Lemonade Inspired NailArt Tutorial..

by - May 22, 2016

Hello peeps... How is your Sunday going on..?? Mine is just sleeping and resting at home..  Yesterdat I was out for shopping and returned home late night ,hence today I decided to not go out .. I bought lemons for my kitchen today and at that time one thing came in my mind that to draw a nailart inspired by lemon..  Then I started drawing .. wait wait somedays before I had tried lemon nailart too but that was not came out that much perfect,so not posted.. I will put that old picture as well at the end of the blog.. Well now move to the tutorial..

Here I have drawn three designs in total.. Below are the steps .. Do check..


1- First I have painted my nails with a darker nud-ish  grey colour which I hav recently bought from Nykaa.. And on the pinky finger I have applied a pastel yellow shade.. Actually I don't have lemon-ish yellow shade,hence I used this pastel yellow.

2- Then on the index finger and middle finger i am going to draw the half lemon pic.. So see the below pic for your reference .. Here I have used a fine brush to draw the art..

3- Now its time to draw the lemons and leaves on the ring finger and thumb.. I have used a tiny head dotting tool to draw the lemons and leaves.. See the below picture to know how I drew..

4- At last I put few dots using the large dotting tool on the pinky finger.. After dried up ,applied a nice coat of top coat to lock the art... Done..

Enjoy these pics.. ( the last one is that which I have drawn before..)

Hope you all liked this art.. Do share your feedback in comment section... 

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