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Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

Rain , ginger tea and a steaming plate of pakoras are the best combination to enjoy the monsoon .. While the rain makes you relax from the scorching heat , it also comes with  bags full of various infections and diseases . It is very important to take proper care of our health during monsoon . Food plays an important role in this case .

Everyone advise us since childhood to have green leafy vegetables , fruits , non-veg (increase you are a non-vegetarian) on a regular basis as these are good for our growth and body . But to break the myth here I want to add that we should avoid eating green leafy veggies especially during monsoon . Along with that don't take non-veg or any other heavy food items much during monsoon . This is because during monsoon the digestion process inside our body slows down and you can feel full with small meals too . Because of the moisture and humidity outside our body feels lazy and it is advisable to not have hard to digest food .

During monsoon varities of fruits available and as per experts , you can  go with fresh homemade fruit juice instead to get the most benefits of their nutritional value.

Hence in this post i am going to share with you some foods which you need to avoid especially during monsoon .

1. Leafy Vegetables :

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

We all know that leafy vegetables are beneficial for good health . But during monsoon it is butterflies avoid these. The dampness and dust over the leaves make them more prone to germs . So do avoid spinach , cauliflower, cabbage ,etc. during monsoon . instead you can go for bitter gourd, tori or tinda . Always was the vegetables thoroughly before cooking.

2. Sea Food :

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

Monsoon is the breeding season for fishes and prawns , so better to avoid those during this time of the year. You can consume chicken or mutton instead but make sure in smaller quantities . All these are heavy to digest food ,hence taking smaller quantity is advisable . Also cook non-veg food with extra care to avoid as my kind of stomach infection .

3. Juices and Fruits from roadside vendors :

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

Any food item that has exposed to monsoon air for a longer period of time ,should be avoided . A good food habit is , never consume uncovered food . The road side vendors keep the fruits in open air and also keep the cut fruits before hand which is more in contact with the contaminated air . Hence better to avoid that . Only make fresh fruit juices at home and consume immediately. Also always make sure to wash the fruits well and cut fresh and have immediately .

4. Fried food :

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

Yes, you read right , fried food should be avoided during monsoon. I know pakoras, samosas, kachoris have seen everywhere during this time as our taste bud love crunchy and salty food during  the rainy season but we need to control  ourselves. Because of the humid weather outside human's body's digestion process go slow . Only our body needs plenty of water to stay hydrated inside . Consumption of oily or fried food can cause stomach upset , gastronomical problems . Along with that never eat street food like golgappas , chat ,etc. as the water used in that can cause bacterial infection in the stomach .

5. Fizzy Drinks :

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

Such drinks reduce minerals in our body which leads to less enzyme activity in the body . This is not a good sign for our already weak digestive system . Instead of that drink normal boiled water , nimbu pani, shikanji,etc. to keep the body hydrated .

Along with all these , make sure to have light diet in each meal which are easy to digest . Drink clean , boiled water throughout the day . Do maintain your personal hygiene to stay away from the flu and infections .. After all health is wealth .

Food to Avoid during Monsoon ( #HealthyMonsoon)

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Tips to Keep the Style Quotient High during Monsoon

Monsoon is on its full swing, though in my city there is no sign of monsoon. I must say Monsoon is the season of love , bright colors and happiness . While it is raining outside ,we shouldn't stay inside in the fear of ruining our cloths,right ? The muddy streets, puddles, continuously falling rain pull back us to wear beautiful dresses and shoes. Rainy season gives the privilege to bring out the fashion quotient inside you . Simplicity and minimal is the most appropriate monsoon mantra.  Here in this post I am going to share few simple tips to make you  look stylish during monsoon .

Wear Bright Colours : 

It's time to add pop of colours to your wardrobe . Vibrant and bright colors go perfectly with monsoon vibes . You should wear some orange colors, mango-ish yellow color and fuschia pink colors . If you don't feel comfortable with such bright shades to your work space then good to go with some subtle colors and don't forget to team it with  neonish vibrant pair of socks.. Along with that bright shade lipsticks also goes well .. All these bright colors will add extra umph to your personality during monsoon .

Tips to Keep the Style Quotient High during Monsoon

Choose Right Clothes :

Choosing the right kind of attire during  monsoon is very important to avoid that extra messy . While traveling or going outside , try to avoid denims, full trousers , long dresses, etc. and do consider shorts, capris , skirts, short dresses . Ideally outfits above or up to knee length is best during the monsoon . Except that if you want to add any fun quaint then wear brightly colored jumpsuits . Also printed lowers look great. Always choose to wear loose fitted clothes during monsoon.

