Miss Claire Lip Creams [Shade 30, 33 & 40] Review & Swatches ... ❤❤

Miss Claire lip creams are so popular among beauty bloggers and vloggers these days because of its affordability and awesome quality...  These are also the exact dupe of NYX matte lip creams...  Not only the shades but also the packaging also almost similar...  In fact all makeup stuffs by Miss Claire  (lip creams, primer, blushes, eyeshadows , etc) has same NYX packaging... 

I wanted to try NYX matte lip creams since long but those were not available in India easily but now NYX is available but with higher price tag...  Hence I dropped the idea of buying NYX and ended up buying the dupe Miss Claire matte lip creams... 

I have bought three shades i.e. shade no. 30, 33 and 40 which are their recent launch shades i guess...  Actually there were 40 shades available in the Miss Claire lip cream range and now they have added few more shades...

I got mine from an instagram  seller Beauty Sixteen as these are not available easily...  Only available in few stores of Metro cities and online sites Amazon and habanna  (with higher price tag)...  Hence I bought from insta seller... 

Price- Rs150/-  to 250/-
(Note : No price mentioned on the bottle, hence it varies from seller to seller)

Brand Claims - It is not a lipstick nor is it a gloss... It is something like you have never experienced before. It is a lipstick that goes smoothly on lips but looks matte.

Packaging - The Miss Claire matte lip creams comes in a plastic colour coded bottle with a black screw cap which is similar to the NYX ones completely.  In some shades the colour coded bottle is not similar to the colour inside...  I find,  it is confusing...  It comes with a duo foot applicator which is very convenient to apply on lips..  The packaging is not very sturdy but we can't expect more at this price... 

Shades - I have three shades i.e. shade no. 30, 33 &40...  It comes with shade numbers not names.. 

1- Shade no. 30 - It is a maroon-ish pink kind shade with very fine golden shimmers which are not noticable easily.. In the lip swatch picture below you can see the shimmer particles as i have taken a closer view otherwise these are not visible in real.

2- Shade no. 33 - The shade 33 is the lighter shade among all these three shades I have...  It is a nice peachy pink shade which don't wash out my complexion...  I think this shade will compliment medium to fair skin tone more.. Initially this shade looks a little patchy on lips but as time passes ,it looks quite normal..

3- Shade no. 40 - It is a cool toned orange shade and looks lovely on my lips... It has no shimmers int it and a subtle shade i must say..

Texture, Pigmentation & Staying Capacity - The Miss Claire lip creams have mousse consistency and  are very creamy in texture and feels like applying butter on my lips...  These are so lightweight on lips like nothing has applied...  It takes maximum 2 minutes to settle into a completely matte finish.. i prefer to exfoliate my lips before it as i have very dry lips .. I don't feel any dryness after applying it but sometimes due to the outer climate I feel a little dry after few hours, but I cover that by dabbling a little lip balm over it...

The lip creams are insanely pigmented except shade 33)... I need only one swipe to bring an opaque finish... The shade number 33 is not that much pigmented as compare to shade 30 and 40.. hence I think lighter shades have less pigmentation capacity...  But you can overcome that by applying two coats... once apply then wait till the first coat dry and then apply the second coat... The darker shade 33 and 40 need only one swipe... 

These Miss Claire lip creams stays for 7-8 hours (sometime a whole day) on my lips without tugging, pulling, drying... It fades a little after meals but I don't mind for a touch-up ...  sometimes I apply a lip liner underneath to increase its staying ability... 

Pros -
๐Ÿ”นAmazing shade range
๐Ÿ”นExact dupe of NYX lip creams
๐Ÿ”นSuper affordable
๐Ÿ”นButtery texture and very much pigmented
๐Ÿ”นSettles into matte finish
๐Ÿ”นHas vanilla fragrance
๐Ÿ”นDoesn't dry out my lips
๐Ÿ”นStays for a long time
๐Ÿ”นVery light weight on lips
๐Ÿ”นCruelty and paraben free

Cons -

Rating - 4.8/5

Recommendation -  I am in love with these Miss Claire lip creams...  These are a really good option for college going girls who are on strict budget...  There are a wide range of shades to choose...  I will recommend for sure..

Loads of Love
Xoxo ❤❤

๐ŸŽ€ What Is pH 5.5 And Its Importance ??? ~ Introducing Sebamed Baby Skincare Range With pH 5.5 ๐ŸŽ€

When the little bundle of joy come to our life , we become very much concern about his/her skin as they have the most delicate skin ever ...  It is totally wrong to apply adult's skincare products on baby's skin as their skin is totally different from us...  Baby's skin is three times thinner than adult's skin which makes it more delicate and sensitive...  In New born babies the out layer of skin (i.e.  acid mantle ) is not properly developed (it takes around three months to develop properly) hence there is chances of moisture loss, bacterial infections, etc.  Melanin which is responsible for skin colour is also not developed..  In New born's the sebum or oil production is zero...  hence baby's skin needs extra moisturization and proper care...

