Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hola peeps,  how are you all?  These days I am loving writing everyday in my blog.  I am also started being active on my YouTube channel (plz subscribe me here) . Well,  today I am going to share a beautiful eyeshadow palette from the brand Focallure.  The brand might seems you new but trust me they have amazing makeup range. You should definitely try out their foundation range, very impressive . So I got this 18 colours eyeshadow palette from .Yes, you can Buy Focallure stuffs from beautybigbang website.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Shopping with beautybigbang is very easy and hassle-free . They do ship worldwide with free shipping. You can pay through PayPal.  The delivery take 2-3weeks as per your location. You should check out the site for awesome range of makeup and nailart stuffs. Also use my coupon code SNIG10 during checkout to avail extra 10% off on your order.  Isn't it great?

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Now come to the eyeshadow palette, what do you think at the first sight?  Isn't it look like the dude of Huda Beauty Rose gold pallete ? I know you will agree with me. There were two variants available in this range and I choose this one because the shades are looking like dupe of Huda Beauty Rose gold pallete . But the price is almost one third of the Huda Beauty palette. Let's see the quality of the shades of this Focallure eyeshadow palette below..

Price - 9.99$

Available on beautybigbang .

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

The packaging is good and not looking filmy. During transit some of the shades had broken in my palette (which happens generally during international shipping) but I somehow managed to fix the broken shadows (watch the video here on my channel).  There is no inbuilt mirror inside the palette which I found little down but that's really not a big issue.  Most of the expensive palettes also don't have inbuilt mirror inside, hence it's okay.  Overall nice packaging.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

There are both shimmery and matte shades in the palette.  The texture of the shimmery shades are very creamy and soft, while some of the matte shades are powdery or chalky.  All the shades are quite pigmented except few lighter shades which are chalky kind. Find below the hand swatches of all the shades row wise.  The colour can be built up with a primer underneath.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

These stay on me couple of hours and with a good primer these stay more time. There is less fall out during applying.  The lighter shades has a bit fallout issue, rest are fine. I am loving the shimmery shades of this palette, these are so much pigmented in just one swipe which is really great. Here I have tried to do a eye makeup using this palette, hope you all will like it.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

Focallure 18 Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches | Ft.

That's all for today, share your views in comments below.  See you in the next post, till then take care.. 💖

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Hi everyone,  welcome back to my space of words.  Today I am so excited to share with you my review on Ucanbe 15 colours concealer palette by . If you are makeup addicted then you can only understand my happiness. Such palettes are so versatile to use . You probably don't need any other concealer because it has all kinds of shades for your need.  I can even mix and match few shades to create my own shade which will suit my skin tone properly. Other than than the darker shades can also be used as contouring ,isn't it cool? Well,  let's see whether the shades are up-to the mark of not.. Read below to find out..

Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

Price - 6.99$

Available on beautybigbang

If you are new to the shopping site ,then let me tell you beautybigbang is an ultimate destination for all makeup and nailart lovers.  They have huge varieties of stuffs with affordable price tag across the site. They do accept paypal payment option.  They do ship worldwide with free shipping. It takes around 2-3weeks to reach the products to you because of international shipping and other formalities.

Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

Now come again to the concealer palette. There are some brighter shades, few medium tone shades and few darker tone shades in this palette, hence this palette is useful for all skin tone type.  You just have to find out the perfect match for your skin and good to use. There are also few shades with pink/cool undertones and few are yellow/warmer undertones.

Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

The texture of the concealers are really creamy and silky smooth.  I love how smoothly these blends on skin.  I love such kind texture over the thick stiff texture concealers. The fragrance is a little bit artificial which I think quite normal with makeup products like foundations, concealers, etc.  The shades are so pigmented except 2-3 lighter shades ,but you can build up the shade by layering.

Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

In the above picture I have applied mixing two shades to conceal my undereye area.  I have applied through my finger only and there is no colour corrector also applied and you can notice the before and after effect clearly.
Ucanbe 15 Colours Concealer Pallete Review and Swatches | Ft.

Now come to the packaging.  The packaging is simple and pretty good, not very sturdy though.  But at this price I can't complain for the packaging.  The only thing is there is no shade names mentioned which I think a down side. Except that I love the palette.

