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Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Body Lotion Review

Hello pretty birds...

Usually in winter body leaves its moisture and becomes dry ,then the need of body lotion arises…In my city the atmosphere is very dehydrated , hence in summer my normal skin becomes dry and needs extra moisturization. Due to this I always in search of good with long lasting effect moisturizer/body lotion. And today I am going to share my experience with  Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Body Lotion..

Product Claims:

To help your skin fight the effects of environmental damage,the cell renew line of skin care is powered with 10x vitamin E benefit. It penetrates deep within the skin to repair skin damage cell by cell.
  1. Repairs the damaged skin barrier and forms a protective layer.
  2. Prevents the breakdown of collagen due to harmful sun rays
  3. Fortifies skin cells against oxidative damage by free radicals
  4. Replenishes lost nutrients and moisture

Price & Quantity: Rs225/- for 250ml.
Shelf life: 17months from mfg.

Ingredients: See the below picture..(I wasn’t able to read the full list as they are very tiny letters.)

My Take:
Here all of you are very familiar with the brand Vivel for sure. Their soaps are very popular among us.I have used the vivel soaps and loved also.. Some months before Vivel  had  launched their Cell Renew range which has vitamin E as a main ingredient. In this range you can find face moisturizer, hand cream, cleanser +scrub, body lotion, etc. All of us aware of the health benefits of vitamin E , isn’t it??  Well I have the body lotion from vivel cell renew range..

Packaging wise it is very decent . It comes in a white plastic bottle with a pomp cap on it…When I saw it first time I thought it is a hand wash…:p…. Any way I found it is very easy to use  and hygienic due to this pomp cap. On the top of the cap “Open-stop” is written with arrow mark (see the below picture) and when you will turn the top in the arrow direction it will close or open as per your choice. There is no chance of leakage ,so you can carry it also in your hand bag during outing without any tension.

Texture wise it is like other body lotions in the market and white in color. A little amount is enough to moisturize the two hands, it is very light on skin and quickly absorbed also. You can notice the difference between  the before and after image here.If one person apply it twice a day, then the big bottle will last for 2months easily. The moisturisation  capacity is also good, lasts for a long time without any dry feeling.. The body lotion smells like heaven, even sensitive nose guys would gonna love it.The fragrance lasts for some minutes after application. I love my smooth and soft skin after its use. I must say it is a worth buy for all of us during this winter. And as it is non-greasy , useful for both winter and summer .

Lets summaries it in sort ..

  • Very sweet fragrance
  • Easy to use and travel-friendly
  • Moisturizes well which lasts for a long time period
  • Little amount covers well
  • Quickly absorbed by skin
  • Non-greasy
  • It has vitamin E
  • Repair damaged skin cells
  • Can be use both in winter and summer
  • Affordable
  • Easily available (online and off line)

  • It has no SPF

MBO Rating: 4.5/5
MBO  Recommendation : If you want to try some new and good in this winter then go and grab it..Personally I love it..

Here is the end of this review..Hope you all have enjoyed... thanks for visiting here..See you in the next write.. byee..:)



  1. Nice review dear...Its a must have for winter

    1. glad u like my post...thank u.... yes it's a grt body lotion i hv ever used... :)

  2. Cell repair cream delays cell ageing and prolongs remission phase. Safe and hypoallergenic Cell repair cream for long term use.


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