What is pH 5.5 and its importance for our skin -

Healthy skin has a protective barrier known as acid mantle which protects our skin from infections, allergies, etc...  That acid mantle is slightly acidic in nature i.e.  has pH 5.5 . 

Break down in the skin's barrier function leads to dry, rough, sensitive, acne prone skin. Hence  due to cracked outer layer of skin moisture lost happens  which invites bacterial infection, allergies, etc...  So it is very important to maintain pH 5.5 of skin...

Why pH 5.5 is necessary for baby's skin from the Day1 -

In new born babies the outer protective layer is normally sterile on pH 7 and it takes approx 3months for the formation of acid mantle..  Hence their outer skin layer is not able to protect skin from infections or allergies...  Even after the formation of acid mantle their skin has not become pH 5.5 for few more months which results dryness on baby's skin...  So it is important to apply a moisturiser with pH 5.5 on their skin to make the acid mantle formation process faster... 

Sebamed has brought a wide range of baby  skincare stuffs with pH 5.5 ... If you are thinking why Sebamed products, I must say, they has such amazing quality stuffs which is completely trust-able for our baby's skin.  Sebamed products are harmful  chemical free, Paraben free, soap free...  The products has no tear formula which is great for babies.  Sebamed products are not tested on animals.. 

The brand has sent me couple of baby skincare stuffs from their pH 5.5 range along with few mom's skincare stuffs samples...  I am using the baby care stuffs on my son...  I will review these products in detail in my next post....  See the below pictures to know what all i received ...

I love this red bag... So beautiful...

Stay tuned...
Bye...  ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Oriflame VeryMe Metallic Nail Polishes 'Blue Passion & Aqua Green' - Review...

My love for nail polishes or nail arts is increasing day by day...  Recently I got Oriflame very me metallic nail polishes..  There are 6 shades available, I choose 2 shades among them i.e. Aqua Green and Blue Passion...   Here is my opinion on these metallic beauties...

Price- Rs 189/- for 6ml.

Packaging - The very me metallic nail polishes from Oriflame has the regular packaging of old very me nail polishes...  Or you can say the normal nail paint packaging it has...  The applicator is really good enough to paint the nails properly..  Overall these nail polishes are very handy and sturdy in terms of packaging (that doesn't mean, you will drop the bottle and it will not break ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›,  after all glass packaging it has.. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰)

Shades, Finish & Staying Ability -

1- Aqua Green -: The shade Aqua Green is a very pretty metallic  turquoise green colour ...  Two coats are enough for opaque coverage.. I love the shining effect on my nails after its application..  It stays for 4-5 days without any top coat over it... 

2- Blue Passion -: The shade Blue Passion is again a pretty metallic blue shade which looks amazing on my nails..  Two coats are enough for full coverage..  The shade lasts for 4-5 days on my nails without top coat..

These nail polishes have very fine shimmer particles which are not harsh at all..  I think the lighter shades are not that much metallic, though I am not so sure as I have the darker shades only...  I was not that much fond of metallic polishes before but after trying the Nykaa metallic nail paint,  I was very eager to try these babies...  These have superfast drying quality,  like within few seconds of your application your nails are dry...  I personally have no patience to wait for a longer time to dry out the nail polish on nails..  It doesn't look cheap or feel cheap either on my nails for 4-5 days...These two shades are really shiny and makes my fingers more prettier.. If i will compare these with the Nykaa metallic polish,then these babies have very less shimmers as compare to Nykaa ones.. Hence these shades have less metallic effect..

  I don't like all the shades of this range but few shades are good to try..  I wish they will add some more vibrant shades too...

Rating- 4.3/5

Recommendation - I will recommend this shades only if you love metallic polishes and would love to add more shades into your vanity.. I don't like all the shades of the range but some shades are amazing.. 

Stay Beautiful 

Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon " SCARLETT O'HARA " - Review & Swatches

I guess I am last person who is going to review this amazing product from Sugar Cosmetics...  After trying out the Sugar cosmetics matte lipstick Big Bang Berry (Review HERE), I wanted to try some other shades...  As my MAC RUBY WOO was expired, I had to throw that (with a heavy heart ๐Ÿ˜ญ)...  and this time I wanted a dupe of it...  Hence after searching some great reviews I bought this Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell lip crayon Scarlett O'Hara which is exactly looking like MAC Ruby Woo... 