Right Fabric :

During monsoon always choose light weight fabrics like cotton, chiffon, polyester,etc. And avoid to wear jeans, velvet, silk material outfit . We couldn't avoid being drenched  in an unexpected sudden downpour while going outside. In that case the thick material outfit will not dry fast and feels very much uncomfortable . Also silk fabrics get ruined after coming in contact with rain water . Hence always always choose fabric which dries first and doesn't feel uncomfortable on skin .

Tips to Keep the Style Quotient High during Monsoon

Choose Right Footwear :

Footwear also plays an important role during monsoon . We shouldn't wear heels, stilettos and any kind of closed shoes . Like clothes you should go with footwears which are comfortable on feet and safe during monsoon. Choose crocs, rubber footwear, jelly shoes and colorful flip-flops . Wearing leather , suede or velvet shoes is not a wise decision at all . Also invest in a few pairs of colorful monsoon oriented socks (waterproof socks) . Normally these kinds of socks are thicker than the regular socks ,hence it will not allow water to get into and your feet will become dry allbthe time and no fear of bacterial or fungal infection .

Can't miss a handbag :

Not to carry a handbag while stepping out is not a wise decision . Always carry a spacious hand bag and don't forget to put a large polythene and an umbrella inside it . Tote bags come very handy during monsoon .

Tips to Keep the Style Quotient High during Monsoon

Create a Statement look with Umbrella :

Cute, bright , funky pattern umbrellas are so much in fashion right now . Bring out the child inside you and get dome quirky printed umbrellas to add a x-factor yo the whole look . Pastel color umbrellas also look good during monsoon .

Minimal Accessories and Makeup :

When it comes to jewelry ,try yo keep it as minimal as possible and it will be good to voice metal ornaments . For makeup , always keep it neutral or natural . Apply waterproof makeup products only to avoid any kind of messy . You can play with your lip color from nude to bright as per your mood .

These are the simple things you should remember and execute in your lifestyle  and enjoy the monsoon like a queen .

Hope you found this post helpful .. See you with more monsoon related posts soon . Stay happy .

Tips to Keep the Style Quotient High during Monsoon

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Beauty

If you ask many people why they are seriously engaging in exercise, the most common answer is to stay in shape. Both men and women have the desire to lose excess fat and have a body that resembles that of a model. Well, this has everything to do with both beauty and health. But what most people do not know is that exercise promotes beauty in many other ways. Whether you are a woman or not, this article is for you. Follow it to the letter to enjoy all the benefits.

Staying in Shape
This has already been mentioned, but it is worth elaborating. Exercise helps engage the body to burn excess fat instead of storing it. Therefore, one maintains a lean body that is in perfect shape. Those who are already obese can also lose belly fat if they are serious about exercise. Weightlifting and cardio promote the burning of calories. If what is burned is greater than what you have been consuming, then the result will be visible after some time.

Promotes Skin Health

Another benefit of exercises is maintaining healthy skin. Everyone would like to have soft skin that looks amazing. In addition to food and water, workouts also have a way of improving your skin. Women who jog or visit the gym regularly usually maintain soft skin that rarely gets acne or pimples. Men also enhance skin health by exercising.

Slows the Aging Process

Most of us have heard that exercise slows down the aging process by balancing the body hormones. If you look at experienced athletes, including those who use supplements from the Steroids Evolution website, they all look young and vibrant even if they are older. Although aging will catch up with you, exercise will make it a graceful process with few illnesses if any.

Prevents Muscle Loss

Naturally, a human body should lose muscle as it ages. While this is normal, there are many factors that can trigger it to occur more quickly. Certain illnesses usually trigger muscle loss, and this can make a middle-aged person look old and sickly. However, working out often prevents this in an amazing way. Did you know that exercising even reduces wrinkles?

Better Breasts

Swimming improves the breasts of a woman. But there are many other exercises that will have the same effect. This is why women who want to have firm and larger breasts should exercise a lot. Most cardio workouts are good, but weight exercises that target the chest and abs are the best. When the belly fat is gone, your breasts will start to improve.

