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Heya pretty ladies,  Hope you all are doing good. Recently I have got an interesting product from beautybigbang and that is obviously a nail product.  I got these 50pc. nail tips stick which is definitely a life saver for any nailart lover. So in this post I am going share my quick view on these babies.

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

If you are not aware of what are those, then let me tell you, these fake nail tips are really helpful if you are into nailarts or if you have nail salon or if you have so many nail polishes.  These are actually nail colour displays.  If you have so many shades and you want to keep a track on your nail polish collection, then simply paint these nail tips one by one with the shades you own and you are pretty much sorted.  If you own a nail salon ,then these can be use as nail colour display.  I personally got these to practice new designs .. Each time I can't paint my own nails to practice and these are the best option to make everything handy.  Let's disciabout these quality and other features..

Price - 4.99$
 Available HERE .

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

These nail tips are made up of plastic and these are very lightweight and thin.  If you will put more pressure, then these might break.  There is a ring provided with these tips. You have to put all the tips into that ring to make it convenient to use. There were two types available on beautybigbang i.e. transparent and white and I choose the white shade.

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

50pc. Nailart Tip Sticks Review | Ft. Beautybigbang

These nail tips are going to be helpful for me while doing swatch videos.  I am super happy by getting these. By the way beautybigbang has awesome collection of makeup and nail products, you should definitely check out. They do accept paypal payment and you are going to get your parcel within 2-4 weeks.  The great part is everything is on free shipping and they do ship worldwide. Use my coupon code SNIG10 to avail extra 10% off across  the site.

I have also got some makeup stuffs. Will share in another post. . Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post, till then take care..

Xoxo.. 😊

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Every mother wants to give the best to her baby. When I became a mom, I was very particular in choosing products for my little boy.  I only choose brands for him on which I can trust completely . Skinrashes is a very common problem in new born babies as well as in growing babies.  Baby's skin is 10times more delicate and sensitive than we adult's skin, hence it needs special care such time. As per pediatricians, baby's skin should be washed with cotton and water to avoid rashes.  But everytime it is not possible to wash with cotton and water , hence another option is to use wet wipes to clean baby's skin during those odd times.  There are so many brands available but these days I am completely happy with the mothersparsh baby wipes because it is as good as cotton and pure water.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Mothersparsh wet wipes have 98% water and very gentle on both baby and mom's skin.  These are hypoallergenic and have goodness of aloevera and vitamin E which maintains the natural pH balance of baby's delicate skin. It keeps baby's skin away from rashes, redness and any allergies. It is completely safe and as good as cotton and water.

These mothersparsh wipes are priced for Rs175/-  and available easily on Amazon.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

After a lots of researches on internet, I came to know that every wipes are not suitable for baby's sensitive skin as those have chemicals , polyester and plastic which can harm skin in long run. But mothersparsh wet wipes are concerned for baby's health and hygiene . These wipes are made up of 100% viscos. Viscos is a fibre derived from woodpulp. It is plastic-free and gentle for baby's sensitive skin. These water wipes has gripe water without sodium bicarbonate and sucrose for the colic relief in babies. Isn't it an unique concept ? These wipes also has aloevera , vitamin E which gives extra moisture to baby's delicate skin each time . I use these wipes to clean his face, neck and hands as well. Even I do wipe my face and hand with these wipes while in hurry.  There is no perfume and these are completely organic.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Things which made Mothersparsh Baby Wipes unique :

1) These mothersparsh wipes have 98% water which is so suitable for even New born's delicate skin.

2) It is enriched with aloevera, jojoba oil and vitamin E which gives extra moisturizer and maintains the pH balance of skin.

3)It is hypo-allergenic and safe for baby's delicate skin.

4) These are paraben and alcohol free and the most organic way to babycare .

5) These protects baby skin from redness, allergies and any irritation.

6) The mothersparsh wipes are made up of viscos material and is completely polyester-free and plastic-free.

7) There is no artificial fragrance and has very mild and refreshing fragrance.

Mothersparsh Water Wipes - The purest form of babycare

Overall these Mothersparsh water wipes  are best of babies and mom and the purest form of babycare.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post with an exciting topic. Till than take care.

