Oriflame The ONE Nail Buffer Review

by - June 19, 2017

Recently I got few nail products from Oriflame..  I have already reviewed the nail polish remover at blog (HERE)  and it's time for reviewing the nail buffer from the the ONE range of Oriflame. This is my first nail buffer of any brand, before that I had a local nail buffer which is more towards a sponge kind... Hence I can calculate this oriflame nail buffer as my first ever nail buffer which I am using since 2-3 times now...  Read in detail below...

BRAND CLAIMS - Curved all-in-one nail buffer keeps your nails looking their best. Beautiful nails in 4 steps: Step 1: file, Step 2: even out, Step 3: smoothen and Step 4: shine.

PRICE - Rs199/-

MY EXPERIENCE - The nail buffer is long and slightly curved in size, hence easy to hold while using but I feel ,it is not need to be that much long.. The material is quite strong and will last for a long duration if handle carefully.  There are four sides for four different purposes and each side painted with four colours...  It is looking quite classy to me...  Let's talk about its functions..

Step 1 - File nail edges in one direction to get a even shape.

Step 2 - Remove ridges across the nail to get a even finish look.

Step 3 - Polish across nail in One Direction to get a smooth even finish nail

Step 4 - Buff nails in one directions until you get the desired shine on nails..

I love how it files my nails .. I have a regular metal filer one too but I like this buffer over that.  It works perfectly in all the steps..  I love the polished even finish shine look of my nails these days...  It gives a salon like finish at home and I am totally happy with the final outcome.  The shine lasts for around 4-5days on my nails, in fact I havn't keep my nails bare more than that..  I keep painting my nails very frequently ,but I just love this Oriflame ONE nail buffer...

RATING - 4.8/5 😊

Will recommend to everyone to try this out..  It will change the definition of nail filing and buffing..  I am sure you'll love it...
Hope you found this review helpful, see you in my next post... Bye.. 😊

Love xoxo 💖

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  1. Never used anythng excpt the local nail files! This is so inexpensive.. definitely going to buy!

  2. Very useful post. I'll get this one soon ☺

  3. These nail buffers are really handy and user-friendly.

  4. Nice detailing. For Rs 199/- it is a steal.

  5. Not this particular brand but i like buffing generally was my fav time pass before baby

  6. Need to get my hands on these!

  7. Looks like a great product to try.

  8. Oh. Looks like a great product. Well reviewed !!

  9. I was thinking of getting a nail buffer and came through your post.. What timing!! I am getting this one.. Thanks for the review :)


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