* If you like this 15 colours concealer palette, then order right now from beautybigbang using my code SNIG10 to avail extra 10% off on your purchase .

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Marriage is a beautiful bond that binds two people together till eternity. Therefore, celebrating this beautiful bond every year on anniversary bring two people even closer to each other. And, the anniversary celebration becomes more special with wishes and gifts from loved ones. So, if your parent’s anniversary is near around then, you must definitely make efforts to make it memorable for them. All you will require is just a thoughtful marriage anniversary gifts for parents. But, as you know finding a perfect gift for anyone can be tough, this article suggests you seven best anniversary gifts that are sure to make your parents feel special:


6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

Houseplants make the best wedding anniversary gifts for parents. Do you know, why? Well, houseplants are not only a great decorating accessory for homes but these are also natural air purifiers. Houseplants like the peace lily, golden pothos, snake plants can remove toxins from the air and provide cleaner indoor air to breathe. So, if you want to ensure your parents a happy and healthy life, gift them houseplants on their anniversary.

A Fruit Cake

6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

Looking for online gifts for your parent’s anniversary? Well, you cannot get better anniversary gift online for your parents than a delicious fruit cake. The best part of ordering a cake online is that you can send it to your parents on their anniversary even if you live miles away from them. Plus, you can get a wide variety of cake designs and flavors online as compared to a local bakery.

Mr. & Mrs. Mug Set

6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

For your mom and dad who are inseparable, gifting a thoughtful set of Mr. And Mrs. Mug will make a perfect choice. You can find a variety of these mugs available at online gift portals. You can also customize these and get a quote or a beautiful message printed on these. This gift is sure to make your parent’s tea time a lot more romantic.

Then & Now Photo Frame

6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

Getting a photo framed is the best way to keep your memories alive forever. Therefore, nothing can be more meaningful than gifting your parents a photo frame of then and now. All you have to do is to select your parent’s pictures and put them in a frame. This gift will make them really happy and infuse happiness in their anniversary celebrations.

Together Since T-Shirts

6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

Want to make your parents feel special on their anniversary? Well, then get them two customized together since t-shirts on their marriage anniversary. This would be a perfect way to make them realize that they have come a long way. This will make the best anniversary gifts for parents for sure.

His And Her Pillow Set

6 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

Are you running out of creative gift ideas for your parent’s anniversary? Well, fret not, because you can give them a gift of comfort this year. Give them his and her pillow set with beautiful quotes printed on these. This gift will bring them closer and strengthen their bond with each other.

With these amazing anniversary gift ideas for your parents, make sure to make the day memorable for them.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Create a Fashion Statement with right piece of Jewellery | Ft.

"Give a woman the right piece of jewellery and she can conquer the world "

I completely agree with this quote , don't you? Jewellery is something which can add great fashion statement to the whole look and it is very important to wear right piece of jewellery unlike cloths, shoe and other accessories.

Sometimes people wear extravagant cloths, carry expensive accessories and jewellery to look fashionable but they never know, carrying loads of things can make them look disaster. Sometimes minimal things brings the royal feeling. Jewellery is a thing, if you will not match or choose properly ,then your look might go in some other way.  In fashion, jewellery has an important role and no-one can ignore that.

Create a Fashion Statement with right piece of Jewellery | Ft.

Woman and jewellery has very close relationship.  A right piece of jewellery can reflect your personality in front of others. These days so many varieties of jewellery available which you can wear according to your mood and requirement.  Now-a-days Afgani jhumkas are very popular because of the unique design and multipurpose use.  Afgani jhumkas can go perfectly with both western and ethnic wears.  There are also other designs like Turkmani ,Uzbeki, Kundan, Nepali, Kazaki, Minakari, etc. designs present to make you look more appealing and fashionable.

Create a Fashion Statement with right piece of Jewellery | Ft.

If you will ask me about my taste in jewellery ,then it is very simple.  I love to wear sober yet elegant statement pieces which don't mess my look but also add a nice style statement . I love long and rich looking earring a lot. In necklace my choice varies time to time.  Sometimes I love to wear simple pendent sets and sometimes heavy junk pieces, it is completely depends upon the occasion or need. Honestly I feel my personality always reflects through my jewellery.