Happy Parenting 😊

Friday, 6 July 2018

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

The 1920s were stylish not only when it comes to fashion. Interior design during this era was heavily influenced by the Art Deco design elements and featured luxurious details that are still considered incredibly beautiful today. These 5 style elements can easily bring this classic sense of style into your modern home, making it an impeccable space you can be proud to show off.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Beautiful Dressing Table

There is nothing more beautiful that an intricately styled dressing table. A mirrored vanity table paired with an oversized mirror perfectly evokes vintage elegance while still creating a sleek and stylish look. Pair your dressing table with a plush chair or stool to create a cozy contrast. For an even more vintage-inspired look, add a decorative tray with vintage perfume bottles as a fun and playful accent.

A Stylish Bar Cart

While prohibition reigned during the 1920s, it didn’t stop people from having a good time. The bar cart rose to popularity towards the end of the Twenties, and has once again become a staple in modern home decor. Create a bar cart stocked with vintage elements, such as stylish vintage glassware or beautiful, ornate decanters to completely polish the look.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Bold Wall Pattern 

While Art Deco style is known for its graphic lines and sharp edges, it also included an explosion of fun and playful colors and patterns. Create this look within your home by adding statement wallpaper to your interiors and create a colorful contrast with the rest of your furniture or decor. A cheerful floral print or leaf pattern can create a bold and exciting interior in any room. Or, a highly stylized print in a traditional Art Deco pattern adds sophistication.

A Stylish Animal Print

Animal prints were first being utilized in interior design during the 1920s. Natural patterns that mimic or are inspired by the look of animal hide can be a fun way to mix patterns within your home. For more elevated interiors, find accents that mimic animal prints in muted neutral colors, which creates a stylish monochromatic look.

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

A Sunburst Accent

Certain patterns and shapes are iconic emblems that rose to popularity in the Art Deco era. Specifically, sunbursts can be incorporated in your interiors in a variety of ways. Wall hangings and mirrors sometimes mimic this incredibly graphic, symmetrical shape. Or, find sconces that emanate light in a similar pattern.

That's all for today, hope you found this post helpful .. See you with another exciting topic . Till then take care..😊

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**guest post

Friday, 29 June 2018

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

I love sugar cosmetics products . I have quite lot of lipsticks from the brand but haven't tried any other makeup products till now.  That's the reason when I got this Sugar mascara in my fab bag, I was very excited to try out.  I also want to try their eyeliner and foundation stick. Well, now comes to today's review which is on SUGAR black with a bang lash mob mascara .

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Price - Rs 699/- for 9ml.
Shelf life - 3years from mfg.

Ingredients - No ingredients detail on the product.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Packaging - The mascara is in a sleek, matte black finish packaging . The applicator is of perfect length and there is a regular wand like other mascaras.  The outer cardboard box is very texture-y and has the signature print of sugar cosmetics over it.  There is no ingredients information on the packaging . All n all the packaging is not fancy, but very simple and regular kind.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

My Experience - As the name says ,this is a black shade mascara but not the very dark jet black shade . The texture is on the thicker side .Initially I thought I have received a damage piece but after contacting to the brand I came to know that this is texture of the product.  It seems very dry while searching on hand. I  have almost swiped 6-7 times to bring the shade on notice in this below hand swatch. But surprisingly this is not like that while applying on eyelashes.  I need around 2-3 swipes to bring out the effect.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

As the texture is a bit thick it doesn't bleed or spread while applying on lashes, even it works perfect in lower lashes . It doesn't add more volume nor curls much my lashes.  It looks very gentle and natural in me . I do prefer such mascaras for everyday use.  It doesn't create any drama on eyes but it makes my eyes look wider and open.

SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

The mascara is smudge-proof but if you rub vigorously, then it will come out.  It is not fully waterproof . If you splash little water on face, then it doesn't come out but if you wash face properly, then it come out fully.  It doesn't cling to my lashes nor I feel any irritation on my eyes with this mascara on. It stays for longer duration till you rub it wash your eyes with water.

Sugar is a brand of trust and I would love to buy this mascara again and again for my regular use purpose.  For special occasions I will go back to my maybelline mascara for sure.

*Note - Always change your mascara in every 3-4 months. To increase the longevity store the mascara in refrigerator after opening.

