Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The current scenario is known to us all. The whole world is struggling to get out of this pandemic situation. Most of the countries are under complete lockdown and India too is no exception. But we can't forget to live life just be stressed any further, right? Even in such times, there are creators constantly bringing a smile on your face by creating content at home. 

Tiktok is #TheNewNormal
Tiktok is #TheNewNormal

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platform currently in India and all over the world. Tiktok is a short video making social media platform. There are varieties of videos including comedy and informative. Many celebrities, stars are on Tiktok right now. The creators are also spreading awareness regarding Covid-19 in beautiful and innovative ways. Currently, #TheNewNormal and #WorkFromHome are trending on Tiktok, where the creators are showing how to work from home in really engaging ways and there are also messages to our society to not to go out unless you have any kind of emergencies. Along with that, you will also find videos on how to ensure proper seating while doing work from home without hurting your back. There are also exercise videos which can help you stay fit and healthy during the lockdown. And there are yummy and healthy recipe videos too. 

Tiktok is #TheNewNormal
Tiktok is #TheNewNormal

Tiktok is #TheNewNormal
Tiktok is #TheNewNormal

There are Bollywood Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Shahid Kapoor, Yami Gautam etc who leave no stone unturned to entertain through various comical performances. There are health experts and nutritionists who guide us on what to eat and help us boost the immunity of the body. There are videos which show easy, creative crafts, paintings, etc. which will keep the whole family busy and engaged at home in a better way. There are videos for every age group to entertain, to learn, to be rewarded. 

On Tiktok, they always prioritise the users' privacy which I appreciate. In Covid-19 the creators of Tiktok are playing a major role to spread awareness among people. Tiktok is widely used by everyone across India, hence the awareness has also spread even in the rural areas. In Tiktok the creators also raise their voice on social issues. Through Tiktok while you are getting a good dose of laughter, you will also get information regarding the current scenario.

Being a social media influencer, I can understand the effort and hard work the creators put in to make their content successful. I appreciate the Influencer's thought and effort to make the lockdown period more cheerful and meaningful. 

#StayHome and #StaySafe..

Friday, 19 June 2020

When the whole family is with you , the tough situation also feels easier to handle. The outside trauma is on the top right now. The world is under a deadly virus and the pandemic situation is becoming heavy on our mental health. Within this 3-4 months, so much happened in our country specially and god only knows what is going to happen in the coming months. Well, when the country was under lockdown and everyone were inside the house , the only person whose workload got doubled was the woman in the house, isn't it ? Preparing food, cleaning utensils, cleaning house, making the kids study and play ,etc. and the list will go on and on. But what if the whole family join hands together and divide the works ,the work pressure will also reduce and everyone will become happy. So here i will say my story and experience with #ShareTheLoad where we stay in a nuclear family.

Share Chores and Multiply Love ..
Share Chores and Multiply Love .. 

Just before the lockdown my younger son who was only 1 year old was admitted in hospital because of Diarrhea and just the day before first lockdown  we got discharged from hospital . While the lockdown thing was so new for us , I had to take care of an ill baby and along with that my husband and the elder son all alone. I was so much tensed on how to manage everything single-handed . There was no maid ,no house helps , nothing. And i had to maintain the clean and hygiene of my house to avoid any kind of infections further.  At that time my husband assured me that not to take stress more and we can divide the work between us . This gave me a bit of relaxation. Since then we are sharing our load together. He helped me in cooking, washing dishes, feeding my kids ,cleaning house,etc.

 In baby houses, cleaning cloths is another level of stress . In doing laundry also my husband helped me a lot. He feels like doing laundry is the easiest task to start the work and of course when you have a washing machine and the best Ariel Matic liquid detergent with you . #ShareTheLaundry 

Share Chores and Multiply Love ..
Share Chores and Multiply Love .. 

My elder son also helped me a lot in cooking and arranging stuffs . He also managed his little brother while i was doing some work . My husband also made my kids sleep and helped to to spend some ME time . Sometimes we cooked together the special dishes to surprise our kids. The best part is, he never complained about the fact that he is also doing this much household chores. We shared the load together and our lockdown experience was so much happier . Now as lockdown is partially over and he has started going to his work like before and he isn't getting much time to help me . But after coming back from office he never forget to help me in preparing dinner or cleaning the house which is again much appreciated. 

Everyone should understand that household chores are not only meant for the woman in the house but when we do things together the relationship and bond between us becomes more stronger . #ShareChoresMultiplyLove . Hence sharing the load is not a taboo at all where as we should enjoy working things together. 

 ‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The lockdown is still here, the fear is being affected is still here but as usual, ZEE5 is still working to entertain people in this serious condition. ZEE5 is bringing new shows, series, movies one after another and trying to make us relaxed and happy all the time. This is really appreciating. In my previous post, I had mentioned that now ZEE5 has ZEE5 kids too for our little champs and now I have more exciting news for you all. Now you can watch regional movies also on ZEE5 which is again so amazing. 

Watch Best Free Kannada Movies on ZEE5
Image Source: ZEE5.com

There are around 12 regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Odia,etc..  movies are currently on ZEE5 which is again appreciating. With all these ZEE5 has become India's most popular and no 1 entertaining OTT platform. So today I am going to mention Kannada movies especially

Though I do not belong to Karnataka I know the language properly and I always enjoy the drama, thriller, action and comedy in Kannada movies. 

Watch Best Free Kannada Movies on ZEE5

Watch Best Free Kannada Movies on ZEE5
Image Source: ZEE5.com

ZEE5 has a good collection of some of the most popular Kannada movies like Johnny Johnny yes papa , Mufti , Puspaka Vimana ,  Rx Soori , Mr. Teertha , Mugulu Nage , Rambo 2  and many more . There are movies from every category . 

If you are a comedy movie lover or want to make your mind relax then Johnny johny yes papa , Rajaratha will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. To create a romantic atmosphere watch out Kenda Sampige , Nooru Janmaku , Ganna Bajana on ZEE5 . 

For action and thriller there is a huge list of movies like  Gooli, Mr. Teertha ,etc. on ZEE5 . For drama loving people there is also a good list of Kannada movies on ZEE5. If you ask my personal favourite movies, I will suggest watching Cheluvina Chilipili , Maduve Mane,etc.. In fact I can't distinguish between the movies.  All are the legendary movies of Kannada film industry and ZEE5 has the selected collection of awesome superhit Kannada movies. 

If you understand the language, I will suggest you watch out these amazing movies on ZEE5 right now. You will definitely enjoy your movie time for sure. 

I am glad that ZEE5  has introduced a regional movies collection. Now everyone can enjoy movies of their own mother tongue which is gonna be an amazing experience I am sure. 
Users can access the entire ZEE5 content library on 5 screens simultaneously. Get ZEE5 subscription today and enjoy binge-watching.

Thank you so much ZEE5 for bringing so much fun and happiness for us during this stress and the scary situation outside. We are really overwhelmed.. 


Monday, 1 June 2020

Right nutrition plays an important role in health system. Social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, gloves can avoid the infection of Covid-19 , but healthy immune system plays a great role in defending the deadly Corona Virus . 

Food that Boosts the Immune System
Food that Boosts the Immune System

According to current scenario choosing right food is more necessary than any other thing . While the whole world is busy taking precautions and stress because of this pandemic ,we somehow are ignoring the fact to strengthening our immune system . A strong and healthy immune system can defeat any kind of outside virus or bacteria easily. Everyone need to understand this truth and maintain a proper and healthy  nutritious diet . 

So here I am sharing few food categories which are good to boost up our immune system ..

Food that Boosts the Immune System
Food that Boosts the Immune System

1. Food Rich in Vitamin C 

 Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting up immune system of body. Even now doctors and WHO also recommend the same . All kinds of citrus fruits like lemon, guava, orange, amla, mausambi , berries are rich in vitamin C. Add all kinds of  colourful veggies to your meal. Add basil leaves, spirulina , neem, green tea to your diet. Except all these you can have vitamin C supplements also. 

2. Food Rich in Anti-oxidants :

We should include food rich in anti-oxidants at least once in a meal of the day. Super foods like onion, ginger, garlic, berries, carrot , pumpkins are full of antioxidants and helps in building a better immune system. All these have also contain vitamin B, C and E which helps to get rid of any kind of infections. 

Food that Boosts the Immune System
Food that Boosts the Immune System

3. Have the goodness of Turmeric :

Turmeric is again a super food and well-known for its Ayurveda properties . It is really beneficial for our health as well as skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which is best to improve the immune system. You can add turmeric and black pepper to your daily diet. You can also have turmeric with  warm milk , water or as it is too. 

Food that Boosts the Immune System
Food that Boosts the Immune System

4. Coconut Oil :
Coconut oil has anti-viral properties which is helpful to fight against variety of viruses and bacteria . You can just start your day with 1-2 spoons organic coconut oil . This helps in reducing inflammation.

