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Review - Oriflame Beauty Lip Spa Therapy

Hello dollssss..

So here is my first blog post . 
Now we are in the mid of winter season and dry ,chapped lip is a common tension among us.. That's why i decided to do a lip balm review as it is the right time for it. My lips are dry through out the year and i always search for good lip balms ,you can say me a lip balm addict girl.. So today's review is on Oriflame Beauty Lip Spa Therapy.

Let's see whether it is a worth buy or not.

What the brand says ? :
It is a super hydrating and caring lip balm which offers immediate relief for dry lips. Its dual core formula gives 300% moisture boost. This lip spa helps to prevent water loss  and protect lips from environmental stresses. It has SPF 8. 

Price: 279/- for 1.6gm.
Product Code: 12286
Shelf life: 3yrs. 

Ingredients: not mentioned..:(

My take on Oriflame Beauty Lip Spa Therapy:
 I was got it as a gift from one of my friend and at the first sight i was in love with this cute slim tube. Yes it has very cute and different packaging . It is like a white stick with a baby pink shade ribbon in the middle.. so much girly type.. The balm stick inside is baby pink in color but looks transparent on lips . It has a white spiral in between as it is dual core. 

Now move to its moisturising part.. The balm is light weight on lips which i like most. I have dry lips and it moisturises them really very well. It stays for a long time on my lips even after taking sort meals i can feel its presence..As it has no tint, I use it underneath my lipsticks and it carries that also very well. This lip spa therapy instantly cover up the cracks/ dry patches of lips as it claims.. 

It has very sweet bubble gum smell which fades immediately after the application.. All the above points are good but one thing which makes me uuuhnnn... its price... 279/- only for 1.6gm ..OMG what's wrong with the oriflame people..???!!! Anyway if the product acts well then price doesn't matter at that place, m i right??

Now summarise its up and down parts..


  • Cute , girly packaging
  • moisturises really well. cure dry and cracked lips 
  • smell amazingly
  • it has SPF 8
  •  A perfect base for lipsticks
  • stays for a long time on lips
  • It has no tint or shimmer particles.
  • Very light weight on lips,no greasy feeling
  • very easy to use in terms of hygienic part.

  • Very pricey as compare to quantity. 
  • Only available at oriflame consultants.
MBO Rating: 4.5/5

MBO Recommendation :
I will definitely recommend those girls who are searching for a good ,effect-able lip balm. If we ignore the down side of it,i must say it is a best and worth buy for winter.... 

Here is the end of this post..See you in my next post...take care....bye byee.. :)



  1. Looks good though a bit pricey for the tiny tube of balm. Nice review. :)

    1. yeah neisha....i can't unsd why they r increasing the price.... glad u like my review...:)

  2. I am confused. The price is £7 or 5Euro in Europe. Where did you get it so expensive?

  3. nice review. It is surely pricey for the amount...

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