Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Yoga and Beauty

'Yoga' is a word which brings peace in mind instantly. Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices which brings extreamly peace in life.  On 21st of June we celebrate the International Yoga Day each year, hence thought to share with you all, how yoga enhance our external as well internal beauty.

1. Improve Confidence :

When you are confident from within, the effect is clearly visible on face. Yoga takes an important role to bring confidence in your personality. By during yogasans regularly you can notice a visible differerence in your personality as it helps to make strong the back and shoulders. When you walk straight and head strong, your self confidence will become high .

2. Detoxify Body :

Regular exercise also helps to detoxify body and improve the blood circulation. It gives a healthy life and glowing skin.  Yoga is also beneficial if you have acne prone skin.

3. Improves Immune System :

By doing yoga regularly also improves and strengthen the immune system, hence you will feel healthy and fit from within . Strong immunity system is the path of happy life.

4. Refresh whole body :

Different yoga postures helps to keep your mind in peace and stress-free which ultimately good for our health. A full hour of yoga session increase the heart rate and helps to burn few extra kilos. With regular yoga habit you can regain or retain extra kilos is per your need. Yoga helps to control high blood pressure, heart issues ,cholesterol issues etc. And in woman it also helps to cure menstruational issues and PCOS.

5. Healthy Glowing Skin :

There are some yogasans which are specifically for enhancing the natural beauty of a person. It improves the blood circulation and allow sufficient quantity oxygen to reach the body cells which results healthy and glowing skin.  With doing yogasans everyday body becomes flexible gradually and skin looks younger naturally .

Overall beauty is not only the outer skin of the body but we need to bring out the inner beauty as well and here Yoga helps a lot.  With continuous Yoga activity you can notice a vast change in your lifestyle, personality, nature, etc.  All and all yoga can bring out the good human being in us. Hope you will agree with me.

*please remember that there are different yogasans for different prospectives. Try to do under expert supervision.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you with another exciting topic. Till then take care ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Xoxo.. ❤

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Raising a child on your own brings with it many challenges, and without your partner to spread the load, everything falls on you, and more often that not, you also have a career to revive. The first year is basically a question of providing, and once your child reaches toddler status, things start to warm up. Obviously, you have a routine with your child, but when they suddenly become mobile, the young child’s natural instinct is to explore, and while this is perfectly healthy, it doesn’t mean they get a free run of the house. If your child has mastered the art of walking, here are some very useful tips on making your life a lot easier.

Invest in a Playpen

You simply must have some kind of physical barrier that limits junior, and a playpen is designed to safely contain the child, while providing high interest distractions. Bells, buttons, dials and levers are all cleverly featured in a modern playpen, and while you do want to accompany your child around the house at times, there are other times when you simply don’t have the time to play. A playpen and the right toys will give you that valuable time to do the housework, along with all the other tasks a single mum is burdened with. Make sure that your child has adequate toys to keep them occupied, and by using a playpen, you are safely containing your offspring, at least for a while. If you would like some useful tips on how to toddlerproof your home, there is a great article that is packed with good ideas.

Day Care Centre

In order to get your career back on track, you will need to source a local child care centre, and if I was looking for a kindergarten near me, Google would be my first choice. There are first rate early learning centres in Melbourne and Sydney where your child can safely explore the world around them, and begin to acquire those essential social skills, and if you choose a day care centre that is well established, you will have peace of mind and can focus on relaunching your career. You really do need to visit the centre before making a decision, and look for a clean and safe environment where the kids are actually having fun. The early learning centre should have a soft room, where the kids can release some of that boundless energy, and with a suitable outdoor area and a range of fun based activities, your child will learn how to be with others in a safe and secure environment.

Manage Your Time Well

With a toddler and no partner to share the load, there’s never enough hours in the day, and if ever you need your time management skills, this would be the time to effectively plan your daily schedule. Multi-tasking is an absolute must, and during those precious hours when your child is at the early learning centre, you need to fit everything in. If you are working, that makes it even harder, but mothers instinctively do what they can to provide, and with some careful planning and a few sacrifices, you will be able to run a tight ship.

The few hours per day that you are apart from your child will help you both to develop a stronger relationship, and with clever use of time, you should be able to get your career back on track.