Create a Fashion Statement with right piece of Jewellery | Ft.

Recently I have hauled three amazing piece of earrings from a online site named  . Trust me they have huge rage of all kind of jewellery.  I am completely awestruck by seeing their collection.  The price is slightly in the higher side but the quality of the pieces make those worth buy.  I got two ethnic jewellery (which can also carry with western looks) and one afgani jhumka . The design, the material and the quality, everything is over the top.  If you are looking for precious ,elegant  jewellery pieces, then preciousyou is the only destination.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next one, till then take care . 

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Lockdown - A Musical Bonanza
Image source -
Ever since it's launch, ZEE5 has launched an incredible collection of movies and shows. And now, ZEE5 has come up their very own original musical reality show, ‘Lockdown’, which is the first production venture of popular rapper Badshah that pools in various singers from the Bollywood and digital platforms. The concept of the show is unique and intriguing, wherein artists like Kailash Kher, Raftaar, Sachin-Jigar, Monali Thakur, Benny Dayal along with YouTube stars Jonita Gandhi, Shirley Setia, T Bridge, Mickey Singh, Harrdy Sandhu and Raja Kumari collaborate and recreate our favourite tracks from the past. The challenge is that these artists have to create both the music videos in 24 hours, shot at some of the scenic locations across the country.
To further boost the excitement in you, here's a brief synopsis of the episodes from this reality show, which first aired on 17th August 2018.

Episode 1
The first episode features Jonita Gandhi and rapper Badshah, who arrive at  Chandigarh with a lot of enthusiasm. After an interesting brainstorming session, they finally zero down to two songs that they will recreate. With only 24 hours to compose and shoot the song, the duo beautifully recreates two melodies, namely ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ from Mohra and ‘Kaala Joda’.

Episode 2
Coming up to the second episode featuring Kailash Kher and Raja Kumari who arrive at Dharamsala, the abode of Lord Shiva, who also happens to inspire them to recreate two melodies, one at a time. Following the same concept of the show, the Sufi maestro and renowned Indo American rapper team up to recreate ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aya’ and ‘Kaun Hai Woh’, from the movie Baahubali: The Beginning.

Episode 3
The third episode takes you on a ride to the scenic locales of Goa with Benny Dayal, Bryden Lewis and Parth Chandiramani. With too much confusion over which songs to choose, the trio, completely drenched in the Goan vibes play a drinking game with coconuts to narrow down on two songs. Their collaboration gives the audiences amazing recreations of ‘Gilheriyaan’ from Dangal and ‘Gulaabo’ from Shaandaar’.

We love the fact how the artists manage to keep the entertainment quotient high with fun games that not only entertain us but also help them choose the tracks wisely. The music videos too captured the super chill vibe with nostalgic visuals for Gilheriyaan and the funky edits for Gulaabo shot on the scenic seaside location. Especially with Gulaabo, I never thought that the sound of a flute would work so well in Gulaabo. It's things like that, that left me both surprised, entertained and left me asking for more.

Episode 4
The fourth episode featuring Indipop star, Neha Bhasin and Punjabi rockstar, Harrdy Sandhu who land in the beautiful town of McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala to come up with their own version of two songs. Looking to sync their musical energies for optimal results, this duo chose to work wisely and took spiritual inspiration from the town as well as managed to acquire online feedback from the fans to lock ‘Akhiyaan Udeek Diya’ and ‘Khair Mangdi’ as the songs.
These four episodes were so intriguing that I can't get enough of the show. ‘Lockdown’ is certainly a unique experience among all the reality shows airing in India. If you wish to catch this web series, get your ZEE5 subscription right away.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post, till then take care.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Image source - pixabay
When a person wears jewellery, it reveals certain things about their personality and this applies to men and women alike, and if you are planning to surprise your partner with a special piece of jewellery, knowing her personality is the key. All items of jewellery are fashion accessories and for the self-confident achiever, bright colours and sheens are the order of the day, while an introvert might prefer something slight with a hint of colour.

Bold and Striking :

The confident girl likes to show off and her choice of jewellery would reflect this, with rich colours and strong shapes. A solid silver bangle or some pendant earrings would make for a great accessory for the girl who likes to turn heads and a textured silver necklace would complete the look. Outgoing girls like a chunky approach to casual jewellery, with thick bracelets and necklaces, and of course, don’t rule out the ankle bracelet.

