Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Heya girlzzz,  weekend is almost here and my holiday is about to over.  Well, today I am going to review MyGlamm long lasting nail enamel duo which I had received in April month Vanitycask Box . I wanted to get my hands on these nail polishes and luckily I got this one.  I love the packaging so much.. Let's get into the review..

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamail Duo - Review

Price - Rs390/- 

Available on 

Packaging - I love the unique packaging of these, looks really classy and luxurious. There are two polishes in a set. The applicator is of really good quality and perfect to apply.

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamail Duo - Review

My Experience - The two shades are very beautiful and well pigmented.  I need only two coats to get an opaque coverage . The nude shade is really pretty and a perfect nude shade.  I like the coral shade as well . It stays around 5-6days on my nails without cheaping . Though these are the prettiest nail polish shades, but I found these pricey according to the quantity provided. There are so many beautiful shades to try out in this range.

Now have a look at the swatches..

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamail Duo - Review

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamail Duo - Review

MyGlamm Long Lasting Nail Enamail Duo - Review

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Parents are funny. Some of them are very lax in their parenting styles. But then, there are those that are considered helicopter parents, or as we used to call them overprotective parents.  These are the ones that will not let their children out of their site for the foreseeable future and if they could carry them forever they would.

Let’s introduce Jess. She is one of those parents. First time mom, 30 years old, and working as a stay at home parent while her husband works long hours. She has all the time in the world to be with her little one Jack. But she doesn’t let him out of her sight. When pregnant she read what seemed to be every single parenting book out there, perused all the parenting websites about keeping the baby healthy, new techniques, safety and hidden dangers for children, and cooking her own baby food (of course organic).

Jess can be considered an overprotective parent for a few reasons.  Jack is three years old and a rambunctious one at that, fully immersed into the “teenager” stage (which is oh so fun) he is learning a lot about his emotions and the world and his capabilities. Jack tried to jump off the couch the other day but as soon as she saw him she went and grabbed him for fear that he would hurt himself. They also don’t go to the park that often and if they do she is right behind him, helping him over every obstacle and making sure that his hands are always wiped down, because of germs. Oh, she never says no to the child either.

But this is how Jess was raised. She is very naive to the real world. Her parents maintained a strict home and didn’t allow her much leeway. When they went out she was always in an umbrella stroller, because they didn’t want her wandering or touching (understandable but she then never experienced the beauty of running away from her parent having them scream after them in the store, or holding their hand and skipping). As she got older they were always helping out, always making the phone calls when it came to making appointments and she didn’t take risks. Her friends were pretty much planned for her as well.

Even Jess’s husband has started to let him venture more, although she calls at least 10 times when they are out of the house. He has started telling her that they have to let him learn on his own, because if he doesn’t he won’t know how to just be, how to be an individual, how to soothe himself after a fall or a disappointment. He has to tell Jack “no”.  So while he may look like the bad guy, he knows that he’s doing the right thing. Letting Jack have some independence can help him understand how the world works and to trust himself and his instincts. Plus, life lessons are the only learned by doing them.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

Today I am going share a nailart tutorial using stamping plate.  Here I have a set of five stamping plates from Beautybigbang . There are beautiful flower designs all over and the plates are of awesome quality.  I love each plates  . So I have try to create a party nailart using this flower stamping plate.  Before stepping into the tutorial have a look at the plates and designs over these..

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

Price - 12.99$

Buy from HERE

If you are new here, then here I am sharing a brief description on beautybigbang website. This is an international website which has wide range of makeup and nail products. There are easy payment method and it takes around 2-3weeks to reach to you. To get extra 10% off use coupon code SNIG10 across the site.

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

To store my stamping plates I use the holographic stamping plate organizer which is again from beautybigbang. I have share a detailed review video on my YouTube.. Please check out HERE.

Let's move towards the tutorial.

