  6. Makes hair soft,smooth and manageable
  7. Easily available
  8. So many good ingredients it contains

My Dislikes:

  1. Doesn't suit dry hair (though i am not sure)
  2. Need a conditioner to make the hair ends soft

Rating : 4/5

Final Thought: Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser  is a good choice which helps to make your hair soft,shiny, manageable . It lathers well and cleanses thoroughly all dirts and extra oil from scalp. You have to follow a conditioner after applying this to make soft your hair ends. If you have oily hair or scalp then it is a good buy for you and if you have dry hair or scalp then better to try in summer otherwise skip this.

Take Care..,


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