Subtle Yet Effective :

Some women use jewellery in a refined manner, accentuating their features with thin, delicate items and by sourcing an established online jeweller, you will have a wide range of every type of jewellery item to choose from. If you are determined to get her silver bangles, you can’t go far wrong with such a selection, and with a choice of fixed or clasped, slimline or chunky, you are sure to find something that will take her breath away.

Making a Statement :

If she really likes to attract attention and is a bold dresser, solid silver is the perfect choice. A bracelet or perhaps a bangle will delight her, as she can wear this with several looks. The timeless look of sterling silver assures you are on the right track and by paying attention to her existing accessories, this will help with your gift selection.

Online jewellers :

Why buy online? There are several reasons, the main one being a lower than retail price, as the online jeweller doesn’t have the huge expense of a high street showroom, and they also have a much greater selection of top quality jewellery items. All it takes is an online search and a guide on how to buy jewellery online and you can be browsing a collection of silver bracelets and bangles. With a secure online payment, the gift will be despatched by courier.

Image source - unsplash
Whether she is a country girl at heart, or comes alive in a city environment, her jewellery choices will reflect this and this will help you to choose the right fashion accessory that will take a prime spot in her jewellery box. Searching for a reputable online jeweller is easy. Spend some time browsing, which might help you to discover a sale item that is perfect. If you are thinking of a bracelet or bangle, size does matter, so spend a little time looking at what she currently wears, or better still, borrow a bangle. Taking your time will ensure that the gift is warmly received and she will likely wear it whenever you are together, showing her appreciation. If the jeweller is reputable, the sterling silver would be assured and the craftsmanship would be top notch, with unique designs and perfect finishing.

Hope you found this post helpful.  See you in the next post, till then take care.

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

With a flame test check the purity of your baby wipes

Heya girlzzz,  how are you all doing ? Today I am going to share a thing which changes my thought towards few most reputed baby brands.  From the heading itself you might have got some idea about what I am talking about.  Well,  no more suspense ,let me tell you the real story.  After my son born, I was very much choosy about his skincare products ,cloths and other daily usage products . I always try to give him the best but once he got diper rashes on his private parts very badly and we were very much tensed.  When we asked to our pediatrician , he said this is due to the wipes we are using to clean him . I was shocked to hear this and again the doctor told us that most of the wipes available in market has polyester in it and also has harmful chemicals which generally cause skin issues in babies . This was really shocking fo 3rd us.

Doctor also added that, the fragrance in the wipes are only due to chemicals and with long usage these might create serious skin problem. I was super tensed because I am a person who can't imagine my day without wipes because these are very handy to use, be it to clean baby's poop or hands or skin.  While traveling wipes are very needy. Then our doctor also said that there are few brands which has the best quality water based wipes.  To check the purity of the wipes he suggested to do a flame test which is very easy to do at home.  So here I am sharing ,how you can test the purity of the wipes you are using for your kid.

I have 2-3 wipes packet from different brands because I too use wipes sometime to remove my makeup. I tried the flame test technique and found the wipes which I was using for my son has polyester in it.  I was surprised because those were some reputed baby care brands in India.  Well,  after I stopped using wet wipes for my kid and for me too.  And one day I came to know about a brand Mother Sparsh which wipes are water based.  Thanks to my friend who recommend this to me.  I got one packet for myself and did the flame test and it stands out with the test. I was super happy that finally I got something pure, something really good for my baby's skin.  After that I never looked back and I am using Mother Sparsh wipes since long now and completed satisfied.

Mother Sparsh wipes has 98% water content in it which means these are as good as cotton and water. The material of the wipes is viscose which is very gentle for baby's skin.

Okay,  let me share the flame test technique with you all. For that you will need a candle, matches and a wet wipe.

First burn one side of the wet wipes a bit  and see if there is lumps and bad smell of plastic, then understand your wipe has polyester and other harm chemicals . If the wipe burn like cotton and there is ash, then this is a water based wipe and good for skin. Here I have attached the pics for reference.