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SUGAR Cosmetics Black with a Bang Lash Mob Mascara Review

Pros. . -

▶ Regular, simple packaging
▶ Nice black shade
▶ Creamy, thick texture
▶ Long lasting
▶ Paraben free,  talc free and harm chemicals free
▶ Gentle on eyes, doesn't irritate
▶ Looks very natural and perfect for everyday usage

Cons..  -

▶The mascara seems dry each time
▶ Not fully smudge-proof and waterproof
▶ Doesn't create any dramatic look
▶ Seems pricey
▶ No ingredients list mentioned

Rating - 4/5 😊

Hope you found this review helpful. .See you with another exciting topic, till then take care.

Xoxo... ❤

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The exchange of promise rings indicates a sign of commitment and could often be the first step of a couple’s journey toward a much more serious relationship. A promise ring can mean many things, including promises to be faithful, to always love each other, and to marry each other someday. Couples who plan to marry someday usually start with promise rings before proceeding to an engagement ring and finally to wedding rings.

What You Should Say When You Exchange Promise Rings

What is a promise ring?

The concept of promise rings goes back to thousands of years ago when couples were betrothed instead of engaged. A betrothal is a legally binding ceremony, which means that the couple promised to each other would eventually marry each other. As part of the betrothal ceremony, the groom-to-be will give his bride-to-be a ring that signifies his commitment to her.

Typically, a promise ring is given with the understanding that it will be replaced by an engagement ring in the future. With this in mind, promise rings are more modest in both design and price. The centre stone that’s set in a promise ring is sometimes smaller than the centre stone of an engagement ring, and may even have no centre stone at all. If you plan to give your special someone a promise ring make sure you get her a custom made jewellery that matches her lifestyle and preferences.

Which finger do you wear the promise ring?

As promise rings are intended as pre-engagement rings, they are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, which is also the position for the engagement ring. At appropriate times, the promise ring will be replaced by the engagement ring and eventually by the wedding ring.

However, if the ring is not linked to a promise of marriage, this can be worn on any finger on the right hand. To avoid people confusing a promise ring from an engagement ring, some wear the pre-engagement ring on the right-hand ring finger.

What do you say when you give a promise ring?

There are many things you could say when you give your special someone a promise ring specifically designed and made for her. Here are a number of examples that may help you deliver the message without making her/him think that you are asking them to marry you:

Please accept this ring as a symbol of my vow to be faithful to you. Wear this ring as a symbol of our commitment to this relationship and our future.

Let this ring be a reminder of my pledge to be faithful to you and to never ever stop loving you.

This ring is a symbol of my intention to someday marry you and it holds the promise that my heart will be true. One day, I hope to replace this with an engagement ring, and eventually a wedding ring.

Looking at these rings, may we be reminded of our vow to be faithful to one another and that we'll always be there for each other.

More important than the words you say is how you say it. Remind yourself that this exchange of promise rings is a very personal and special occasion. The vows you make when you exchange rings will not be as grand, as formal, or as publicly-made as wedding vows. But, you should still choose words that reflect how you truly feel about your relationship. If you’re afraid of making speeches and making a mistake, then you can opt to write your thoughts in a card, which can also be considered as a lovely keepsake of this momentous event in your relationship.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you with another exciting topic.. Till then take care .

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Heya girlzzz..  I am so happy today because of two reasons. First one is , it is finally raining here, the weather is a little cold outside and I add m feeling like having pakoda ..well,  the second thing is, I received my parcel from CanvasChamp.. If you don't know what is canvaschamp, then let me tell you, it is a website which frames memories into canvas prints.  You can make customise canvas photo frames and trust me, they have amazing options, varieties, designs just to make your frame special.

Frame the Memories with Canvaschamp

Except canvas prints, there are also metal prints, photo prints, frame prints, acrylic prints, photo collages, photo mosiac ,pop art, split photos, etc. options available. There are also gifting photo options present like photo mug, photo pillow, photo book, photo calender, etc. Aren't these sounding cool ?

Now come to my experience..  On 14july, my  son's birthday happened and we clicked so many pictures on that day obviously.  Hence it was his 5th birthday, I wanted to frame few of the pictures just to store the memories.