Food that Boosts the Immune System
Food that Boosts the Immune System

5. Eat Fermented Food :

Fermented food helps in the growth of good bacteria in your gut and with high level of good bacteria our immune system becomes strong . Yogurt , home made pickles ,etc. are comes under fermented food. 

6. Prebiotic Food :

Flax seeds, chia seeds , apples, oatmeal, barley , potato, banana , kiwi comes under prebiotic food . Sch food promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and help in good digestion. Overall good digestive system and good bacteria helps to improve the immune system . 

All are these helps to improve the immune system . Along with these food categories we have to follow a good lifestyle too. Sound sleep, exercise, meditation, yoga, positive thinking also help you to stay healthy from inside and happy from outside .

Stay home and stay safe..   

Food that Boosts the Immune System
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*Image source : Pixabay 



Thursday, 21 May 2020

6 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Beauty

If you ask many people why they are seriously engaging in exercise, the most common answer is to stay in shape. Both men and women have the desire to lose excess fat and have a body that resembles that of a model. Well, this has everything to do with both beauty and health. But what most people do not know is that exercise promotes beauty in many other ways. Whether you are a woman or not, this article is for you. Follow it to the letter to enjoy all the benefits.

Staying in Shape
This has already been mentioned, but it is worth elaborating. Exercise helps engage the body to burn excess fat instead of storing it. Therefore, one maintains a lean body that is in perfect shape. Those who are already obese can also lose belly fat if they are serious about exercise. Weightlifting and cardio promote the burning of calories. If what is burned is greater than what you have been consuming, then the result will be visible after some time.

Promotes Skin Health

Another benefit of exercises is maintaining healthy skin. Everyone would like to have soft skin that looks amazing. In addition to food and water, workouts also have a way of improving your skin. Women who jog or visit the gym regularly usually maintain soft skin that rarely gets acne or pimples. Men also enhance skin health by exercising.

Slows the Aging Process

Most of us have heard that exercise slows down the aging process by balancing the body hormones. If you look at experienced athletes, including those who use supplements from the Steroids Evolution website, they all look young and vibrant even if they are older. Although aging will catch up with you, exercise will make it a graceful process with few illnesses if any.

Prevents Muscle Loss

Naturally, a human body should lose muscle as it ages. While this is normal, there are many factors that can trigger it to occur more quickly. Certain illnesses usually trigger muscle loss, and this can make a middle-aged person look old and sickly. However, working out often prevents this in an amazing way. Did you know that exercising even reduces wrinkles?

Better Breasts

Swimming improves the breasts of a woman. But there are many other exercises that will have the same effect. This is why women who want to have firm and larger breasts should exercise a lot. Most cardio workouts are good, but weight exercises that target the chest and abs are the best. When the belly fat is gone, your breasts will start to improve.

Healthy Hair

Unfortunately, most people are oblivious to the fact that exercise can benefit the hair. Having healthy hair is important to both women and men. The more you exercise, the less your hair will fall out especially when this is accompanied by a healthy diet. See, exercising has numerous benefits for your beauty, and this is why you should take it seriously.

That's all for today.. Hope you found this post helpful for you..see you in the next one ,till then stay happy ..

Monday, 27 April 2020

Because of lockdown kids are affecting more than elders . They are not going out for play nor are they meeting their friends . We elders can understand the outside situation better but sometimes it is difficult to make kids understand the same . In spite of  doing various activities , they get bored easily every now and then . Here I have something for your kids to enjoy.

ZEE5 , India's leading OTT platform has come up with a new space for kids . ZEE5 recently announced the launch of ZEE5 Kids, an offering exclusively for children, providing more than 4,000 hours of entertainment content. It encompasses varied genres, languages, formats and age-group based curations for kids and it is completely free for all users . ZEE5 kids will also launch exclusively digital like gadget guru, guddu and bapu in the coming weeks .

ZEE5 Brings New OTT Platform For Kids
Image Source - ZEE5
The best part is  ZEE5 Kids offers a library spread across multiple languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. ZEE5 Kids’ content is a mix of acquired and exclusives by onboarding leading production houses like Lionsgate and Cosmos Maya, it said.

ZEE5 Brings New OTT Platform For Kids
Image Source - ZEE5

There is something for every child on ZEE5 Kids ,  right from action and adventure to drama, comedy, mythology, inspiration, superhero, fantasy & DIY. Kids can enjoy their favorite cartoon characters Chota Bheem, Robin Hood , Mogli , Krishna , Hathim ,etc. Across 9 languages and varied formats - live-action, top animated movies, fiction, Reality shows, etc.