With a flame test check the purity of your baby wipes

With a flame test check the purity of your baby wipes

Hope you found this post helpful for you.  See you again with another exciting topic, till then take care.

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Friday, 31 August 2018

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

Subscription boxes are always full of surprises and happiness. It feels like gift yourself every month.  There are so many subscription boxes available but the one which caught my eyes is Glamego box.  In glamego box you will receive high end brand's products and the price of box is very affordable.  Today I am going to unbox the August edition glamego box which has obviously some of the awesome stuffs.  In the August edition box, you will get worth 3199/- products in just paying 399/- . Isn't it a great deal ?

You can book glamego box Here.

The August glamego box is based on the friendship day theme.  The box is super cute and study.  I am going to store my makeup stuffs in it.  I love the cute packaging box.

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

In the August glamego box you are getting

▶Votre silver radiance jelly mask 
▶ Votre gold rejuvenating sleeping mask 
▶ Bella voste lipgloss
▶ Mond'sub undereye mask 

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

The Votre silver radiance jelly mask and gold rejuvenating sleeping mask is the showstopper this month's box.  Votre products are sephora verified and available only on sephora stores where as getting Votre full size products in subscription box is sounding very interesting.  These two masks costs 1200/- each.  I haven't tried this masks yet.  The silver radiance jelly mask can be apply on skin during time where the gold rejuvenating sleeping mask you can apply at night.  These two combiningly give nice rejuvenating skin within few uses.

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

The Bella Voste lip gloss costs Rs599/- and I have received a nice nude-ish shade.  In spite of being a gloss, the colour pay-off is very prominent.  I like the nude shade.

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

The last product is the Mond'sub undereye mask.  I have already used this mask and love the after effect . My eyes feel relaxed and hydrated after applying this mask.  This is costed for 200/- .

Unboxing of August Edition Glamego Box

In total you are getting products worth 3199/- and paying only 399/- . This month's box is a hit completely.  I am loving the glamego box. Truely it's India's number one subscription box.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post. Till then take care.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Heya girls... I am apologizing first for not being so active here. There is a good reason for that and that is my channel. I am learning about making videos, handling YouTube, etc. these days because I am very new to YouTube . Please subscribe to my channel just to encourage me.. Well, let's talk about today's topic.  Actually I have already uploaded the review and swatches video of these Ny Bae liquid lipsticks in my channel but again thought to share here as well.

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

Recently I have done a lipstick haul from and that's from the brand NY Bae.  NY Bae is a brand which makes New York inspired affordable makeup products. There are wide range of makeup products like lipsticks, eye pencils, concealers ,nail polishes, etc. and the price tag is also under budget. This time I only picked up liquid lipsticks. There are 12shades available in this range but I got  5 from them, because some of the shades were out of stock and some were not my kind of colours, hence I skipped.

Price - Rs 175/-

Shades I got -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

◼ It's Velvety Under the Ground - peach shade with pink undertone 
◼ Sitcom Special - Fuschia pink shade
◼ Cosy in the Subway Car - Neon-ish pink shade
◼ Parade Ready - Purple-ish pink with fine shimmers in it 
◼ Big Apple Babe - Orange-ish red shade

Packaging -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

The packaging is really simple like the normal lip glosses. There is no ingredients list or other information regarding the product on the tube which I found little awkward.  The applicator is long, sleek and easy to apply . The tubes are transparent, hence you can choose the shade easily.

Texture, Pigmentation and Staying Ability -

The texture is creamy and light weight on lips. The lighter shades are a bit patchy but the darker ones are great in texture.  These doesn't dry out my lips nor tug of pull but I do prefer to apply a layer of lip balm before these just to get a perfect finish. And in this my dry lips stay hydrated all day long. The shades are smudge-proof, transferproof and doesn't settle into fine lines. All the shades stays all day long . You need a good makeup remover to remove completely the shades.

Swatches -

NY Bae Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches (Video Inside)

Watch the video :

That's all for today , hope you liked the post. See you in the next one.. Till then take care.

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

The Beautiful Lace Wedding Gown...

Hi everyone, festival and wedding season is just round the corner and most of us has already started doing plans and shopping, isn't it ?

