Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Cleanser Review

by - June 30, 2014

Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Cleanser Review

In the regular CTM routine cleansing part is very important and essential. For that you also do need a good cleanser which can clean your face properly, can make your skin dirt free and oil free. Am i right or not ? Believe me I wasn't serious about this CTM routine before (before joining to this blogosphere), but now i have felt the changes and realised the benefit of these things on our skin. I do follow now regularly .. Well recently i was using the Oriflame's Milk and Honey Gold Cleanser (I have finished the bottle now) and my experience was quite good. Today I am going to share my thoughts on it..

Price: Rs398/-
Quantity: 200ml.
Shelf life: 3years.

My Take:  The name milk and honey tempted me to buy this cleanser. This one was my first purchase from oriflame and i had high expectations from that. The packaging is a little different from other cleansers. It comes in a creamy shade bottle with a golden pump cap. There is marks on the top of the dispenser which helps to open and lock the cap. It is very easy and convenient to use . The packaging makes it leak proof and travel-friendly.

The cleanser is creamy buttery in color. It is neither so runny nor so thick in texture. A tiny drop is enough to clean the whole face properly. You can apply it through cotton boll or by hand. I use it with my hand. It smells amazingly (i love love love the smell, in fact each product of oriflame's milk honey range smells the same )  . The fragrance doesn't last longer,but you can feel that during application. As oriflame says this one is for dry - very dry skin, I agree with that. I have normal skin type ,but in winter it becomes dry and i had used this in winter. After each wash i find clean and glow skin of mine. As very tiny amount required for each use, this bottle will last for 2-3 months easily. I apply 2 times daily ,since it lasted 3 months. Isn't that great?

See the pictures..

Let's discuss the ups and downs of Oriflame  Milk and Honey Gold Cleanser...


1- Leak proof packaging and travel-friendly.
2- Tiny amount cleans face properly
3- Fragrance is good
4- One bottle lasts for long time period.


1- Some may find it a bit pricey
2- Availability is an issue

Rating: 4/5
Final Thought: If you ignore to the pricey part ,then it is a must try for dry skinned beauties. I will buy again in winter when my skin behaves like dry.

See you in my next post..

Stay Healthy..

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