Healthy Hair

Unfortunately, most people are oblivious to the fact that exercise can benefit the hair. Having healthy hair is important to both women and men. The more you exercise, the less your hair will fall out especially when this is accompanied by a healthy diet. See, exercising has numerous benefits for your beauty, and this is why you should take it seriously.

That's all for today.. Hope you found this post helpful for you..see you in the next one ,till then stay happy ..

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

All about Leggings - the comfiest women's wear..

Leggings are considered as the comfiest and stylish bottom wear in the ethnic section. But these days leggings can also be wear under western outfits, in fact, leggings are so versatile attire. Leggings for girls is a needy these days. Those days are gone when we mostly go with black leggings. Now so many varieties of leggings available. Except for solid leggings, there are printed leggings, leggings with lace pattern, leather leggings, sheer jeggings (denim leggings), etc. available. 

Again material of the leggings matters a lot as it brings comfort and proper fitting. There are leggings with cotton material, lycra material, rayon and spandex mix material available. Good stretchy material leggings are comfortable to wear always.

There are different length leggings available like full length (the regular one ), ankle-length, 3/4th length, knee length, etc. Also leggings available as per trend/ style. Let's discuss that...

1. Ripped Leggings - In these kinds of leggings there are cuts in them. Such leggings are in trend right now and look very chic and stylish, especially black colour ripped leggings are so much in trend. You should try out black or blue ripped leggings which looks very classy. These can be dressed up with casual as well as fashionable outfits. You can wear crop tops, shirts, asymmetric t-shirts with ripped leggings and pair it up with high heels, etc.

2. Rugged Leggings - I love this kind of leggings. If you are not fond of exposing your legs, then these are good to go. Rugged leggings have such prints over it which also look like denim. These leggings can team up with T-shirts and tops to give a western kind look. These define the legs and make them look beautiful.

All about Leggings - the comfiest women's wear..

3. Leather Leggings - Are you fed up of wearing those tight, uncomfortable leather jeans or jeggings, then in this case leather leggings are perfect. It will look chic and doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. Every wardrobe needs this kind of classy, trendy leather leggings for sure. You can wear any kind of slim-fit tops, shirts, tank tops, blazer, jacket with it and look perfect.I love black colour leather leggings because it gives that rich and classy kind look. And is the perfect party outfit for everyone. 

4. Treggings - It is trouser with leggings. These kinds of leggings look like trouser pants but in reality, it is not. These types of leggings are perfect for working women who don't want to wear thick pants but still want to look good. I too love wearing treggings while travelling. It really feels very comfortable and yet looks stylish. Treggings are perfectly go with loose crop tops and shirts too.

5. Printed Leggings - These printed leggings are so in trend and almost go with all kinds of outfits whether it is ethnic or western. You can find flower prints, animal prints, tribal prints, geometrical prints, lace pattern, colour block, etc . in this category of leggings. With printed leggings always choose solid tops or kurti. These printed leggings are so versatile and almost go look perfect with any kind of outfit.

6. Stirrup Leggings - These kind of leggings are very Appropriate for the gym, yoga, exercise, etc. These are skin fitted and looks so stylish. One of the reasons why you should consider these leggings as a workout outfit is because the material is lighter and comfortable.  

7. Woollen Leggings - These leggings are perfect for winter just to make you feel warm and cosy. These also look very stylish and fashionable. These leggings are usually paired with short summer dresses to give a winter look. Or you can also wear it with short tops or t-shirts and add a pullover jacket or a blazer to create a classy look. 

8. Glitter Leggings - These kind of leggings are shiny and vibrant, perfect to wear for parties and club. Again as these are leggings, very comfy to wear .. You can team up these with all Lind of tops, tunics, etc. 

As you see leggings are so versatile to wear. You can make an ethnic look as well as western look with the same leggings. Any girl's wardrobe is incomplete without a bunch of different kinds of leggings. You can buy leggings online and offline too. Always buy good quality material leggings. Well, that's all about leggings... 

Hopefully, this post is helpful for you.. See you in the next one, till then stay happy.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

When and How to Introduce Books to babies !!

Some might find this heading funny as I am going to write about introducing books to babies . You may think , what is necessary to introduce books a few months old baby ,what he will gonna read or understand, let him play and enjoy , blah ..bla... But here I want to clear that it is so much beneficial to introduce books an infant at the early age . I know an infant will not enjoy a book initially and will eager to put that in his mouth but we moms should have to try.. Well , let me tell you my experience first..