Flower Stamping Nailart tutorial | Ft. Beautybigbang (video inside)

Here I have used a dark blue shade polish from nykaa as base colour  and a pastel blue shade from essence cosmetics  for stamping . Now watch the video for complete tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.. See you in the next post ..till then stay blessed and keep subscribing to my channel. πŸ’œ

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Importance of Wearing a Post-partum Girdle After Giving Birth

Giving birth a new life is like a blessing but along with that there are loads of changes happen in the woman's life. Change in body shape is one of them and we can't do exercises or diet immediate after giving birth,but everyone wants to fit into their old cloths as soon as possible.  The big fat loose tummy might take the confidence away sometimes and we can't deal with this for longer time.  In this case a post-partum girdle works wonder. But there are so many miss-conceptions with that.  Sometimes doctors (few) won't allow and sometimes family members and relatives.  During my post-pregnancy time, my doctor leaves everything on me and my family said a strict no ,I don't know why.  In the family member's opinion, with the regular usage of post-partum girdle / corset ,I will develop back pain gradually (which is baseless obviously) and that time I was very new to all these and obeyed to their words . But now I can realise that I have done a big mistake by not wear a corset after my delivery. As belly wrapping after delivery is our tradition, I  wrapped my tummy with cotton cloths (silly me ) .

Well,  in today's post I am going to write about the importance of wearing postpartum girdle after giving birth .

✴ Helps in giving support and lower back pain : It support the lower back and pelvic muscles which gives you comfort . With regular usage you will feel relieve from back pain.

Helps with post-delivery recovery : Though it is not scientifically proven but it is true. After delivery the mid-tummy area muscles got loose and it takes time to regain to its normal shape . With regular usage of postpartum girdle, it keeps the muscles tight and in place which makes the recovery thing fast. But one thing to keep in mind that,never wear the corset very tightly ,it might be dangerous then.

✴ Help to build confidence : Wearing a postpartum tummy belt makes your belly portion flat and you can fit to your old cloths easily which builds the inner confidence for sure.

✴ Makes you feel comfortable : Wearing a postpartum girdle doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. you can move around and sleep with this tummy belt on and it is super comfortable . but one thing to keep in mind that you are using a good quality girdle .

From where should you buy a good quality postpartum girdle 

These are available both offline and online with various designs and varieties . While choosing a corset/girdle always select one with good material and size . There are so many varieties (with different names ) available like postpartum tummy belt , postnatal belly band , postpartum body shapers, afterbirth tummy wrap ,etc. There is a website She Fajas and YoYoGirdle which has vast ranges of postpartum girdles with awesome quality and the price range is also good .There are also size charts through which you can choose right size girdle for you.  You should check out the site to get awesome quality body shapers.

That's all for today . Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post,till then stay happy and do subscribe to my new youtube channel . 😊

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Monday, 14 May 2018

The Nature's Co. Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review

Hii everyone, how was your weekend?  These days I am not very much regular in blog and that's because of my holiday and the second thing is I have started my YouTube channel recently and I have to focus a bit towards the channel as well.

So today I am going to review The Nature's Co. cool cucumber face wash. I have received this sample size product in my April Vanitycask Box. These days I am loving this travel size face wash.  Let's get into the review in detail. 

The Nature's Co. Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review

Product Claims -  The cooling & cleansing property of cucumber extract helps the skin making it soft and supple. Its refreshing and astringent action makes it good for oily skin. Willow tree extract contains beta hydroxy acid , which gently exfoliates the skin and the antimicrobial property prevents the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Price - Rs695/- for 125ml. ( mine is 25ml. sample size)

Ingredients - Cucumber extract , Willow tree extract , Aloevera extract, vegetable glycerine, W/S base, Aroma, Natural preservatives and food grade colours .

The Nature's Co. Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review

Packaging - The face wash comes in transparent plastic tube with screw open cap . The 125ml. tube comes in a flip open cap actually . All information is on the tube itself . All n all packaging is very much travel-friendly and sturdy .

The Nature's Co. Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review

My Experience - The face wash is lemon-green in colour and gel in texture . It has very mild cucumber fragrance which feels very much refreshing. It doesn't feel cool on face as it claims . The facewash lathers really well and doesn't make my already dry skin drier. I love how well it moisturises my skin after wash. It is a best option for oily skin people as it has cucumber,aloevera and willow tree extracts. It cleanses my skin thoroughly and gives a nice glow to face each time i wash my face .  It removes mild makeup as well . The face wash has a little runny texture ,hence you should be careful while taking this inside your bag . Though i didn't face any such issues as i have the sample size tube which has screw open cap,but you might feel the spillage with the flip-open cap tube . I love my face after each wash with it. It makes my skin smooth and soft with each wash.