Hope you found this post helpful.. See you with another exciting topic . Till then take care. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

How to Look Beautiful this Eid with Minimal Products

Hey everyone , I was planning this post since 2-3days now but somehow it didn't happen. Hence thought to post today itself, hope I am not really late. Today is Eid, so first I want to wish you all a very Happy Eid..  It is still very hot weather everywhere which pull back is to put on so much makeup on face. But Eid is a festival of deck-up and we can't ignore that. Here I am to share with you few tips and tricks to look equally beautiful and appealing without even applying much makeup . You just need few basic ones and a good base of skincare and it's done . Isn't it sounding cool ? So let's get started. .

1 - Massage your face :

Massaging face is really important to reduce the puffiness and it will also increase the blood circulation. Massaging with a good cream gives your skin a nice hydrating glow and it also will look healthy and fresh.  You can use any good massage cream or gel available in market. A good 20minutes massage can bring a nice effect on skin.

2 - Apply a homemade face pack :

Homemade face packs are really good to pamper skin. You can use my fav homemade ubtan which is a mix of gramflour, turmeric, fresh cream and honey. Don't forget to put the paste in fridge beforehand to get that awesome cooling feeling in face. This will remove away all dirts from skin and it will become squiky clean and also glow.

3 - Apply Moisturizer :

After doing the first two steps don't forget to apply a good layer of moisturiser.  It is very important to hydrate skin we because dull skin will not make any sense of deck-up . Always apply a moisturizer followed by a face serum. You can use sheet masks as well ,but remember in this case skip the step 2 i.e. applying face mask. Sheet masks are really awesome because these will work as a face mask as well as these have serum which hydrates skin well. For moisturising, you can use any good cream or aloevera gel as per your choice.

4 - Apply Sunscreen :

Never ever forget to apply a good SPF sunscreen whether you are stepping out or staying inside. Sunrays are everywhere and can damage skin badly over a period of time. Apply a good sunscreen after moisturising the skin. SPF 40 - 50 is ideal to use in Indian hot summer.

5 - Groom the brows, Go with Kajal and Mascara :

Even if you are not doing any makeup but we'll groomed eyebrows can make a huge difference.  So don't forget to do that.  Apply kajal On upper and lower eyeline and smudge a bit to create a smokey faded  effect .Don't go overboard. You can use gel based on creamy kajals because these are easy to blend with finger as well. Then apply good layer of mascara just to lift up the lashes ..

6 - Lipstick and Blush :

Apply a good bright lip colour and apply the same Lipcolour as blush as well. Please remember, apply few dots only on cheeks and blend through finger only to get a desire effect. You can also use the same lipstick as eyeshadow to add a pop of colour to your eyelids.

7 - Vaseline as Highlighter :

If you have no highlighter in your stash, you can use a vaseline as highlighter. Just dab a bit of vaseline on the higher cheekbones and other portion of face which you want to highlight and blend with finger tips in very lighthandedly .

8 - Use a Setting Spray :

Using a good setting spray after doing complete makeup is very necessary as it will help to make your makeup stay longer without fading.  Hence invest on a good setting spray is must.

Ta..Da..  You are all done to celebrate the auspicious Eid festival. It is not necessary to put heavy makeup always in any festival, it is important to stay happy and feel happy from withing which ultimately reflect on your face . So always stay happy and Happy Eid to everyone again..

Hope you liked this post, see you with another exciting topic  . Till then take care. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Xoxo. . ❤

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Friday, 15 June 2018

A letter to the best father of the world on behalf of my son..

Hello Daddy,

Hope you are doing well.  I know you are in office now, but I said mom to write a letter for you because I am very small to write such big words or sentences . I know MOM can express my love, my words in a better way to you.

Dad, you always say that I am the biggest blessing of GOD to both (mom and you) of you but today I want to say that I am so blessed to have both of you as my parents. Mom is great and you too know that but today I want to express my feelings regarding you only. I haven't seen any of the super heros in real yet but I can proudly say you are my biggest hero and you will be my inspiration till the last breath of my life.

The day I was born, you were the one who was with my mom at the hospital and you were so afraid to hold me on your lap because I was so tiny. You remember, my first word when I was a very small baby (around 9 months) and it was DAAADAA . Mom was a bit sad that I didn't speak Maamaa first but I know it happens. You are the only one who used to awake whole night after mummy when I was very tiny and new to this strange world.. When mom was feeling very tried by taking care of me, you were always there to help her and to chill out with me.  I never ever feel alone or bore when you are around me. Every night you share the bed time story with me and make me sleep. I miss our continuous talk when you are in office the whole day.

