Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"It's Raining.... " - NailArt Inspired By Rainy Season..


It is raining since 5 days now in my city and finally today the weather is quite good..  So how can I forget to draw a nailart inspiring rainy season.. Hahaha. ...  So here is my first rain inspired art for all of you.. Actually I have planned some more designs for this watery buttery rainy season.. Enjoy the first one ,I will bring some creatives in my coming posts..

Products Needed :

1- A dark blue nail paint, a light grey nail paint, an orange and a yellow nail paint
2- A clear coat polish
3- A toothpick or a small dotting tool


As it is a free hand nailart, i haven't take pictures of the steps.. Here I have taken blue and grey as a combination,but you can mix match any shade as per your choice.. I have taken orange and yellow colour t make the umbrella , you can take any vibrant colour for that.. I have drawn the art through a small dotting tool,you can create through a toothpick as well.. I think toothpick will bring a nice texture than tool..

Now enjoy the pics...

See you in my next post.. Do share your feedback below..

Love xoxo


  1. Snighda oh I loved this monsoon inspired nail art.It looks lovely dear.

  2. Lovely Snigs :)

  3. This is soo cute :) Good job!


  4. Love your ideas :) Great job!

  5. Love your ideas :) Great job!

  6. This is super cute nail art :)

  7. You always bring the latest nail art babe! Lovely and amazing post !


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