🎀Independence Day Inspired Nail Art (Swirl Pattern )🎀 - Dry Marble /Drag Marble Technique ❤❤

by - August 13, 2016

I am too lazy these days to paint my nails...  Anyway as Independence Day is round the corner I decided to draw a nailart inspired by this and end up drawing few designs.. I will share one by one.. Well,  today I am going to share a new technique tried by me to draw the flag pattern... It's the dry marble /drag marble technique and I have tried to resemble the flag in a swirl  pattern...  Hope you all will like it...  Below is the step by step tutorial with pictures..

My last year Indepence Day inspired nailart tutorial is HERE ..

Products I Need -

1- White, Green and Orange nail polish
2- A clear coat
3- A toothpick/niddle


1- First apply a clear coat to save the nails...

2- Then apply the orange nail paint at the top of nail, then white and then green at the end (apply little more quantity)...  The pattern is like a flag .

3- At this step you have to be very fast and don't let the colours dry otherwise it will be difficult to drag the colours and it will look messy.  Now take the toothpick and very gently drag the colours in clockwise direction to form a swirl pattern.. 

(Note:- At a time draw only one nail otherwise the colours will dry and you can't drag these...)

4- Then let it dry completely and apply a top coat to lock the art... 

Done... 😊

I have also some more Independence Day designs... will share on my next post...

Hope you like this design... Do share your feedback below..

Love xoxo

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  1. you made it look so easy-peasy :)

  2. This is so beautiful! Must say a good idea and can be done with other colors too!!


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