I still remember the first day of my school when I was only 1.10yrs. old , you were so tensed and kept asking my teacher to stay with me in the classroom . You always there with me whenever I feel any difficulties.  Can you remember those vaccination days of mine ? Haha.. You were just keep asking the pediatrician uncle regarding the vaccine brand, mfg date, composition , etc.  and the after effect obviously . Whenever I get fever or cold cough you become so panic to make me feel better. I never ever forget those unconditional love of yours. At the time of vaccination mom used to cry always but you always stay strong to encourage me and to divert my attention.  You are the best DAD.

Sometimes you become angry on me because I do irritate you so much by throwing tantrums on public places but what can I do, kids are like this.. But I am promising you to become good kid in the coming year. I will study well and make you and mom feel proud . Mummy always say that you are a beautiful soul and more over  a good human being and I am promising to become like you someday and you will proudly say, ' see, that's my son, my soul, my pride '

Well, now come to the secret part that, mom and I have planned some surprises for you this Father's Day. Hope you will love our surprises.  Mom is really good in creating surprises and you know that.  You both are my lifelines and always keep loving me like this.  Okay, now don't feel immotional Dad, it's time to celebrate our togetherness.

Wish you a very happy and special Father's Day Papa  .. Loads of love and puchiisss...๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ 

Your little soul
Swastik ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Few days before I have shared a floral  party nailart on my youtube channel as well as blog and so many of you have asked me to do a detailed review on the stamping plates, so here I am. Today I am going to share my opinion on Beautybigbang's 5 piece set of floral stamping plates and along with that will share few nailarts using this stamping plates . Are you excited ? Let's get into the review but before that few words about the site beautybigbang .

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Beautybigbang is an international website which retails makeup and nail care products at the best prices ever. I like their nailcare collection more. The price is so in budget and the quality of products are also awesome . I have used both the makeup and nail products from the site and fully satisfied with the quality they are giving. They do ship worldwide and shipping is free. You can pay using PayPal, debit card, credit card, etc.  The shipping process takes place 2-4 weeks because it's an international shipping. You can use my coupon code SNIG10 to avail extra 10% off across the site.

Beautybigbang 5 piece Floral Stamping Plates Set 

Price - 12.99$
Buy from HERE .

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

The first word came from my mind after getting these is WOW. I love the outer cardboard packaging so much. It looks so colourful and ethnic, isn't it ? Then there are 5 pieces of stamping plates which has beautiful floral patterns over it.  Each plate has 6 patterns and one plate has 11 patterns  and in total you are going to getting 35 patterns .. Isn't it a great deal to grab.  There are also single plates options on website.  The plates are metal and a bit heavy on hand which is really good . The material is amazing and the patterns stamped on my nails really well. I will share below five nailarts using these plates.. 

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Beautybigbang Floral Stamping Plates Set Review

Look, how beautifully these have stamped . There are also so many more designs on website.. Hurry up and check out and don't forget to use the coupon code given above.  Happy shopping.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope you found this post helpful, see you with another exciting topic, till then take care. ๐Ÿ˜„
Xoxo.. ❤

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

7 Holiday Destinations in India You Can Visit During Summer

Summer vacation is about to over ,but still you can plan a holiday to chill out. There are so many places in India where you can enjoy your summer holidays.  We all are busy bees and a holiday is much needed in our life to just relax and to away from all stresses of regular life.  I love traveling and exploring new places.  We (me and husband) try to plan atleast two holidays in a year which is great to just relax the mind and body too. Well,  here I am going to listed down 7 holiday destinations of India which are great to visit during summer.

1) Ladakh :

It is a beautiful destination to enjoy summer holidays . The edgy mountains, stunning lakes, great views and amazing weather is just take your vacation mood to another level . Years ago I had visited to Ladakh during summer vacation and till now I remember the amazing moments I had spent there.  There are so many beautiful places to explore like Zanskar Valley, Pangog Tso Lake, Spituk Gumpa, Khardug-la pass, Hemis National Park and many more.  Don't forget to spot snow leopard at hemis national park and enjoy a ride on double humped bacterian camel at khardug-la pass. The place is well connected from Jammu through air and road.