I will definitely gonna buy this after finishing the sample one . In summer my skin becomes sweaty (not exactly oily) and i need such soothing facewash very often during this season of year. You can buy this cucumber face wash by the nature's co. from Amazon (non-affiliated) .

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

These days I am holidaying with my kid because summer vacation has already started . Sun is on its high notch and never miss out to irritate us with the unbearable heat. It is hot outside,that doesn't mean we stop stepping out and look fashionable . It's time to revamp your wardrobe with some summer cloths and accessories . So here i am going to share few summer fashion hacks which can add very nice fashion sense and comfort-ness to your look .

1- Loose Fitted Cloths : 

Losse fitting cloths are very appropriate to summer. Believe me, the less fabric will touch your skin,the more comfortable you will feel.  I personally prefer loose fitting maxi dresses, flowy palazzo pants, loose oversize tops, etc.  And girl, you will definitely gonna feel more comfortable in long glowy steepes than shorts and tank tops.

2 -  Go with Pastels and Whites :

Summer means  light shades of pastel shades.  The lighter shades don't attract the sunrays and you will feel cool from within. White cloths or pastel shade cloths are very much comfortable to beat the heat.

3 - Say yes to Bralettes :

Avoid using padded bras or full coverage bras during summer otherwise you will end of having sweaty boobs  which is very much uncomfortable. It's very much relaxing to wear the lacy, soft  bralettes instead of wearing the normal ones.

4 - Choose Lightweight Cloths :

Go for lightweight cloths over the layered heavy cloths.  This also prevents skin from sweating  and makes comfortable to wear. Sheer tops /dresses with embroidery over it makes a style statement yet very comfortable  to carry.

5 - Cottons are best fabric :

Pure cotton cloths are very much comfortable to wear during this hot season. Cotton will absorb the sweat and dries fast.  You will not feel sweaty more.  Except cotton you can go with linen and pure rayon cloths as well.

6 - Say No to Sleeveless Dress :

People normally wear sleeveless during summer but you shouldn't because it exposes the skin to harmful sunrays and tanning, sunburn are the additional concern. It is better not to wear sleeveless and choose flared loose sleeves instead of that.

7 - High bun is the option :

Open hair can make you feel sweaty at the neck area, hence high bun is a very good option to chill out.. And it also look very stylish.

8 - Carry Small Sling Bag :

Keep your big  handbags and bagpacks at home and opt to carry small size, lightweight, designer sling bags . You will look more chic and girly for sure.

9 - Minimal Jewellery :

During Summer , do avoid heavy junky jewellery (specially neck pieces) as much as possible.  But you can wear pretty earrings because these hardly come in contact with skin.  Studs or large hoops are best option to wear in earrings.

10 - No-makeup makeup look :

Do avoid applying much makeup on face, this will make your face much sweaty and you might feel heaviness in face . Only groom your eyebrows, a bit of mascara and a bright lipstick will create the charm..

That's all for today.. Hope you found this helpful. See you in the next post. πŸ’œ


Sunday, 6 May 2018

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

Heya everyone,  Hope you all are doing good . Today I am going to unbox the May month Lady Raga bag.  This month's bag is also called 'My Prestige Edition' .

Price of one month subscription is Rs555/-
Book your Lady Raga bag HERE.

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

This month you are getting total four products with a surprise  gift and the cute little bag of course.  So let's get into the unboxing procedure ... I have already shared a video on my YouTube channel and will add that video at the end of the post..

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

The orange and green combination bag is really cute and very much summer appropriate. The material and quality is over the top.  The price of the bag itself is Rs350/- . Let's see what's inside the box..

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

The first product is a makeup product. It is a lipstick from prestige cosmetics. You are getting a random shade and it is priced Rs990/-. The brand is very new to me. I like the dark brown-ish shade I have received.  Will share a detailed review on it soon.

