Rose Flower French Tip NailArt Tutorial..

by - May 28, 2016

Hello roses..

I am here with another nailart tutorial for all of you..  Actually I had drawn this in March ,i guess,but totally forgot to post .. It was lying in my draft since March.. Today while i was checking my draft posts ,saw this one and there are so many other posts as well .. I will post them one by one very soon...

So in this tutorial I am going to draw a rose flower french tip art.. I love French tip nailarts.. Here I have used a black polish to make the French tip.. Along with that I have also used a pastel aqua shade to make some net patterns on the french tip.. And also used red,pink and green polish to draw the rose flower.. I have drawn the rose flower by using the dry marble technique . I have shown the technique on a paper here,because when you are drawing anything using dry marble process ,you have to be very fast .. Hence I am not able to click pic of my nails..  But i have shown the french tip design below with step by step..

Here I am using a fine nail brush or you can use a toothpick as well . and a big dotting tool and small dotting tool.


1- I have shared ,how to make a perfect french tip before (Here) .. But in this picture I have drawn a free hand french tip.. It requires practice.. But you can follow the rubber tip technique like i have mentioned Here.

2- Then take the fine nail brush or toothpick to draw the cross pattern...

3- Now time to draw the rose flower.. See the steps below in the picture...

4- After drawing the roses,draw their leaves .. Then let it be dry completely.. After that apply a top coat and done...

I know it is not a perfect one.. I have drawn this in hurry actually.. Hope you liked my attempt.. Do share your feedback below.. Bye..

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