2) Srinagar :

Srinagar is one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. It is heaven on earth. The greenery around and beautiful flowers makes the place more tempting.  The shikara rides at dal lake  is very famous.  The floating gardens are also another main attraction. Except these Nishat Bagh, Salimar Bagh,  Tomb of Zin-ul-abidin, Zama Masjid, Sankaracharya Hill are also some of the best places to visit in Srinagar. Also don't forget to stay in boat house, these feel amazing truely. Summer is the very appropriate season to visit Srinagar, the weather is really awesome there during this time.

3) Manali :

Manali is a very famous holiday destination as well as honeymoon destination of India. It is in Himachal Pradesh.  People who love adventurous activities, also will love this place.  There are so many beautiful places to explore.  The view and weather is awesome in all seasons.  Some of the awesome places to visit in Manali are Hidimba Temple, Himalayan Nayingmapa Gopa Monastery, Club House, Solang Valley, Jogini Falls,  Arjuna Gufa , Vashisht hot-water springs . Don't forget to do paragliding at solang valley and take a deep in Vashisht hot water springs.  Summer is great season to visit this awesome hill station of North India .

4) Mussoorie :

Mussoorie is a really popular summer holiday destination. This beautiful place of Dehradun become crowded during summer time because of its awesome weather.  The flowery greeny hill-y lands makes it looks like a little fairy land. So many of Bollywood movie suitings happen there only. The places of attractions are  Kempty Fall,  Jwalaji Temple , Landour clock tower, Gun Hill, Rajaji National Park, Library Point, Sir Gorge Everest House, Cloud's end.

5) Munnar :

 Munnar is a beautiful summer holiday destination of South India. The place is well-known for its fabulous climate, lush hills and amazing tea plantations . This beautiful hill station of god's own country Kerala will take your vacation mood to next level. If you are going to Munnar, never forget to stay in tree house, trekking to the Echo point and shikara ride in Kundala lake . Except these another visiting points are Elephant lake, Tata Tea Museum, Anamudi Peak, Chithirapuram, Devikulam, Chinnakanal, etc. It is really a beautiful place to visit.

6) Kodaikanal :

Kodaikanal is another beautiful hill station of South India . Grass lands, waterfalls,  valley,  forest makes this place more appropriate for holidaying during summer.  This hill station is in Tamilnadu and one of the most popular place of southindia . Kodaikanal lake, Bryant park, coaker's walk, Pillar rocks, Dolphin's nose rock, Sembaganur Museum of National History and Bear Sola Falls are the places you can visit at Kodaikanal.

7) Ooty :

Ooty is another hill station of Tamilnadu and is a famous honeymoon destination as well.  It is located in Nilgiri blue mountain hills and also very well-known as Queen of Hills.  The famous toy train of there will take you through the nearby beautiful hills.  There are so many beautiful places which will make your vacation memorable. Ooty lake,  Emerald lake, Tribal Toda Huts, Doddabetta peak , Dear park, Upper bhawani lake, St Stephen's Church, Avalanche lake, Kalhatty waterfalls are the places you can explore in Ooty.

Except the above mentioned places, there are also so many other destinations in India where vacating during summer will be pleasantfull . I have mentioned the places where I have been till now. Nainital, Darjiling, Coorg, Andaman Island, etc. are the places which are in my wishlist as well for summer holidaying .

So here I am penning down and promise you to come with another exciting topic very soon.  Till then make a plan for an exciting summer trip. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Today I am going to share my opinion on Tatha Body Butter spicy sandal. The name itself is so tempting, isn't it?  Th ed brand is new to me though I have a face scrub from the same brand but I am yet to try out that.  I am using this body butter since couple of days now.  It is summer and my skin is not behaving dry . But recently during my holiday, my skin has become a little weird because as use of the climate change I guess, hence I started using this one. I got this cute little bottle in one of the subscription boxes.

Tatha Body Butter Spicy Sandal Review

Tatha is an ayurvedic brand which products are preservative and chemicals free . They have 100% pure and authentic products. Tatha has wide range of personal care, cosmetics and natural wellness products for healthy living. Let's know more about the body butter by Tatha .

Price - Rs 1250/- for 300gm.

" Tatha body butter Spicy Sandal enriched with goodness of shea butter and cocoa butter to give a lusty and satiny finish skin. " 
Available on Amazon .

Ingredients -

Tatha Body Butter Spicy Sandal Review

Packaging - The body butter I own is a deluxe sample size bottle which I received in some subscription boxes. I love the cute looking glass bottle though it is not heigenic to use at all. The bottle is a very good option to carry during travelling. There are some information regarding the product on the tub itself . The golden mettalic cap makes it look luxurious.