When I was around 6months pregnant with my first baby , my gynacologist told me that I should talk with my baby (who is inside my tummy) now and it will impact on baby's brain growth . A baby can hear his mom's voice after 6months of pregnancy and when the baby come out , he will be familiar with his mom's voice . Hence I was taking to my  baby all the time . It was like reading story books ,novels, rhymes, random talks ,etc..  And now i must say it actually impact of baby's mental growth.. Now during my second pregnancy i also did the same .. Then after delivery i stopped for two months . Now my son is around four months old and started reacting things, actions , so i have started introducing books to him . He loves to watch different colors and pictures .

How to make a baby ready for story time :

There are specific books for small babies . In those books written part is less and bright pictures are more . Initially babies don't show any interest in books or your stories but you have to push yourself hard to make the baby comfortable . Initially they will only like to grab the papers and put in mouth . You have to make funny sounds while explaining the story . Always try to make the story from the pictures and don't go much with the written part . Initially it should be like play and read kind thing . Set a perfect time routine for the story time . Bed time is the best in this case . Another benefit is baby fell asleep easily with bed time book reading habit .

Benefits of Introducing books to babies at the early age :

There are so many benefits of this reading activity with babies . First is the parents will get to spend some quality time with the baby . The baby will enjoy the reading session gradually and  recognize pictures and colours . There capturing and understanding power with increase . This will improve baby's mental growth in passing years .

Books for Babies : 

When and How to Introduce Books to babies !!

As I said earlier , there are specific books available for small babies . Always go for board books as baby's do enjoy grab the pages and it won't tear . You might not found that offline much but on online there are so many options available. Here I am mentioning fe of my fav books which i have introduced to my baby .. 

  • Baby touch peekaboo 
  • My first library - Set  of 10 board books 
  • Bed time - baby touch and feel 
  •  The Jungle book (board book) 
  • Moo Moo 
  • Peppa pig little library 
You can check Amazon for baby books .. 

Hope you found this post helpful ,see you in the next one .. Till then stay happy .

Do share your baby's favorite books in comments below .. I would love to know .

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Monday, 8 July 2019

7 Best Pregnancy Related Books I have come across ....

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a woman's life . A woman always want to get a healthy, safe and beautiful pregnancy period . This is the digital generation now where everything is on our finger tips . There are several apps and informations which will help the pregnant lady to understand things and live accordingly. But I personally feel books are real friend during this time . Everyone's prospective might be different but i enjoyed reading books during my both the pregnancy period .

There are certain pregnancy related books on which i can completely share by . Few of these i have read during my first pregnancy and some during the second one .

I have also installed few pregnancy related apps on my phone bur i barely check those . Whenever i got time i was hooked into those books .  So today in this post i will share the books i have come across during my pregnancy and found those helpful..

7 Best Pregnancy Related Books I have come across ....

1- Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy by Dr. Gita Arjun :

This is the most popular pregnancy book on online portals . I bought this from amazon . This is a complete solution book for any pregnant lady. Dr. Gotta Argue has cleated all the doubts which can come in a pregnant woman's mind and also instructs the healthier way . You will come to know the general troubles or complications normally happens during pregnancy and how to overcome that . I must say this is a must buy book for pregnant women .

2- What to Expect When You are Expecting by Heidi Murkoff :

This one is my second favorite book. I had bought it's third edition during my first pregnancy . This book has all information regarding pregnancy, ways to conceive and after delivery care ,etc.. This book has cover the latest prenatal screening and safety medication during pregnancy. It also has information on different types of pregnancy,breastfeeding during pregnancy, water birth , diet during pregnsncy, exercises, etc..  You can say all in one book it is . The writing is so simple understand .

3- Belly Laughs - The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth :

This is another best book to read if you are pregnant and want some chill time. Jenny McCarthy (the author) has mentioned what exactly you can expect when you are pregnant. From morning sickness to hemorrhoids, granny panties, pregnant sex and torture and sweet relief that is delivery.. This book is a comic relief for pregy ladies .

4 - Your Pregnancy Week by Week :

If you want to know the week by week development of the foetus ,then this book is for you. It has all small small information which one can expect from her doctor. You can know about the 3D view of foetus and growth and development as per weeks . If you are a first time mom and worry about your pregnancy,then this book will help you to understand the situations . This is a perfect gift for any pregnant woman .