Everyone wants to look like a princess in her D-day . A specially curated beautiful lace gown can attract everyone's attention towards you.  If you are in hestitaion that weather you should go for a ready-made gown or fabric to stitch, then stop thinking, I have a solution for you.

There is a site called Tissura ,which has world class fabric collection and dress material. Tissura is a global network of fashion fabric shops and showrooms located in Hong Kong and major Russian cities. The company established in 1988 and now is renowned for its online shop .

They have wide range of different fabrics like wool fabric, chantilly lace, tweed fabric , lace fabric , cotton fabric, silk fabric, suiting fabric, coating fabric, couture fabric, etc. You can choose your desire fabric online and they will ship you at your doorstep. Yes,  they do ship worldwide .

The Beautiful Lace Wedding Gown...

Tissura lace fabrics are very special in terms of quality, look and durability. These are so optable for wedding gowns or dresses.  The lightweight, airy, delicate laces are perfect the extra oomph to your big day gown.  The unique design, feathery laces don't require extra lining underneath not any extra processing for edges, hence no need of worry for extra weight of gown not sewing trouble.

Tissura is well known for its latest fashion trends and currently they have 7 kinds of latest in trend lace designs in their catalogue  i.e. chantilly lace, guipure lace, lyon lace, corded lace, silk lace, cotton lace, embroidered lace. They have cooperated with Italian , French, Swiss, Austrian and Japanese lace manufacturers which fabrics are obviously if very high quality.

I am in love with the fabric collection at Tissura . Why are you waiting for, select your loved fabric there and place your order now and got your dream wedding gown stitched. . You can thank me later, I won't mind.

Hope you liked this post. See you in the next post. Till then take care.

Xoxo. . 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Types of Panties Every Woman Should Own

It is always important to wear comfortable and breathable cloths. Never run behind fashion and choose whatever you feel suit to your body type. Like this it is very important to choose proper undergarments. When we buy bras according our body and size then why not panties.  We usually ignore to the importance of wearing properly fitted panty but we shouldn't. If you wonder , there are so many kinds of panties available according to your requirements .  Let's discuss about this in detail.
1 - Hipstors :

These are the dailywear kind panties.  There are different categories in hipstors i.e. low waist, mid waist and high waist.  All three types are extremely comfortable to wear and has full coverage to the hip area. These can wear under any kind of outfit on regular basis.
2 -  Thongs :

If you are planning to wear any sexy lingerie, then you should get thongs first.  These have almost zero hip coverage and perfect under any sensual lingeries . Thongs are also perfect option when you want no panty line with your pencil skirts or and tight fitted bottom wear . These are of lace fabric or extremely soft fabric to make you feel sexy and bold.  Thongs are so appealing and perfect for those sexy days.

3 - Seamless Panties :

Seamless panties are one of my favorite. These are for those days when you don't want any panty line under your bottom wear and also wants full rear coverage.  The laser cut panty border with no sewn edges are great to flaunt the tight fitted pants, skirts and infact leggings.  Everyone should have couple of these seamless panties.
4 - Boyshorts :

The name is quite confusing but these are some of the best options to have in your collection. These have short pant kind design with full rear coverage . There are variety of options available under boyshorts from sexy lace patterns to quirky pant style.  You can wear these under short skirts, flared dresses or any short dresses and it will complement the look beautifully.
5 - Tummy Tuckers:

If you worry for your heavy tummy area, then tummy tuckers are for you . These will hide the abdomen area along with the sides which gives you a nice slim and flat tummy look under any outfit.  These are extremely comfortable and there are seamless options also available, hence no worries for visible panty lines.
6 - Bikini :

Everyone must have an idea about bikinis.  Bikini reminds me that hit beach days. There are variety of patterns available in bikinis from lace to solid, from sexy to normal. You can choose according to your body's need.  What happen, if you have a heavy body, still you can enjoy bikinis under your dresses.
So these are the various options of panties available in market and every woman should own . Some of the important fact about panties are, you should change your panties in every six months and it totally depends upon your usage . Always keep clean and sanitize your undergarments to avoid any kind of bacterial infections . And the last thing is, always buy panties of your proper size like we buy bras.
That's all for today. Hope you found this post helpful. Do share your thought in comments below. See you in the next post, till then take care.
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*image courtesy - zivame

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