Frame the Memories with Canvaschamp

I choose canvaschamp to create a big canvas print specially . The website layout is so easy to operate and I choose the size 16x20 for my print.  Then on the next page there were options to upload pic and to choose other creative options.  I choose according to my requirement and placed the order.  Then I got a mail for confirmation of my order. Voila .. after 3 days I got my beautiful canvas photo . I love the quick delivery and secure packing of the team.  I appreciate how beautifully, neatly they have made the canvas photo. Just look at the below pic and you will also agree with me.

Frame the Memories with Canvaschamp

Frame the Memories with Canvaschamp

I choose solid colour option for the sides of the canvas frame, but you can also go for mirror effect. You can also opt for wider frame or thinner frame. I choose the normal size.  The material of the canvas is very soft and of good quality . The print is clear and proper.  I am going to hanging this in my bedroom.

There are different prices for different sizes, different designs . According to the quality they are providing, I think the price is right. You will definitely gonna satisfy all the penny you spend.  Currently there are some offers going on, go and grab and frame your precious memories into canvas.

Hope you found this post helpful.. See you with another exciting topic. Till then take care 😊.

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

I am a lipstick junky and love to hoard more and more lipsticks.  To be very honest I don't apply much lipsticks in regular basis but I love to collect new lipsticks every now and then.  Recently I have hauled so many lipsticks. Will show you in my next video,so please subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned there.  Well, now come to today's review which is on Freedom Pro lipstick now 119 adorn.

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

I got this lipstick in one of the subscription boxes. I have never tried the brand earlier but have heard about their affordable product ranges. You can find this brand in Nykaa but this particular shade is out of stock now. In Freedom Pro lipsticks ,there are so many variants according to shades like bare collection, red collection, now collection, etc. which makes it easy to choose the right shade.

Price - Rs 299/- 

Packaging -

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

The Freedom Pro lipstick comes in a regular black lipstick case but at the bottom there is a little transparent pot with the same lipstick shade inside. This is really helpful to choose the right shade.  Other than that there is the shade name and bar code sticker on the cap and no other information on the tube itself. This is the downside of the packaging i must say.  They should provide a outer box with all information regarding the product.. The cap closes with a click lock technique which makes it travel-friendly.

Shade, Texture, Pigmentation &Staying Power -

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

The shade 119 adorn is a beautiful red tone pink shade with mettalic finish. There are loads of fine golden shimmers in the lipstick which obviously create a nice mettalic effect on lips. Initially when I saw the shade it looks a little cheap kind to me and I thought to not use it.  But after few days I can't control my obsession and applied on my lips finally. Luckily I quite like the shade.  I don't have much mettalic shades in my collection and I quite like it.  I normally prefer to wear matte finish lipsticks and these days I am loving liquid lipsticks more but I love the shade too. It is not looking very loud on lips, a perfect shade for winter and autumn season. Another thing is, this shade is a bit similar to MAC Rebel though it has more towards red tone .

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches
It is looking more red-ish here,though it is more on pink side in real. 

The texture is creamy and glides smoothly on lips.  But the shadows not so much pigmented in one swipe . I need 3-4 swipes to bring out the right shade on lips. Though the texture is smooth ,you need to prep your lips before application. After some hours the lipstick settles down into the finelines of lips which is weird sometime. The staying capacity is around 5 hours which is okish. I can expect more from this lipstick because at this price there are good alternatives also available in market.

This lipstick is an average product. If you want to try a new brand /product, then you might give this a chance.  I have heard freedom pro eyeshadow pallets and blushes are good. Will try out in future. Now see how it is looking on my lips..

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

Freedom Pro Lipstick Now 119 Adorn Review & Swatches

Pros.. - 

1- Nice colour display packaging
2 - beautiful pink shade with red undertone
3 - Has mettalic finish
4 - Perfect shade for winters
5 - Creamy texture and glides smoothly on lips
6 - Affordable

Cons..  -

1 - Availability
2 - Not very pigmented, need 3-4 swipes to bring out the shade
3 - Transfers onto things
4 - Settles into fine lines of lips
5 - Has loads of fine golden shimmers in it

Rating - 2.8/5 🙁

Overall the freedom pro lipstick in shade adorn is a pretty shade but if you are a matte lipstick lover, then you might not find it good to grab.

That's all for today and see you with another exciting topic. Till then take care  😊.

Xoxo ❤..