5 - Ayuvediya Garvsanskar :

This is another excellent book to read during pregnancy. This book gives spiritual peace to mind and also to the baby inside. There is also ayurvedic diet chart which is so beneficial for body . I like this book.

6 - Pregnancy diet - The diet plan you should be on for the benefit of your baby :

As the book name says ,this is the diet guide book for pregnant woman .A healthy diet helps in healthy growth of the baby inside . You will get an expertise diet chart for a healthy pregnancy. I did follow this book's diet chart during my second pregnancy and it really worked.

7 - Yoga for Pregnancy - Birth and Beyond :

Yoga and exercise is must to get a smooth and  healthy pregnancy. Even after the baby born you need to continue the  yoga scedule to stay fit and happy . This book has all kind of yoga poses which are best during pregnancy and post-pregnancy to make you feel active .

So these are all the books i had read during my pregnancy time .. Which books you have read during your time ,please do share in comments below.. I would love to know..

See you in another post of pregnancy series, till then stay happy ..

Xoxo 😊

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

After 9 months of waiting when finally the day come , every pregnant woman wants a natural vaginal delivery but sometimes when situation become worse a cesarean delivery happens . Both the ways are good but the recovery with a vaginal delivery is very fast than the c-section one. This is the truth everyone knows. But what life faces after a vaginal birth !! Let's discuss ..

Life after a vaginal birth ...

The most common symptom a woman experience after delivery is a bloody discharge called 'Lochia' which looks like menstrual period but actually not and lasts for at least 8 weeks after given birth. Women also feel little cramping kind sensation which is again very natural as the uterus is trying to get back its shape again.

There are also other symptoms like uterine pain, breast feeding issues, breast swelling , body swelling ( due to excessive blood loss during delivery) ,etc. These symptoms vary from person to person. When the delivery is normal , the staying hour in the hospital is also less. Hospitals do keep vaginal delivery patients for 24 hours maximum in the hospital unless any emergency happen. In between it is necessary to consult the gynecologist and pediatrician for any kind of help to avoid any further problem. It is always good to clear all doubts beforehand. Normally lactation issue happens after delivery which you need to clear with the lactation doctor in the hospital only.

In hospital doctors usually  check the bowl movement of the patient before leaving . Feeding the new born is also a challenge . To get a good flow of milk you need to have good nutritious diet & sufficient rest and more over being happy is equally important . I will do a dedicated post on breast feeding , the issues and how to overcome that in a separate post. 

Being physically active after a month or so is necessary to get back in shape. Yoga , easy leg and hand exercises helps in that case. Postpartum depression is very common as everything around you will change and to overcome that you need to do meditation to keep your mind and body calm . Trust me , a 15min. meditation actually works to give you that mental peace . Feeling tired and emotionally weak during the first month is quite normal. Eventually you will feel better with time . Moreover staying happy and taking rest is the key to overcome those emotional postpartum days .

Hope you liked this pregnancy / maternity series .. Will share more pregnancy and post-delivery posts here based out my own experience. Stay tuned..


Friday, 14 June 2019

Types of Clovia Bras available in market

Choosing right intimate wear does not only make you feel comfortable but also brings confidence in your personality. Every woman wants to look beautiful and presentable all the time. Wearing the right kind of bra according to your outfit is very necessary to bring that comfort, fit and confidence. When it comes to comfortable fit bras, I do swear by Clovia Bras. This brand has an awesome collection of different kind of bras. You can shop for clovia bra online too.  

Here I am going to talk about some of the basic Clovia bra types which should be in your lingerie collection. Let's move...

1-  Full Support Bra:

This kind of bra gives full coverage and is good to wear on a regular basis.These are comfortable to wear and covers maximum parts of the bust. If you are a beginner, then these type of bras are the right option for you as it holds the growing busts properly and gives it a good shape. Again with heavy busts, these kinds of bra go well too. These go better under casual outfits.

2- T-shirt Bra:

The most common problem happens when you wear a T-shirt or skinny outfit is the transparency of nipples outside. In these cases, the T-shirt bra comes very handy. These are normally made up of thin, soft material and sometimes with a light padding inside. In this way it makes the breasts look seamless and perfect. As the name suggests, these bras are the best to be worn under T-shirts and skinny fit dresses. These are available in all sizes but if you have heavy busts, then this is not for you probably. Clovia has some of the best T-shirt bra collection.

