MBO Blog Sale #1

by - January 31, 2014


Here is the blog sale...
To buy mail me at snigdha.fairy1990@gmail.com


  1. All products are used otherwise mentioned brand new.
  2. Used products shall be sanitized before sending out to buyers.
  3. I will accept NEFT transactions and if paying by cash then extra 30/- add to the toatal amount as my bank charges the same.
  4. Shipping will depend upon the city and quantity of products u r buying..
  5. Prices are fixed.
  6.  Products shall be sent with utmost care in packaging. However I do not own intransit loss or damage of package.
  7. Do not back out once you have booked an item.

1- elf jumbo lipgloss stick - movie star (used once), S.P- 170/- (Booked by Radha)

 2- Oriflame triplecore lipstick - stunning clover (used once) O.p- 449/-, s.p- 300/-

  3- Elle18 lipsticks in 40/- each, both 60/- (sold)

4- coloressence lipsticks for 40/- each, four together 100/- (sold)

5- Excel lipstick 30/-

  6- Diana of London lipstick in 150/- (used 2-3 times)

See the lip swatch in natural light..

7- coloressence lipgloss in 50/- (75% left)

8- Tips n Toes eye crayon in unique gold shade (used once for review) O.P- 275/-, s.p- 150/-

9- Tips n toes eye liner in pink (used once for review) ,s.p- 100/-

See its swatch below...

10- Coloressence blush in beige (used once)  in 70/-

11- coloressence eye shadow in 70/-

12- Oriflame eye liner blue shade (new) ,o.p-298/- , s.p- 180/-

13- each 50/-, together 130/-

14- each 30/-, together 60/-

 15- vov eye pigment is for 50/-  (Booked by Radha )

16- Coloressence aqua shimmer base is for 60/- (used2-3 times, 85% left)

17-  Jordana lip liner in tera cota shade for 60/- (used once, never sharpened)

See the swatches of jordana lip liner and tips n toes eye liner here

18- Maybelline bb cream in natural shade for 70/- (used 2-3 times, 80% left)

19- each 20/- ,together 60/-

20- LA Color eye shadow palette for 150/- (used once only two shades,rest four are untoched) 

21- coloressence bridal kajal in 50/- (used 4-5 times) (Booked by Radha)

22- Oriflame gloss booster in shade apricot (new) o.p- 329/- , s.p- 220/-

Happy shopping...

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