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"Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review

Despite the pandemic ZEE5 never forget to entertain their viewers by introducing new series and movies . This is really appreciated. Now ZEE5 has released another movie named Comedy Couple on October 21 . I have already watched it on the same day it launched and I must say the story line is different from the other shows recently launched on ZEE5. So below i am sharing my view on the movie #ComedyCouple.

"Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review
 "Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review

Movie - Comedy Couple

Director - Nachiket Samant

Star Cast - Sweta Basu Prasad , Saqib Saleem, Pooja Bedi 

Storyline - 

The story of movie Comedy Couple revolves around an urban couple Zoya Batra played by Sweta Basu Prasad and Deep Sharma played by Saqib Saleem who are in a live-in relationship and an aspired comic duo of India . Zoya Batra, is a modern girl with high spirit and strong dedication towards her work .  She has been raised by a single mother which is played by Pooja Bedi. She is a liberal  who relies on art for a living. 

"Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review
 "Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review

Zoya is in love with Deep Sharma who comes from a traditional, religious family . Deep was an engineer but he quits his high paid job to try a hand in stand-up comedy but his family is not aware of this .  His family doesn't have the same ideology as him . This directs to a bunch of lies which trace their back oneday towards him.

Zoya's mother has a strong personality and she attempts to control Zoya's life sometimes and her mother also doesn't like Deep as her life partner . On the other hand Zoya hates Deep’s habit of continuous lying and sometimes fears that he will turn out like her  father.  There is so much happening in this movie , so much ups and downs in their relationship which runs the story of the movie.

"Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review
 "Comedy Couple" , A New Movie on ZEE5 - Review

My take - 

I like the storyline of the movie Comedy Couple . There is comedy, fun, drama, emotion , everything in just one movie . In this movie Sweta Basu Prasad has done an amazing job .

Her character has come naturally as she has shown her versatility and passion for craft . On the other hand Saqib Saleem also put equal efforts to show various shades of his role in Deep Sharma character. Along with that the supporting characters also have done a good job in portraying their respective characters in the movie . There are comic  scenes in the movie which have perfect timing and logic .

The film pours  necessary light on the taboo around live-in relationships and the director Nachiket Samant has done a fabulous job in portraying the storyline . The only drawback which i found in Comedy Couple is that it tries to focus on too many things at once. The focus seems to shift in every minute which makes it a thali  of multiple cuisines. 


Rating - 3.5/5

Final Verdict - Overall Comedy Couple is a good movie which is full of entertainment, drama ,comedy and emotion . Natural acting of stars and amazing dialogues make it more beautiful. I recommend watching the movie once on ZEE5 . 

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