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

Then the second product is Soultree turmeric walnut face scrub. It is a 25gm. product and priced Rs120/- . I haven't tried the brand yet but the ingredients of this face scrub is very tempting.

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

Then the next product is L'Oreal sublime bronze self-tanning perfector & corrector. It is a sachet and costs Rs 130/- . I am really excited to try this out.

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

The fourth product is a german silver ring..  I love the design and it is of awesome quality.  It costs Rs 395/-.

May 2018 Lady Raga Bag Unboxing

Then there is a surprise inside the box . The body butter from brand Tatha is the extra surprise you are getting this month.  I am very excited to try this out as well.  Will share my opinion in separate post.

In total you are getting worth Rs 2083/- plus a surprise by paying only Rs555/-  . Isn't it a steal deal ? Book your May Lady Raga bag right away before it went stock out.

See the unboxing video below..

That's all for today, see you in the next post..  Till then stay beautiful and blessed.  πŸ’œ


Saturday, 28 April 2018

Let's Get the latest Fashionable  looks by Jennifer Winget and Mouni Roy..

I love Bollywood actresses and adore their amazing fashion sense.  But these days the television actresses are also rocking the ramp . I personally love the fashion sense of the beautiful Jennifer Winget and dashing Mouni Roy . I am a huge fan of Jennifer since childhood from her show Shaka Laka Boom Boom . Day by day she has transformed a lot and now has become a fashion icon.

This is the same in case of Mouni Roy as well.  She is more famous as Nagin after her show Nagin on television . This gorgeous actress has awesome fashion sense and has done few films in different languages as well. This Bengali beauty never fail to impress us with her fashion looks..

Here I am sharing few looks of these television beauties  which takes my heart away ..

Let's Get the latest Fashionable  looks of Jennifer Winget and Mouny Roy..

These pictures of Jennifer Winget from some the latest fashion looks . Not only she is looking beautiful but also she is complimenting all the looks perfectly.  We all know that, when a fashion icon wore something new, that suddenly becomes the fashion trend, isn't it?  I love the way she carries both Indian and western looks.  Again her look from her recent tv show Bepanah is so much in talk now.  She is always a style icon for so many girls and she will be in future as well.  If you want to get the looks carried by Jennifer Winget, then there is a secret which I am going to reveal at the end of the post, hence keep reading.

Let's Get the latest Fashionable  looks of Jennifer Winget and Mouny Roy..

Now tell me, aren't these pics of Mouni Roy looking mind-blowing ? If I will say, she is a true diva, then you will definitely agree with me.  She carries both Indian and western looks so gracefully. Her jewellery with Indian attires always in talk.  Every girl wish to own such traditional jewellery collection like Mouny Roy wear.  She is super stylish and so much inspiring for all fashion lovers.

Well,  now come to the surprise part of this post.. If you want to carry such elegant looks (by means of clothes, jewellery, accessories  etc) by your favorite actors / actresses , then there is a website called Charmboard which can make your dreams come true. For example, if you want to achieve the look of Mouni Roy in Nagin of certain episode, then just type the detail on search bar of the Charmboard website and you will get so many options for this look and after clicking on the desired product you will immediately redirect to the shopping sites like flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and you can make your purchase from there..  Isn't it sounding cool and exciting ? Then there is another option called 'create board' , where you can create your own board by adding products from other existing boards.  Another option is 'style cards' , which is an unique combination of charm and an inspiring product under that charm. You can create your own style card by clicking on the save icon under the product next to the charm. Like this there are so many other options also present which makes your makeover process smoothly and excitingly.

So why are you waiting for, just explore the site and be stylish and be fashionable .

Hope you found this post helpful, see you in the next post.. Till then stay beautiful.. ❤


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Friday, 27 April 2018

5 Budget Foundations Available in India

Foundation is the key of flawless makeup. A good foundation is very necessary to complete the makeup vanity.  There are so many brands and varieties available in market which makes us confuse while choosing.  The higher ones don't need any defination because they always give full coverage with flawless finish . But if you are in budget or doesn't use much makeup on regular basis, then the high end ones are definitely not your choice, right..  There are also so many drugstore brands which has amazing foundation ranges with awesome quality and affordable price. So here we are going to list down 5 best budget foundations which are easily available in India.