ZEE5 Brings New OTT Platform For Kids
Image Source - ZEE5

Not only the shows give the kids a source of  entertainment but also teach them moral lessons too. Kids can learn new things on a kids friendly platform . Kids can enjoy different story based shows to educational based shows to nursery rhymes,etc. The character-led stories such as Bandbudh Aur Budbak  show how they complement each other . Chota Bheem and his friends gives us the #friendship goals where Krishna and Balram give us sibling goals .

ZEE5 Brings New OTT Platform For Kids
Image Source - ZEE5

ZEE5 Brings New OTT Platform For Kids
Image Source - ZEE5

Mythological shows Ramayana and Mahabharata helps kids to know more about our culture and mythology . There are kids movies too which definitely hold the excitement of your kid to  hours. Kids can't go outside now but they can enjoy at home with their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes .

With the launch of ZEE5 Kids, ZEE5 is now the OTT destination for the entire family as parents can spend quality time with their children and ensure that their little ones are entertained as well as engaged . What more we can demand during this situation !! #NonStopBachFUN

We are so happy with ZEE5 Kids and my son enjoying a lot these days.. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)

Each passing days are bringing lots of curiosity and fear inside us . We are so confused to find the answer of the uncertain future . The world is suffering today and we are just helpless . The whole nation is running with an uncertainty. We are under lockdown for 21days which is about to finish in a day or two . Some states have already increased the lockdown period for some more days . The death rate and positive cases rate  are increasing with every passing hours . All these will definitely make anyone feel down . But we need to be strong now , we have to be united mentally not physically. We need to remember that , " Together we can win the battle" .

There is also a video of mine on this topic too , please watch HERE 👇🏻.

As we all are under lockdown and can't step out , becoming frustrated is very normal . This is  completely new experience for everyone . If you will ask me , to be very honest Initially everything was vomplfine with me but gradually as time increased it felt really suffocated to me . Because it is not easy to stay inside a 2bhk apartment house with two really small kids (one is a baby) and moreover without any help . My husband has to go office daily as usual and I have to manage everything all alone . I am a very socialize person and this was so difficult for me at least . But eventually I started accepting things and added few changes in my lifestyle and daily routine . Trust me guys those changes really made difference.

So here I will share those tiny ,simple changes which helps me to stay positive  and motivated during this pandemic situation.

1. Don't stick to news channels or social media 

 Watching news and staying updated is good but currently I will not advise to check news channels  every now and then . The more you will try to get updated about covid19 cases ,the more you will become restless and afraid . Because the numbers are increasing so frequently . In the same way try to stay away from social media as much as possible . Now a days social media is so disturbing to be very honest .

2. Start doing meditation and yoga

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)

Meditation brings peace in mind and a day when starts with meditation and yoga ,definitely will be peaceful day . Because of the outside stress and lockdown , we can feel exhausted sometimes and it's quite natural . Making the mind calm is necessary to bring out the energy inside you . And yoga or pranayam is very necessary these days . Try to include the respiratory system related yogasanas like Kapalbhati and anulombilom ,etc.

3. Watch comedy movies and web series , listen music 

I love watching comedy movies ,web series ,etc. You can watch those to make yourself relaxed after all laughing is the best treat for your body . It us said that music is the best therapy to cure any kind of depression. You can listen good music according to your choice and dance too ..

4. Engage yourself to some creativity things / Play with Kids

This is time to explore your inner desire ,hobby ,etc. You can engage yourself doing anything you love to do but was not getting enough time to fulfill . activities like  crafting ,gardening , dancing ,cooking, singing , painting ,etc .. Along with that if you have kids at hone , make sure to engage them with you too .

5. Read books

How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)
How to Stay Positive and Motivated during this Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)

I have developed my love towards book reading these days . Unfortunately I don't have many books right now at home but I manage to read online (ebooks). Trust me I am enjoying reading book like never before . I am going to review few of my books reviews really soon .

This is a really tough find for all of us and the whole world is struggling to get out of this pandemic situation. We should stand together now (not physically but mentally ofcourse) to defeat this situation. Try to ignore or avoid all kind of negative vibes and try to be positive all the time . If we break down now ,it will be really difficult for us to stand straight again.
#StayHome and #StaySafe .