Tatha Body Butter Spicy Sandal Review

Tatha Body Butter Spicy Sandal Review

My Experience - I am using this since couple of days now after taking shower. I know this is a very small quantity size bottle and will not last if I will use twice a day.  But I must say the body butter is really rich in texture and in look as well.

Tatha Body Butter Spicy Sandal Review

The body butter smells amazing. It has very smooth and silky texture.  The consistency is thick but it is really creamy.  It spreads on skin like butter and takes a little time to absorb completely into skin.  As it has Shea butter and Cocoa butter , no need to say how moisturised it is on skin . It leaves no greasiness or stickiness behind which is my main concern for summer.  It feels really light weight on skin after absorbing. It keeps moisturised my skin all day long and I love the smooth feeling in my skin. It really do charm on the dry areas of my skin like elbow, under the feet, etc.  I too use this as a nail cream to moisturise my nail cuticles.

Overall I love this body butter by Tatha .The full size is a bit expensive side but worth try I guess.  This winter I am going to buy the full size one for sure.

Pros.. -

1- Very cute and classy packaging
2- Smooth and silky texture
3 - Has goodness of Shea butter and Cocoa butter
4 - Keeps my skin moisturised for all day long.
5- No greasiness and stickiness after applying
6 - Feels light weight on skin
7 - Smells great
8 - Very effective on dry patches

Cons.. - 

1 - Expensive
2 - Tub packaging is unhygienic to use
3 - Availability might be an issue

Rating - 4/5 ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in another exciting topic ,till then take care ❤ .

Xoxo.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Why do Guys like Women with Long Hair

It really isn’t any wonder that guys like women with long hair. The preference can be traced back to the long hairstyles worn by pinup models. Images of these glamour models were mass produced to society. During this period, it finally became fashionable for women to show off their tresses. Brigitte Bardot, Bettie Page and Rita Hayworth were some of the more famous actresses to start showing off longer hair.

Guys Love Long Hair :

Guys like women with long hair extensionsbecause the hairstyle is extremely attractive to us. To be blunt-we find super long hair sexy. Maybe the long curls or bouncy waves trigger a certain positive reaction. It’s been scientifically proven that men are primarily visual creatures. This means our brains make quick judgments on what looks attractive within a split second. I can’t speak for all males, but I am willing to wager that most men prefer girls with long hair. “I like long hair because she looks like a model.” explains one of my male friends. That’s not to say that short or medium hairstyles don’t look nice. Men have been conditioned to want women with long hair. For example, take a look at movies from the 1980s to present. In the movie Weird Science, two high school boys design their own female. They constructed a female with an hour glass shaped body, plus unbelievably wavy long hair. Today, the hairstyles of Beyonce, Shakira and Christina Aguilera are widely popular at beauty salons.

Long Hair Takes Work

Women spend a great deal of time, money and resources creating a desirable hair look. Since women are more likely to judge the appearance of other women, they must also worry about looking presentable to both sexes. It’s unfortunate, but girls are under much more pressure than males to appear attractive. Girls are constantly flooded reality shows, fashion magazines, plus super models-all with really long hair.

How to Get Long Hair Fast :

Any easy fix is hair extensions. These days, it’s possible to get 100% real human mink hair vendors applied by a stylist, within just a few hours. The technology means your extensions will last a very long time. You can choose micro bead, fusion, including skin-weft styles. Love it or hate it, guys really do like women with long hair.

Hope you liked this post. See you in another exciting topic. Till then take care ❤


Precautions to take during menopause

Menopause is known as the natural process of aging. It is this time where the woman’s progesterone and estrogen level start decreasing. Menopause means the end of menstrual periods in a woman’s lifespan. When a woman does not experience 12 successive monthly periods, it is called as menopause. The normal age for menopause is 51. It signifies many different changes in your body.

Have a look at the precautions, which you need to take care during your menopause..

๐Ÿ”ธProtect your hair with a healthy diet-

Losing hair can emotionally drain down a woman, that too when she isn’t prepared for uncertain changes. It is said that hair loss can be one of the symptoms of menopause. So, protect your hair loss during menopause with the help of a healthy diet. Increase your intake of vitamin B, C, protein and iron. Prevent hair breakage by not pulling neither twisting them.