3 - Padded Bra:

This kind of bra is good for those who have smaller busts. These bras are available in different fabrics and these are lightly or mediumly padded. These also hide the transparency of nipples and also give a proper and fuller look to the breasts. If you already have proper busts or heavy busts, then don't go for this kind of bra.

4 - Push-up Bra:

These type of bras are basically for those who want to give their breasts a lift-up look. These bras have strong padding at the lower half of the bra cups or sometimes inside the whole cup to give the breasts a push-up look. These are underwired at the bottom line of the bra. These kinds of bras are available in different fabrics like cotton, polyester and satin. You can wear these on a daily basis.

5 - Sports Bra:

This kind of bra is most probably worn by sportswomen. It gives full coverage and comfort to the breasts. It holds the breasts in place and doesn't allow to move much. This bra also gives very much support while doing gym activities. These are available in all cup sizes. Clovia has the best-fitted sports bras ever.

6 - Plunge Bra:

If you are wearing any deep neck dress or deep v-neck outfit then these kinds of bras go well with this. Plunge bras come in two types designs, normal plunge and U-plunge bra. Both the designs keep the breasts away from each other. This comes in all sizes. So next time don't hesitate to buy a deep front cut outfit.

7 - Bralette:

These are one of the most popular bra types. It comes in lace, satin material, etc. These look beautiful and make the breasts more appealing. A bralette can also be worn for an everyday cool look. It is again available in all sizes. I love Clovia's bralette collection.

These are some of the basic Clovia bra types and there are also so many other kind bras like Strapless Bra, Demi Bra, Softcup Bra, Molded cup Bra, Underwired Bra, Racerback Bra, Bandeau Bra, etc. available according to the outfit's need. You can read this article on the 30 types of bra every woman should know for more information. Always go with good quality and right bra size to make your breasts look beautiful and feel comfortable.

That's all for today , see you in another exciting post .. Till then take care and stay happy.


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Types of Clovia Bras available in market

Saturday, 25 May 2019

You must have come across heath supplements or might have used but do you know there are also skin supplements exist which helps to rejuvenate skin from inside, improves skin texture and tone and also prevent aging on skin.

The Best Skin Supplements Available in Market Ever

Recently i came across Glutone 1000 and Escore Z, two skin supplements which are really great for skin . Actually Glutathione is the main ingredients here which boost up the skin texture and color. Do you know what Glutathione is?

 Let me share the detailed information on those...

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is body's own antioxidant. It's often referred as Master Antioxidant as it is essential for health immune function, detoxification of skin health and so on. Glutathione levels in body reduce with age , hence having oral glutathione supplement is necessary for healthy ageing .

Glutathione imparts skin lightening and antiageing benefits too. It increases the production of lighter melanin pigment (pheomelanin) over dark melanin (eumelanin). Regular oral consumption of glutathione supplements helps in lightening skin, boosting immunity, stamina and detoxification. Glutone products has world's best glutathione 'Setria Glutathione' . Setria Glutathione is also GRAS approved.

There are two products in this skin supplement combo, Glutone 1000 and Escor Z . 

The Best Skin Supplements Available in Market Ever

Glutone 1000

Glutone 1000 has L-Glutathione, vitamin C, N- Acetylcysteine . It enhances skin complexion and works on anti-ageing.

 🔹L-Glutathione helps in improving skin tone in both exposed and covered parts of body . It is the master antioxidant. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing.

🔹It has vitamin C which helps to improve the absorption of glutathione. It island essential water soluble vitamin which contributes to the normal immune function and collagen synthesis in skin.

🔹It has N- Acetylcysteine which improves body's glutathione level. It acts as an antioxidant and helps to reduce free radicals.

Though Gluton 1000 has vitamin C in it as ingredients but not sufficient for effecting results, hence Escor Z provides an extra push for glutathione to work as it makes it easily absorbable in the body.

Escor Z 

Escor Z is enriched with phyllanthus emblica (amla) extracts which considered as a rich source of vitamin C. It helps in fighting free radicals, boosts collagen and lightens the skin. It lightens skin by reducing melanin pigments. It increases production and transfer of anti aging protein. It exerts photo-protective effects by neutralising free radicals. It is available in awesome lemon and lime flavor.

How to use?

1 tablet of Glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2mins. for them to dissolve completely and consume like any other liquid drink . Drink every morning in empty stomach.

Note that , these are health supplements and not medicines , hence very safe to consume and there is no side effect . 