Loads of love and God bless us all.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Now when the whole country is locked down because of the deadly corona virus , it is definitely difficult for us to sit at home but there is no other option . Currently all TV channels are also locked down except the news channels . In this situation movies and web series are life savior . To be very fortunate ZEE5 is here to serve amazing web series for our entertainment. There are so many new series have started recently on ZEE5 and I am already watching those and enjoying . Let me tell you here , a new web series is all set to telecast on ZEE5 named  "Who's your daddy" . Are you excited ?

"Who's Your Daddy" - A New Web Series on ZEE5
Image source - An OTT platform ZEE5.Com

The trailer of the series "Who's Your Daddy" has already out. The trailer itself is very interesting and seems like full of drama and entertainment. The story describes the relationship between a father and son . Except that there is the tadka of regular nok-jhok between them which definitely bring some source of laughter in your life .

This series is directed by Chirag Arora and written by Jatin Dua . The strong star cast is its highlight . With amazing  moments filled with drama, thrill, suspense, and confusion the web series is a full-on blockbuster you can’t miss to watch! The legendary actor Rahul Dev and YouTube sensation Harsh Beniwal is the main attraction of this series . In the first season ,there are 6 episodes which are full of comedy and drama .

"Who's Your Daddy" - A New Web Series on ZEE5
Image source - An OTT platform ZEE5.Com

This is an adult comedy series and based on a crazy Punjabi family of Delhi . The story revolves around the father-son relationship . In this series the main attraction is the star cast . The veteran actor Rahul Dev is playing the role of retired major Prem Singh Barnala and on the other hand the YouTube sensation Harsh Beniwal is playing the character of Soggy , son of Prem Singh Barnala . Along with these two lead roles there are Nikhil Bhambri and Deveena Thakur as well who are playing some major roles too.

Soggy (Harsh Beniwal) is the owner of a DVD rental shop in Delhi . He makes  extra money by renting adult films DVD to the boisterous ladies of Delhi's posh societies . Twist comes to the story when Soggy fell sick and his  father Prem Singh Barnala come to help his son by delivering DVDs . Then he  come to know the fact of selling adult movies to ladies  and slowly accepts it . Then he become an overnight star with the lady patrons of the DVD shop and starts his new colorful journey along with his son Soggy .

"Who's Your Daddy" - A New Web Series on ZEE5
Image source - An OTT platform ZEE5.Com

Well, after years gone when Tidda (Soggy's Son) become curious to know about his real mother and goes to his father , he discovers a shocking truth about his father’s colourful past. What was that truth ? Are you also curious to know more on this !! Then stay tuned to ZEE5 to enjoy this crazy comedy series.

"Who's your Daddy" is all set to be streamed on April 5 on ZEE5  and ready to take you on the roller-coaster ride of Barnala family .  Enjoy your locked down period with this tempting series on ZEE5 . 

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase . Beside the baby one more happy reason was with me during my pregnancy to create my pregnancy wardrobe . I had  very smooth pregnancy journey with almost zero complications to very fortunate . Hence I almost invest all of my times browsing new things online and shopping ,etc. After my first trimester I started gaining weight and my baby bump started visible officially which means my cloths were becoming smaller in size .

Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...
Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...

Trust me guys the most important thing during pregnancy is to wear comfortable cloths otherwise you will end of with suffocation . I was looking for comfy , stylish and beautiful maternity wear for me and found Morph Maternity .

Morph Maternity is an one stop solution for all your maternity needs , be it's from maternity wear to maternity underwears , pregnancy pillows, nursing wear , nursing bra ,etc. There are so many things available which can make your pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey smooth and comfortable. If you haven't heard about maternity underwears then girl you are missing something . Specially designed bras and underwears are very necessary during pregnancy and even during nursing .

Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...
Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...

I love the dusty pink outfit I got for myself from Morph Maternity . This is in rayon fabric and the most comfortable attire I have even worn . It feels so soft and lightweight on skin . I can move comfortably and my skin can breath properly with this outfit . This is a maternity cum nursing wear . There are two zips at both side of the chest area and important thing is the zips are not visible outside . The zips are helpful for feeding the baby when you are outside or at home . The floral jacket kind thing at the front makes it more beautiful. There is also pockets which makes it more convenient to wear . I personally like dresses with pockets because I can put my wallet and phone inside the pocket and my hands are free .

Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...
Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...

Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...
Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...

Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...
Feel Comfortable during Pregnancy with Morph Maternity ...