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Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Of all things, wearing a saree shouldn’t be a pet peeve. Choosing a favourite saree from the stock of hundreds could be, but wearing and flaunting it, shouldn’t be! Here, we bring you a few expert style tips that will help you to hone the saree draping skills and be an ethnic chic you have always wanted to be!

Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Common sense rocks

You can’t really go wrong with a saree if you are aware of the basic fashion styling. For instance, you aren’t supposed to wear horizontal stripes in a saree if you are on a heavy side. Similarly, stay away from big prints, heavy jewellery and rife abstract and embossed prints. A Kanjivaram pattu silk saree is usually too heavy with lots of zari work going on the border to the length of the drape, hence, it is better to pair it up with a simple cotton blouse.

Some roads are travelled less for a reason

This quote by the very famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld holds true in the case of a saree as well. The cotton inner wear keeps you relaxed and comfortable. Cotton is a skin-friendly fabric and lets your skin breathe. So, while you are all decked up in the heavy jewellery and zari-adorned Banarasis, the cotton blouse and petticoats make you feel at ease. The polyester-spandex petticoats go well with cotton and georgette sarees. These sarees are light, so you feel at ease in them while getting the desired silhouette. On the contrary, wearing heavy textures like desi raw silk saree with spandex petticoats will leave you all sweaty and uncomfortable.

Saree Etiquette: Style tips to put you at ease with a saree!

Dial it down when needed

Accessories can make or break your style game. If you want to ace at it, take a step back and think about what would work with your saree? It is always better to do this a day before. This will give you plenty of options to think about, work on and finalise. If you are wearing a saree to work, steer clear of sheer fabrics. The rule is to be comfortable and stylish. You are spending almost nine hours at the work and if you spend it taking care of the pallu, pleats, hiding your waist or worrying about putting too much skin on the show, you would not get any work done, let alone be trendy and at ease.

Get flirty, sexy and quirky! 

Because that’s what you do with a saree! A saree should embody your personality and you, not the other way around. Unlike a bikini or a shift dress, you don’t need to be on a liquid diet to fit into it! It is versatile and gives you the immense flexibility to try and score! So, don’t hesitate to ditch the blouse and sport a crop top, a denim jacket, a kurta or even a palazzo with a saree! Try Maharashtrian nauvari in a Punjabi wedding and wear a Banarasi to a South India function! Your saree has to be you.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed the post. See you with another exciting topic ,till then take care 😊 .

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Most Exotic Flowers to Give on the Date

Flowers are beautiful and they can easily express your feelings in front of anyone. With these flowers, you can convince people for your love. These are an impeccable expression of everything that is inside your heart. These beautiful flowers carry different messages and the recipient can easily understand the message. Choosing the perfect exotic flower has a great role in your date.   But when you will select flower for someone then your choice should be idle. Roses are beautiful and considered as exotic flower too. But you cannot give the same flower to your sweetheart every time. If you think that there are only roses that are romantic and exotic then it's your misconception. There are lots of flowers that carry romantic messages. When you will choose these online flowers than your partner eyes light up with delight. Here is a list of exotic flowers that you can try on your next date.


Most Exotic Flowers to Give on the Date

If we talk about language of flowers then red tulips also show love.  These are perfect when you are going for a date at night. These beautiful flowers come in different colors. So, you can choose any of them like pink, yellow, orange, and purple. The purple color is best to show royalty. You can keep these flowers in water they will keep growing even after they are cut.


Most Exotic Flowers to Give on the Date

Carnations are considered as the “flower of the God”. This beautiful flower signifies fascination and love. This is the reason it perfect for all young lovers. You will get this flower in many colors but you can also dye them in color of your choice. If you go with these beautiful flowers bouquets on your date then your girl with surely get delighted.


Being one of the most exotic flowers in the flower world there are many meanings attached to this flower. Orchid flowers signify love, seduction, refinement, and beauty. This one flower can show all these things. You will find around 25,000 different kinds of orchids with different colors. This flower is very beautiful and pleasing. There some orchids those look different and interesting because they have shape like a monkey or human faces and like bees. This is the exotic flower that you can give to any girl to impress her. You can choose purple color this will be perfect for your date.