Availability - You can get this skin supplements Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are available on their official website HERE .

Friday, 19 April 2019

Doing all household chores is not only the mom's job. Everyone in the house should involve in it. We do talk about gender equality very often but need to start that from our home itself, isn't it? Doing laundry is not a shame for the boys or the husband. We need to teach our kids to help each other in doing works, in this way the bond will be strong and relationship too.

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

Recently I came across a wonderful initiative by Ariel, #ShareTheLoad which tell us that everyone in the house should involve in doing the laundry which I appreciate. Let me tell you about my house's story. I do involve my 5 year old son in doing the household chores whenever he is around me and by now he has started enjoying it. In the same way, my husband also does the cooking somedays. We do dusting the house together, we do the laundry together, like this. In my house, it is a very normal scene to work together everything. But I feel disturbed by seeing that, people still think doing household works together is not right and it's only the women's job. I completely admire that Ariel India came up with such an amazing initiative, hope this will open the eyes of the people. 

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

Well, I have received this #HamperofEquality box from Ariel as a part of the #SharetheLoad campaign. I love how beautifully and thoughtfully they have curated the box. There is an item for each person in the house and this is to make them understand the concept of sharing the load and to do the household chores together.

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

#ShareTheLoad - an initiative by Ariel India

I really love the video shared by Ariel India for the campaign #sharetheload which clearly tells what actually needed to be done. Everyone should watch this....

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

It's been a month now....

It's been a month now to my delivery . A little soul is in my house who wants all the attentions and time these days.  Well, it was my second pregnancy and of course the second baby.  To be very honest, it is not easy at all to manage two kids, specially when you are away from home and staying alone with husband.  The last 30 days were not the great ones but a rollercoaster life kind. The day was beautiful when the baby came but after that life became different which is very obvious .  Now after 30days everything seems settle down and we have started to schedule our new routine .

When the new baby come, it is very necessary to handle the elder one as they do feel jealous.  That's what happened to my elder son.  He behaved very weirdly and all my time went by making him understand that how important and precious he is for us and we are not ignoring him.  Trust me it is really tough situation for a mother . Besides that I was in depression for few days and all credits goes to the lactation issue, health and weird rituals of house.  I must say, breast feeding is not an easy task as it looks.  Both the time ,I faced the same issue but luckily now everything is normal and I am breast feeding my little one.

The sleepless nights are still on and it will be for few more months . Sometimes I feel exhausted but when I see the little one's face, I forget all my issues.  I know it is gonna be more tough for me in the coming months but I am all ready to face it and will enjoy every bit of it.

Well,  do wish my little one for his first month birthday and do bless my two munchkins.

I am thanking God for giving me immense pleasure by sending my son..  Stay healthy and strong always, that's what I want to ask more from God.  Happy one month birthday baby.  Loads of love.. 😊

Friday, 12 April 2019

How To Keep Your Newborn’s Skin Super Hydrated This Summer

Just as the winter season can be harsh on a newborn’s skin, so can the summer season. The dryness of the air is rather unforgiving on a baby’s delicate skin and can rob it off all its moisture, leaving it parched and dry. Since the summer season has already begun, I’ve been noticing my baby girl’s soft
skin losing its smoothness and feeling rougher than ever, especially in the high-stress areas like elbows and knees.

My regular lotion didn’t help combat the problem, which left me in a fix as I didn’t have the time to resort to home remedies and needed something quickly. Something that was intensely moisturizing without being too strong on my baby’s elbows and knees. So I put my research cap on and got to work to find out ingredients that a baby cream should have in order to be moisturizing and safe for use on such areas.

In my hours of research, I found something really interesting. I discovered that it’s not just the ingredients that make a difference in the suitability and safety of baby cream. The pH level of the product matters just as much. Probably even more as products with the wrong pH level can have a damaging effect on a baby’s tender skin.

Now you might wonder why is pH level important? I wondered the same and dug deeper into the skin’s pH level to find out why. I learned that the pH level of the skin can be defined as its acidity or alkalinity, which ranges from a level 0 to 14. Levels 0 to 7 indicate acidity, while 8 to 14 denote
alkalinity. 7 is considered to be a neutral pH (1).

pH neutral products are quite common and branded as gentle so I thought that’s what I needed in my daughter’s baby cream. But I found out that neutral pH is actually not good for my daughter’s skin, or any baby’s for that matter. The baby's skin’s ideal pH level is 5.5, which is what keeps the
skin healthy, radiant and protected from infections (2). A neutral pH product or that with a lower or higher pH level than 5.5 can disrupt skin health. And that’s definitely something I didn’t want my princess’ delicate and dry skin to go through. Especially in this harsh summer season.