1 - Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Hydrating Foundation  :

This is a water based foundation, hence it hydrates skin as well.  It gives medium dewy coverage and very light weight on skin. It has spf factor which also protect skin from sun rays . The staying ability is around 8-9 hours and sometimes more.  It is a daily wear kind foundation and there are four shades available in this range.  Price - Rs750/- .  It is available both offline and online easily.

2 - Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Pure Beige Foundation :

This is one of the best drugstore and budget foundation i have used till now . It provides very natural coverage and perfect for normal to oily skins especially. It mattifies skin and refines pores . It is very light weight on skin . The staying ability is also remarkable . There are 14 shades available to choose from . It us priced for Rs575/- .

3- SUGAR Cosmetics Ace to Face Foundation Stick :

This is a revolutionary product from SUGAR cosmetics. This is foundation is in stick form .This is creamy,lightweight and easily blendable on skin. It provides medium to high coverage and matte finish look. The price is on the higher side a bit but it worth every penny you spent . It is long lasting and looks very natural on skin. It also moisturises the skin which is another best part of it. The stick packaging has a brush at the other end which can be use for blending the product ,isn't it great?  The price is Rs999/- .

4 -  LOreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Mat Foundation :

This is another great foundation I have used so far. This is a liquid foundation which gives powdery finish instantly after application. It stops the excess oil secretion from skin and gives a nice powdery matte finish look through out the day.. It stays for around 10-12 hours on skin. There are SPF 11 in it which is again awesome . The packaging is very compact to carry out and it is priced for Rs595/- for 30gm. of product.

5 - Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream :

It is a BB cream but not less a foundation . I love colorbar as brand for their awesome product range. This BB cream gives sheer coverage which is build-able with a radiant glow. It has apple extracts and aloevera  for nourishing, protecting and moisturising skin. It has SPF 20 with UVA/UVB filters for broad spectrum sun protection. It bis very light weight on skin and has non-greasy formula. It hides spot and fine lines very effectively . Moreover it is paraben free . Price - Rs599/-

So these are the budget foundations available in India . If you are an online shopping lover like me then let me tell you, buying foundation online is a little tricky as you might end up buying a wrong shade for you . It is always advisable to check your foundation shade at store first ,then buy online .

Hope you found this post helpful.. I am thinking to start a series on budget makeup products ,let me know your view on it.. See you in the next post..Till then stay beautiful ..  πŸ’–

Xoxo. .

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Hello everyone,  hope you all are doing good.  If you are following me on instagram ,then might have an idea that I have started my YouTube channel few days back. I am so excited for this.. Well,  let's jump into the post..

How to File Nail in Square Shape..

I love square shape nails and it is very easy to create as well.  If you have short nails , then square shape is the right option for you . For filing the nails here I have used the beautybigbang rainbow glass nail buffer..  Glass nail buffers are great over regular metal ones. But the only drawback is you have to handle carefully the glass buffer else it might break.  Watch the attached video for the tutorial of square shape nails.

How to File Nail in Square Shape..

How to File Nail in Square Shape..

Use coupon code SNIG10 while making a purchase from beautybigbang site to get 10% off on your cart.  So let's watch the video..

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Friday, 20 April 2018

5 Easiest Nailart Designs for Beginners..

* This post is a part of Happiness Blogtrain. I would like to thank my fellow blogger Nehal for introducing me..

I was too much confused what to write for today's post because it is all about my happiness and I have so many options which makes me feel happy..  Before jumping into the post I want to write few things about me.  After completing my MBA I was very sure to work in a corporate sector and I did too.. I was a banker but I left the job after relocating to a new city . Then to utilize my time I stepped into the blogging world slowly and I found my happiness in it.  Then I never look back. It was very difficult to manage blog, baby and home all alone initially but as time passed away it becomes normal for me.

Then I found my second happiness in doing nailarts.  When I am recalling my school/colllege days, I remember, I was very poor in applying even nail polish on my nails and now see, I enjoy every moment of doing nailarts . Whenever I feel sad, I love to dress up properly and put a bright lipstick and heavy kajal . Then the second thing I do is, doing nailarts . I feel really relaxed whenever i saw my painted nails . I had never ever imagined that I will be a nailartist (though I am not a pro till now).  All and all the moral is, never ran behind (or blame anyone)  for your happiness, try to find that inside you..