I bought this from ...  You can only get these Sugar stuffs only online like Amazon, flipkart and Nykaa,  Fab Bag..  You can also buy from their own website.. 

Price- Rs799/- for 2.8gms.

Let's get into the review to know whether it is worth the hype or not...

Packaging - The Sugar cosmetics matte as hell lip crayon comes with a crayon (obviously) packaging with a matte black cap... The lower part  of the crayon is colour coded which makes it easy to choose if you have more than one of these..  The cap is like a normal cap which is not makes the crayon safe which travelling...  I like click and lock kind caps...  So the cap is the drawback in my opinion...  As it is a normal crayon packaging  (not twisted one), you have to sharp this,  hence it comes with a shape net which is the best part...  The sharpener has a stick which can be use to clean the sharpener after sharpening the crayon.. The crayon comes inside a colourful cardboard box which has the shade name over it...  The cardboard box has the signature printing of sugar cosmetics..  All and all I like the packaging except the cap...  I wish they will add a click lock cap soon... 

Shade and Texture - The shade Scarlett O'Hara is a pure RED colour with no undertone...  Normally there is a blue toned red or orange toned red happens but it is very rare to find a pure tomato red shade lipstick...  The shade reminds me MAC Ruby Woo (the dupe)..  By the way the shade Scarlett O'Hara  gives a nice matte finish which is adorable (as compare to the price of MAC)

I love the creamy buttery texture of this Sugar lip crayon...  It is so soft and light weight on my lips...  I have very dry lips and I do exfoliate each time before applying any matte lipstick...  It is always better to apply a lip balm 5-6 mins before applying any matte lipstick just to keep hydrated the dry lips...  The shade doesn't settle into the fine lines of my lips and glides very smoothly... Though it is a matte lipstick,but doesn't feel dry or patchy at all even after few hours of application it feels the same as i have applied just now.. The shade is very bright and bold which can easily lift up any dull or down mood...  I feel like the shade brightens up my skin tone each time... 

Pigmentation And Staying Ability - The shade Scarlett O'Hara is a really pigmented colour...  I need only one swipe for each application...  One swipe can bring an opaque finish..  The shade lasts for around 7 hours on my lips...  I do apply a lip liner to line my lips before it and this way the lipstick doesn't bleed from corners...  The shade is not fully transfer-proof...  When I drink or have short meals it fades a little which is ok for me...

Pros -
▶ Nice packaging
▶ A very beautiful bright and bold put red shade
▶ Comes with a sharpener
▶ Has very creamy and buttery texture
▶ Very much pigmented, one swipe brings opaque coverage
▶ Lasts for around 7-8 hours..
▶ Not transfer much on things
▶ Provides nice matte coverage
▶ Doesn't feel dry or patchy like some other matte lipsticks
▶ Sugar matte as hell crayons comes with four beautiful shades

Cons..  -
▶ Slightly pricey
▶ Limited shade range
▶ Only available  online
▶ Sharpening makes wastage of product

Rating- 5/5 (I won't  mind the drawbacks, I am in love with the bold red colour)

Recommendation - I will definitely recommend this pure Red shade to everyone...  I am very much sure it will suit and rock every complexion...  Sugar matte as hell range has three more really gorgeous shades and I too want to try those out...  Well Sugar also has amazing  eyeliner and kajals and another range of lipsticks...  Do try out for sure...

Hope you liked this post...  Do share your thought on it..

See you in my next post..  Bye..

Xoxo ❤❤

Simple And Beautiful Rainbow Design Nailart Tutorial...

Yesterday it was a rainy day here and a beautiful rainbow was found in the afternoon...  Then a simple yet beautiful  idea came to my mind and I drew immediately...  Here is the steps for all of you...

Products I Need  -

1- Few colourful nail polishes (I have taken red, green, yellow and aqua shade here)
2- White nail polish
3- Clear Coat
4- Dotting tool and a fine brush

Steps -

1- After applying a transparent base coat, put some white dots (big dots) at the tip of the nails...

2- Then join the dots just to resemble the picture of cloud.

3- Now take the aqua shade first through a fine nail brush and draw a curve like pattern (See the picture below).

4 - In the same way draw curvy pattern with other colours.. It should be like first aqua, then green, then yellow and at last red colour...  You can take more colours or all the seven colours from  rainbow...

5 - Now apply a top coat after drying all...

Done ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope you liked this simple yet beautiful rainbow nail art..

Stay Beautiful  ❤❤

Ganesh Puja (Lord Ganesha Festival ) Inspired Nailart Tutorial...

Hello girls...