Most Exotic Flowers to Give on the Date

Lilies are elegantly beautiful flowers that we can have from florists. Lilies also come in many colors and they look perfect in the bouquet. When you will gift this beautiful flower to your date then she will surely appreciate your idea.


Most Exotic Flowers to Give on the Date

This is another exotic flower for your date. This flower will be the perfect choice for all the lovers. This will leave long-lasting expression on your girl. This flower symbolizes innocence, love, and loyalty. Gerbera daisies are perfect if you want to choose something more colorful.


Irises flowers signify valour, faith, and wisdom. This flower is best and can easily attract new lovers. When anyone receives this flower then this will be surely light up eyes with surprise.

So that's all for today, Hope you enjoyed the post. See you with another exciting topic, till then take care. 😊

Xoxo ❤..

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Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin

Rose water is one of the best natural ways to get glowing and radiant skin. It comes with great benefits like soothing and rejuvenating the skin, and gives a natural glow to die for. Rose water is also suitable for all skin types, and can be easily incorporated into the daily beauty regime easily. For those wanting to know how to get fair skin, just grab up a bottle of rose water and get started. Following are few beauty tips using rose water that can help one get glowing and radiant skin.

1) Skin toner

Rose water acts as one of the best natural toners, which makes the skin healthy and joyful. Being a significant process of the daily skin regime, toning is often ignored but helps removing dirt, grime, oil and bacterial collection in the skin surface. Rose water being a gentle and natural product helps in opening the skin pores so that it can breathe easily. This also wards off blackheads, acne and pimples. Being one hundred percent natural it also does not have any hazardous chemical effect and can be incorporated in the daily skin care.

Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin

Just dab a cotton ball in a little Dabur Gulabari Rose Water and apply on the skin, gently massaging on the face for at least five minutes. Wash off with cold water and feel fresh as a daisy. Its scintillating fragrance is also a mood lifter.   

2) Reduce puffy eyes

Home remedies for glowing skin includes rose water’s use to reduce puffiness and bulge under the eyes. The swelling mostly happens due to lack of sleep, fatigue or even stress and can be quite an irritant. Thus, to help reduce the inflammation that is caused because of buildup of fluids under the eye area one should give a rose water cold compress daily. It not only soothes the area, but also reduces and eventually finishes off the puffiness. It also refreshes, hydrates, energizes the skin, and perks up the whole face.

Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin

For tired eyes, the best beauty tip is to soak in cotton pads in chilled rose water and keep on the eyes for at least 15 minutes. Thereafter, you will feel invigorated and bright instantly.

3) Make-up remover

There are many kinds of make-up removers available in the market that claim to be the best. However, the truth is that most of them are laden with chemicals that do more harm to the skin than the make-up itself. Hence, it is better to switch on to natural and what is best than the humble rose water. Rose water soothes the skin, keeping it hydrated and cleans thoroughly.

Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin

Just mix two parts of rose water along with one part of coconut oil and soak in a cotton pad for at least 2-3 minutes. Thereafter, gently wipe the make-up from the face and feel the difference. 
4) Natural face spray

Face sprays are necessary have for those looking to get glowing skin. Face sprays cleans, tones and hydrates skin apart from making you feel fresh and sparkling. Rose water can act as the best natural spray, and can be sprayed on generously whenever you feel grime and dirt deposit on the face. It also helps hydrate the skin and adds a natural glow to the face.
Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin
5) Hydrates skin

Skin dehydration leads to many problems like premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, rashes and even dark spots. Hence, it is very important that our skin remains hydrated and moisturized to look and feel wonderful. Apart from drinking enough water every day, it is also important moisturize skin from the outside. Rose water comes in handy and can be splashed over the face many times a day without worrying about the side effects. In addition, rose water can be added to creams and moisturizers and applied daily. It can also be added to face packs to get glowing and soft skin instantly.

Five Ways To Use Rose Water To Get Glowing Skin
In addition to all of this, application of rose water or inclusion of it in your daily beauty regime can give you soft, supple and problem free skin. Its inflammatory properties can help you get rid of redness on the face, prevent sunburn and discourage growth of acne and pimple causing bacteria courtesy it is amazing pH balancing properties.

Need more tips on how and why to use rose water for glowing skin, skin care tips & how to remove tan? Follow our blogs.

Hope you liked this post . See you with another exciting topic.. Till then take care 😊

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