Now come to the track.. Today I will share 5 easy designs nailarts for beginners which tutorials I have already shared on blog earlier.. I will give the links here for better understanding .  Let's move..

 1 - Swirl Patten Nailart :

This is a very easy and beautiful nailart pattern which needs only few minutes to create.  All you need a needle and two or three nail polish shades . I have created the pattern for Independence day .. Find the tutorial HERE .

2 - Raindrops on Nails :

This is another beautiful 3D nail design which needs no time to create. . Here you will need a nail polish shade for base colour and a dry, gooey transparent top coat for this awesome nailart. Find the tutorial HERE  .

3 - Dry Brush Nailart / Abstract Nailart : 

This is a no-tool nailart which is again very easy to create.  Here you will need a base colour polish and a contrast shade nail polish.  Are you eager to know how I create this design, then visit the link HERE .

4 - Colourful Nailart using Sponge :

I had done this design for Holi . Here you will need few colourful nail polishes and a facial sponge  .. It is a very random design which anyone can draw..  Have a look at the tutorial HERE  .

5 - Drag Marble Nailart  - 

This one is one of my fav nailart which is beautiful and very easy to create.  Here all you need a needle to drag and two shades nail polishes.  I have created this design for Valentine's Day.  Find the tutorial HERE  .

There are so many designs and patterns of nailarts on blog.. I have selected few basic designs only for you..  Hope you love these designs..

** This post is written as a part of the “Happiness blog train” presented by Blogsikka and Mom’s Methods and sponsored by “Nayasa”. Nayasa has come up with a new range of bottles. This range of bottles are insulated, they maintain the liquid’s temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold. The new designs are practical and aesthetic. From holding in palms to the cap, everything is designed carefully.

The next destination is Shreenithee's blog.
She is a Bangalore based blogger and started sharing her thoughts through her article, for enthusiasts who cherish safe skincare, healthy lifestyle,  appreciate nature, respect environment and are intrigued to know some science behind food.

That's all for today... See you in the next post, till then stay blessed. πŸ’œ


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

"This is a Sponsered post . All opinions are mine "

Style Your Hair with BlackHairSpray Wigs

Hair is very precious to every woman. It is very much equal to an ornament to every woman, if I am not wrong..  In earlier days people used to use all natural and homemade products for their hair and they had beautiful hair that time. But now a days, pollution ,busy and hectic lifestyle has stolen away the healthy hair days from our life.  The chemical loaded hair products, heat and styling tools, hair colouring,etc. makes us fashion appropriate but our hair has become lifeless, isn't it?

These days I am facing so much hairfall and all thanks to the humid climate and hard water in my city. This is the issue of everyone now a days. But you can overcome this problem by using wigs. There are different kinds of wigs available in market but it is very important to choose good quality and matching wigs to make you feel comfortable while going out.  Recently while googling I found an excellent site called Blackhairspray which has amazing quality and wide range of hair wigs.

At Blackhairspray you can found less front wigs, ponytails, short hair wigs, waves, long hair wigs, braids and hair care stuffs. There are so many colour options to choose from in each variants.. They deal with some top brands like Milkyway, Free tress equal, Isis collection, Bohyme, Goddess ,etc.. The website layout is very easy to access .You just have to choose the design and cour as per your preference and place the order and get your parcel delivered at your doorstep . In case you didn't like the stuff, then they also have 30days return policy ..

I love crochet hair look but never did on my thin hair.. Blackhairspray has some beautiful crochet braid wigs.. If you don't know what is crochet braids, then let me tell you this is a technique where you need to take small portions of hair and make tight braids through a crochet hook or latch hook. This kind of hair style mostly find in African hair culture. See the below pic to get a proper idea on crochet hair.

Now say bye to bad hair days and  be ready to flaunt your hair with blackhairspray's amazing wigs collection.

That's all for today, see you in the next post. Till then stay happy and blessed.. πŸ’—


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