๐Ÿ”ธTake care of your bones -

Your bones will start breaking down and it’s a common thing. So, start taking diet which is high in calcium and minerals. They act as antioxidants and thus have the power of slowing down the aging of the bones.
Regular physical exercise is important -
A regular physical exercise is essential to maintain your physical and mental health during your menopause. The exercise of minimum 30 minutes a day and minimum three times a week is necessary.

๐Ÿ”ธPrevent yourself from hot flashes -

The hot flashes is one of the symptoms of menopause. There are some common triggers of a hot flash i.e.-
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Heat
  • Spicy food 
  • Caffeine 
You can prevent hot flashes by limiting your intake of alcohol, caffeine.

๐Ÿ”ธFind out some stress management techniques - 

Sometimes stress is really hard to avoid. Menopause occurs in such a period where children leave their parents, or you have to take care of your elderly parents. During this period, you undergo numerous hormonal changes thus it makes difficult to handle the stress. Try doing meditation, yoga to relax. Engage yourself in an activity, which you enjoy.

๐Ÿ”ธDrink sufficient water - 

Prevent yourself from dehydration by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. This is an essential must thing during your menopause.

๐Ÿ”ธTry getting good sleep -

Research shows that during menopause, women do not get enough sleep. They face lack of sleep due to the problems like insomnia, hot flashes, anxiety and depression. Try sticking to your regular sleep schedule. Take a warm bath before going to bed; it helps to relax your body and mind. If you are suffering from hot flashes, then a warm water bath is necessary because it helps in dropping the temperature.

Menopause brings many changes; however, you can try taking these precautions during menopause. If you want to know more about the dos and don’ts for menopause, then seeking help from a gynecologist is a great idea. Find out the best gynecologist in Bangalore who will help you in getting answers to your queries.

Hope you found this post helpful . Do share with everybody and see you again with another exciting topic, till then take care ❤ .

Xoxo.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

*image source - pixabay
** guest post 

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If you can carry out point 7, everything will go well.

That's it; it's already happened. Summer comes back another year and you with the damn complexes for not having gotten a flat belly. Well, although we do not like complexes, the truth is that it is normal to want to improve our anatomy and see the best version of ourselves when we look in the mirror.

That is why if you have proposed to lose belly in record time, we recommend following these eight tips to get a flat stomach healthily and definitively. As I read in the Venus factor, do not look for miracles, this will require a little commitment on your part ... Here we go!

1. Long Live Diuretics -

If you notice the swollen belly continuously, you are likely to suffer fluid retention. This also manifests itself in other areas of the body, such as the legs, but sometimes it is accentuated in the area of ​​the belly, where the discomfort and heaviness we feel is greater. To reduce fluid retention, food will be your great ally.

The key to having the greatest effect on your fluid retention is to eat it without too much additive or in very elaborate recipes. Finally, in the case of infusions, we recommend those of extract of birch, fennel, nettle or dandelion. Or green tea, that miraculous food.

2. Water, water, water -

Whatever it is, we claim the benefits of water to the full. But we do not say it for saying. It is proven that drinking a lot of water (about 2 liters per day) is not only beneficial to avoid fluid retention but also helps digestion, prevents constipation, contributes to its satiating effect to eat something less and, therefore, To lose weight ... That is if you want to eliminate the gut and get a flat stomach, do not forget the blessed water.

3. Chews the food a lot -

Another tip that will help you lose a little belly and notice your flat stomach is to chew the food well. Digestion begins in the mouth! Chew the food thoroughly until it is completely crushed and then swallow. If you're not used to it, try to eat with the TV turned off, so you can focus on your plate and count each time you chew. It may seem silly to you, but ingesting food helps your stomach do less work on digestion, which avoids heaviness, gas, and bloating. And, on the other hand, eating slowly helps you to be satiated earlier since you eat calmer and with less anxiety. Follow these healthy and safe eating tips that you start to notice the difference soon...

4. Moderate intake of sugar and salt-

We do not want you to eat all bland or sweet snacks, but moderating their consumption is a good way to have a flat stomach. Why? First, if we do not drink sugar, we will keep insulin levels low and glucagon high. Glucagon is the hormone responsible for transforming belly fats into energy, so keeping your blood sugar levels high (by limiting your sugar intake) will help you lose belly fat.