Ganesh Puja ( an auspicious Indian festival where we welcome Lord Ganesha  for 10days ) is going on now here in India and this is my tribute to Lord Ganesha...  Yesterday I have created this Ganpati celebration nailart...  The art is really simple yet beautiful...

 Here on the middle finger I have tried to draw the  image of Lord Ganesha...  while on the other nails I have drawn the Torans...  If you are not aware of what is Toran, then here i am clearing the doubt...  Toran means gate or it is one type of decoration where we cut colourful papers into various designs and paste to a rope and hang all around the pandal (worship place)...

For this art I havn't used any nailart tool, only few toothpicks worked the charm...  For the ombre effect on the middle nail I used a sponge (a normal sponge). I am so happy by seeing the final outcome... So below is the tutorial with few images...

Tutorial -

1- First apply a layer of clear coat and then apply two layers of a white nail polish...  Here I have taken white as the base colour...

2- Then for the ombre effect on the middle nail, I took yellow and orange nail polish and brought the effect through a sponge...  Now clean the excess colour from the outside of the nail... 

3- Now time to draw the Lord Ganesha image...  For that I took a black nail polish and draw the outline using a toothpick...  It is a free hand art, you can draw by seeing the picture...

4- Then by taking few colourful nail polishes, I have drawn the Torans...  First draw a black  line which will  resemble the rope and then draw colourful tiny triangles like in the picture which will resemble the Torans...

5- After dried out everything, apply a good layer of top coat and lock your art..

DONE... ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

Now enjoy few pics... ( I love the final outcome and clicked loads of pictures..)

Hope you liked this tutorial...  Much more arts on the way... Stay tuned..

Xoxo ❤❤

Colourpop Lipstix 'Hollywood BLVD' - Review, Swatches...

Hello girls....  here is the last colourpop lipstix of my collection...  I have so many reds, pinks and oranges and this time I thought to try something really different from the regular shades...  Hence bought the shade Hollywood Blvd...  I will describe the shade, texture and other features below...  let's read..

Read my all colourpop lipstix reviews HERE 

Price - Rs 630/- to 800/- ( it varies from seller to seller in India)

Available at colourpop website and in India at some instagram sellers.

Packaging- The lipstix comes in a pen style lipstick form which is very convenient to apply...  The cap locks tightly, hence no issue of breakage during travelling...  Again the lipstix comes inside a white cardboard box which has all necessary information.  The shade name is also mentioned at the bottom of the lipstix bullet. Overall a good and sturdy packaging...

Shade  And  Texture - The shade Hollywood Blvd is  a deep brown shade with orange undertone...  The shade is on more warmer side which makes it more appealing.  Hollywood Blvd is looking so different on lips than the regular shades...  I don't wear such shades but just bought it to see how it will look on me.  You just need to do a simple eyeliner makeup and this lipstick is enough to create a nice vampy look.

Like the other colourpop lipsticks, Hollywood Blvd also has really creamy and buttery texture and it gives a good matte finish effect.  I do prep my dry lips before applying any matte lipstick.  And then I love how beautifully it glides on lips without tugging or pulling.  The shade also doesn't settle in fine lines.  The lipstick do bleed a little from corners  while applying if you don't applying carefully.  Hence I first line my lips with the same lipstix and fill the lips with some extra colour.. In this way it doesn't bleed..

Pigmentation  and Staying Ability - The shade Hollywood Blvd  has awesome pigmentation...  Only one swipe and done...  It bring a nice perfect coverage in just one swipe trust me...  The shade is  not fully transfer-proof but transfers very very little which doesn't affect the finish on the lips.  I do feel some dryness after few hours and I do wash it off after 5-6 hours but it will stay more if you want to keep.  And yes the shade doesn't rinse off easily, you do need a good makeup remover to remove it completely... 

See how it looks on my lips... 


▶Lovely warm deep brown shade
▶ Gives a nice smooth matte finish effect
▶ Has creamy buttery texture
▶ Lasts for long time
▶ Nice packaging
▶ Looks pretty on lips
▶ Has amazing pigmentation, one swipe is enough
▶ Doesn't tag or pull lips
▶ Doesn't settle in fine lines
▶ A different shade from regular pink, red and orange shades

Cons..  -

▶Makes my lips feel dry after few hours
▶ Not available easily
▶ In India these cost more at insta sellers.

Rating- 4/5

My Recommendation - The colourpop lipstix Hollywood Blvd is a different shade from the regular shades...  The quality and pigmentation is awesome...  If you want to try something different from the red,  pink shades,  then do try out this one,  you will love the shade...

That's all for today.. Do share your feedback below...

Stay Beautiful ❤❤

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