So after trying many baby creams, I settled for the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft. I had been meaning to try out the baby care range of this German brand for a while as its products have been developed by dermatologists. And they also have the ideal pH level of 5.5.

How To Keep Your Newborn’s Skin Super Hydrated This Summer

If you ask me about my experience with the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft, it has been a positive one so far. I’m into a month of using this cream on my baby’s elbows and knees and a very little
quantity of the tube has depleted so far. In my opinion, that’s awesome as this cream is a little expensive – Rs. 637/- for a 200ml tube!

The Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft has a very thick consistency so I have to be careful of not applying too much as it can get greasy. A small quantity, however, suffices and moisturizes my baby’s skin really well! There have been no instances of dryness or even rashes for that matter since
I started using this cream. And my baby’s knees and elbows seem to be retaining its smoothness and glow! This makes me believe that the Baby Sebamed Extra Soft cream might also be quite suitable
for babies when they start crawling.

Overall, I really like the Baby Sebamed Cream Extra soft and its mild aroma. I’ll continue using it and would suggest other mommies try it out too on their babies. I hope this article helped you learn a
thing or two about hydrating your baby’s elbows and knees this summer season!

Xoxo... 😊

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

A mother can't see her baby in trouble. When the baby cry restlessly ,the parents also become restless to find out the reason.  During the early stages (from few days to born to 3-4 months old ) babies do fall sick very often.  Colic is one of the very common issue in new born babies or small babies.  If you wonder, what is a colicky baby then let me tell you it is nothing but a disturbed stomach of baby. Gas, indigestion cause colic in babies and it starts after 2-3weeks of the baby born.

Gas, upset stomach can make the baby cranky and cry.  When the baby is crying for a longer duration and parents not able to calm the baby down after so much effort, then colic might be there . There are few things to remember to sooth down a colicky baby . Here I am going to list down 6 ways which I find useful for myself.

1. Warm Bath - A nice warm bath is great for babies to relax their body and relieve stress . Their mind get diverted in this way and the baby become less cranky.

2. Oil massage - Oil massage is very necessary for babies. It soothes their muscles and relax their body and also helps in digestion.  Along with oil massage, knee pushing exercise is also beneficial in digestion .

3. Burping the baby - Burping your baby after each feed is really necessary to release the gas from stomach.  For burping, hold your baby against your shoulder and tap his back gently.

4. Longer feed from each breast - Always make sure to feed your baby longer duration from each breast.  The hind milk which comes after sometime from breast is more nutritious than the foremilk comes immediately from breast after sucking. The hind milk has more fat which helps in proper digestion. Hence continues alternation between the breasts might cause colic and longer switch between each breast can avoid colic issue.

5. Closeness with the baby - Always try to maintain bodily contact with your baby. This will make the baby feel more secure and less cry.  Wear babycarrier to carry your baby and co-sleep is another idea.

6. Let the baby suck - Allow the baby suck fingers, this will ensure good digestion too.

Mothersparsh Ayurvedic Tummy Roll-on :

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

There are also home remedies to cure colic in baby.  You can use asafoetida ,basil, etc to cure colic issue.  Recently our very own brand mothersparsh has launched 100% Ayurvedic tummy roll on . This has completely natural ingredients, no chemicals and alcohol . It is so skin friendly and can opted for tiny babies too.

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

This cute little tummy roll on is a blend of 5 types of oils which are very well-known to cure colic issue in babies.  It has hing oil, pudina oil, sonth oil,  sova oil ,saunf oil. Hing oil's antibacterial property helps to treat abdominal colic, gas, flatulence & indigestion. It also cures abdominal pain, constipation & upset stomach in babies.

This priced Rs249/- and available on amazon HERE

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

There is also an infant care kit available in which you are getting two of their best seller water wet wipes packets and one ayurvedic tummy roll-on.  I think this kit is a must needed it you are a recent new mom or going to be mom..  I too use the same for my new born  baby.

For more info, do check out Mothersparsh website HERE..

Baby Colic : What it is ? How to sooth down a colicky baby?

Here I am penning down and hope you found this post helpful.  See you in the next post..


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