Regarding salt, this is often responsible for the retention of liquids and therefore to feel swollen. Its moderate consumption is beneficial not only to lower weight but also to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Our recommendation is to switch to aromatic herbs to flavor your meals and replace conventional salt with a natural salt low in sodium. Or for any of these recipes

5. Do not just do sit-ups -

One of the big mistakes when trying to eliminate the gut is to dedicate to doing sit-ups as the only and main exercise. Well, we warn you that, although the abdominals help strengthens (we'll talk about them in the next point), is not enough to get a flat stomach. The first thing must be to take care of the feeding and, later, to enhance the aerobic exercise, to culminate working the zone in concrete.

This means that to lose the belly is more effective to perform cardiovascular exercise, to help us lose weight in general, to combine it with strength exercises to strengthen the muscle and then move to the abdominals to train that area in a localized way. Among the recommended aerobic exercise, the bicycle, Swimming or running can be great options, being recommended to practice between three and five times a week. Motivate yourself with these exercises and start losing weight!

6. Abs, please -

Although other exercises have to be performed, it is clear: the abdominals are a great way to tone the abdomen. Do you know how to do them correctly? There are many ways to train your abs. You can try the typical trunk lift lying on your back or, lean with your back and hands back, stretching your legs. These are the two most typical and easy exercises for people who are not accustomed to doing too much exercise (seriously, it's easy to start, and more with this discount on sportswear!)

As for repetitions, you must increase progressively. It starts with three sets of 15 or 20 and increases little by little. Here the important thing is not that you do many, but that you do them well.

7. Be constant -

And this is the key to everything. At this time of the year, we are always in a hurry to look nice on the beach or in the pool, and we do some crazy to lose weight. If we want to feel good about ourselves, it is best to take care of ourselves continuously throughout the year and not the month before our holidays. That is why we practice sports on a regular basis, take fruit and vegetables every day or drink abundant water should not be made isolated in our life, they must be habits.

If you want a flat stomach and a body that you feel comfortable with and you look good, be consistent in these healthy recommendations and make them your customs. At first, it costs, but do not underestimate your willpower. In a few days will be your routines!

8. Watch out for the covers -

We'll tell you right away: it will not serve to kill you with your abs, exercise or chewing the food if you do not intend to take care of your food. To achieve results, we must take care of food. So if you want to reduce belly, not only will you eat more fruits and vegetables, you should also limit the consumption of sauces, batters, chips, bar top...

It seems complicated because sometimes gluttony wins the battle, But it is as easy as eating only when you are really hungry. That is, listen to your stomach, not your mind, and when you feel really hungry, eat. Do it in small plates and small quantities: thus you will be satisfied before. By taking care of your diet, you will achieve your ideal weight naturally. Sounds good, right? Say goodbye to the complexes once and get a flat stomach healthily and gradually! We end up with a few low-calorie foods to help you with your plan ... You can!

**Guest Post..

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Which human hair wig styles are popular for black women?

Most black women are born with natural thick beautiful hair texture which requires a lot of attention. As a black woman you know coconut oil and heat is your friend if you want to keep that thick beauty under control and truthfully it is not every day you are in the mood to give your hair that tender love and care it needs. Some days you just want to achieve a great look in minutes, this is why the human hair wigs market is becoming very popular.

Human hair wigs were introduced into the market some few years ago and since then can be found in the homes of most black women. While the black thick hair is very beautiful, sometimes you just want a different look for the day and these human hair wigs can act as a protective shield for your black hair from chemicals and direct sunlight. There are so many types of human hair wigs ranging from human hair full lace wigs to half wigs and all these wigs are ideal for the average black woman.

Here are some human hair wigs styles popular among black women;

1.Pixie human hair wigs style : Pixie human hair wigs style is a short wig style that gives you the feeling of a haircut without a visit to the barbershop. This hairstyle is popular among black women because it gives you freedom from your natural full thick hair and very appropriate during summer periods. You can feel the summer breeze on your neck and your face.

2.Wet and wavy full lace wigs style : Do not get confused here, black women love their big beautiful thick hair, but sometimes they just want to escape the hard work that makes it come out looking all lush and beautiful ( so next time you see a black women with her natural thick hair looking all fine, you better throw a compliment her way). This is why the wet and wavy full lace wigs is a favourite among black women. It is not only very soft but also the full lace closure gives it a natural flow. Wetting the hair reduces the waviness of the hair but if you want it notoriously full then a blow dryer is your friend.

