Tuesday, 14 January 2014

ELF Nail Polish in Shade Nude - a short review..

Hii ...

I am here to write short review on a nail paint of brand ELF and the shade is NUDE. Elf is a very well-known international brand...And this is from their limited edition collection....

(Note: I am going to write a very short review on it..Just pointed the main things)

Before writing something lets see some pictures ..

This tiny nail paint is for $1 . I bought it from a blog sale of one of my blogger friend. I love this shade especially. As you can see it comes in a cute little glass bottle. The packaging is very sturdy. The applicator is of good quality also..It gives an opaque finish with a single swipe only.The nail paint stays on my nails about 4 days which is quite good..

Now see the NOTDs..

I love this shade...Nude rockzzz...

Share with me your favourite nude shade nail polish.



  1. The shade is very pretty and a steal for a $1.. loved the shade

    1. thanx natasha....yoo itz a pretty color....


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