3.Body wave human hair wigs: Black women have taken a liking to body wave human hair wigs especially the human full lace wigs because it does not only come in handy but it gives them the illusion of having a different hair than they are generally used to. Before you spot a black woman from afar with her hair even if when she is light skinned but now it is kind of hard to tell because human hair wigs and human hair full lace wigs in body wave gives them the opportunity to look different.

Conclusion :

Human wigs come in different styles ranging from straight to curly and body wave. They also come in different qualities and grades giving the black woman an opportunity to look good in a hurry. Black women seeking a certain hairstyle or colour can now achieve it.

*guest post

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Heya girls, you might be thinking I have become mad by seeing the heading of the post. But it is true that I am looking for good design cardigans for myself. Again you might be thinking, it is super hot outside and why I am searching for cardigan  ?? Wait wait, I am clearing all confusions here. Actually I am going for a holiday next month and the weather is really cold there , hence I need few designer cardigans to flaunt myself. Here in India it is a little difficult to find out cardigans during summer , so I choose to buy online.  While searching on Google, I found one new online shopping site DressLily.com which has awesome range of  cardigans and the designs are also very unique.  You can check (HERE).

Buying Cardigans during Summer , am I going crazy !!!

(Dresslily) is an international shopping website which has latest trend fashionable men and women . The price range is also affordable.  You can find trendy women /men cloths , jewellery ,bags , wigs, lingerie , shoes ,etc..  There is also a section for plus size girls which I like most because it is always tricky to find cloths for plus size girls .They have amazing customer service and easy payment method. They accept PayPal,  credit card, debit card payment methods. There is also a 30days easy return policy . Every information is on the site itself to make the shopping experience better and hassle-free .

I wondered by see the amazing collection in each section but I control myself and only selected few cardigans for myself.  Here I am sharing my wishlist with you all, pleass let me decide what to buy or not or should I buy all because I love each and every design on the site.

Look, how cool are these designs . There are so many sizes also available, hence no need to worry to get the perfect size. There is also size chart with each product. As per the customer reviews, the material quality is awesome and also great deal to grab  according to the price. I love the mustard colour cold-shoulder cardigan and the black embroidered cardigan one more. What about yours ? By the way before winter coming here in India, how it would be to buy few new designer cardigans / sweaters ,just a thought . I am all set to rock my vacation with all these beautiful cardigans, what is your planning  ? Don't forget to share with me in comments below.

That's all for today, see you in an another exciting topic ..till then take care ❤

Xoxo. .๐Ÿ˜Š

*image source - Dresslily 

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Never Go Out-of-trend with Tartan Pattern Cloths

Tartan is an old pattern on cloths which is still in trend and so much in fashion. Like we said old is gold, there are so many designs and patterns came and went but tartan pattern is always makes a style statement.  This amazing pattern is also named as plaid design and checker design in some countries.

This is different kind of tartan patterns

Tartan is basically a criss-cross or zig-zag pattern in different colours which discovered from Scotland a decade ago. Later on it became popular and spread to other countries as well. You can find these checker pattern in winter cloths mostly but now these are available in other cloths and in printed version as well. In this way we can carry this awesome design in all season, isn't it great ? There are wide range of cloths, accessories available in tartan pattern. ( see more details here )

I have a soft corner for tartan pattern  fabrics and these days it has increased more.  You can find so many of this design in my wardrobe whether it is hair accessory or a pair of shoes or a top or a trouser.  You can carry these to office to outing to party, anywhere.  Recently while searching for some new cloths online, I came across a site (RoseGal) which has really amazing collection of womens wear.  I love their tops collection more . And see what I found there, a beautiful collection of tartan tops. The amazing thing is, you can find plus size tops there which ranges from size XL to 5XL  .. I honestly love this thing because it is really difficult to find cloths with great design on these sizes. Okay let me just quickly share with you few designs here..

Aren't these looking cute and stylish?  I like the quirky top with hen print on it and the night suit is also looking chic. The tops are super pretty and will look amazing in all the season.  The tops are of their plus size  collection about which I have mentioned above. Tartan prints always look girly, chic, stylish and create a fashion hue among youngsters, isn't it ? Definitely go and check the website Rosegal for awesome cloths and accessories.. You will love their collection and will thank me later. I am very sure about this .

Hope you found this post helpful. See you  next with another exciting topic . Till then take care ❤


* Image source - Rosegal and Pinterest 

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