Those days are gone when pregnancy means wearing oversized tacky cloths . Now so many varieties of stylish outfits are available specially for would be moms . I personality like the collection at Morph Maternity , you should check out .

Use my code  SNIGDHA to avail a discount of 10% on your 1st purchase .


*PS - product sent by brand but my opinion is honest and unbiased.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

In the digital age, young creators can showcase their talent and skills by uploading short videos on TikTok.  TikTok is a platform that offers a home for creative expression and encourages users to share moments from their lives. 

Must watch videos on India’s youth encouraging a more socially conscious society

In the past few months, TikTok has also emerged as a great platform to encourage the youth to be more aware of their role in the society and work towards its betterment.  Whether it is to increase awareness about climate change, encourage others to reduce wastage of food, or inspire others to speak up about mental health issues, TikTok is a great way to spread the message. Let’s look at some of the videos made by young creators to inspire others to pay attention to being socially conscious.

It’s time to do something for the planet

TikTok user @awezdarbar delivers a powerful message to inspire others to take actions that can help to save the planet. He tells us that by reducing the use of natural resources, eliminating the use of plastic, and making recycling a part of our lives, the present generation can truly make a difference for the Earth.

Don’t waste food

TikTok user PJ shares a great message that no one should waste food. He shares that almost 40% of food is wasted in India every day. Instead of throwing the food into the bin, one should give it away to those who are hungry.

Life is precious

TikTok user @sunnychopra tells his audience that everyone deserves to live and every life is important. There is somebody out there who cares for you.

Make a promise for Clean India

Popular TikTok creator @nitishandgroupfb has an interesting video that encourages people to stop littering. In the video, Nitish is show walking in the park and littering. A young boy points out to him that he shouldn’t do it and Nitish realizes that for a clean India, he must do his bit. The inspiring song titled Swachh Bharat Ka Iradaa Kar Liya Humne plays in the background (We have promised ourselves a Clean India).

Let us be more careful about what we put in our oceans

In this video, TikTok creator @aakashchopra  discusses the state of beaches in India and advises that we need to be more mindful what we throw in the ocean as it is leading to water pollution. He inspires the viewers to take steps to reduce water pollution.

Share good posts only

In order to spread the message from the #WaitASecToReflect, TikTok creator @surgeryonline encourages other users to ensure that any post shared on TikTok or other social media platforms carries a positive message for the society. He also adds that any post or video that may have a harmful impact on the society should not be shared.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

8 Simple steps to follow to get clear and healthy looking skin

Who doesn't like clear and healthy looking skin !! For that we end up buying tons of beauty products . It is always important to use the proper skincare products according to your skin type. Except that a proper diet and healthy lifestyle also impacts on your skin texture . I personally don't believe in applying lots of chemical based products on face . I always follow some of my homemade skincare regimen and quite happy with the result. So today I will share 8 simple tips by following which you can get clear and healthy looking skin in a week or so .

1.  Follow Strict Bedtime Routine :

8 Simple steps to follow to get clear and healthy looking skin

Make sure to follow a strict bed time routine . Sleep around 9.30 - 10pm. is a perfect time . Also follow a proper skincare before bed time . Clean your face , apply a good toner to soothing down the nerves , then apply serum/facial oil and massage a bit and  allow that to penetrate into the skin. Then apply an under eye cream to relax and moisturizes the undereye area . That's all you need to follow before bed time .A good 8-9 hour sleep is must for fresh morning.

2. Remove Makeup at the end of the Day :

Removing makeup every night before going to sleep is must to avoid unwanted skin issues. If you have heavy makeup on , make sure to cleanse the face thoroughly . After that you can also apply sheet mask and put it on overnight .

3. Exfoliate skin twice a week :

Exfoliation is the key to get clear ,dirt free skin . In exfoliation the pores open and skin get cleaned deeply . Make sure to not exfoliate skin more often or daily . Scrubing twice a week is good . You can try homemade scrubs too. Add honey to coffee powder and make a paste . Apply on skin and massage gently . Coffee is good for skin and a great scrubbing agent . Another homemade scrub is , take brown sugar , lemon juice and honey to make a smooth scrub . Avoid chemicals as much as possible to get healthy looking skin.

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4. Keep Body Hydrated :

8 Simple steps to follow to get clear and healthy looking skin

Drink lots of water daily to make your body hydrated from within. We always think , we are drinking enough water but in real we are not . Drinking enough water brings a nice healthy glow on face/skin and keeps acne , pimples away from face .

5. Eat Rightly :

Do include fruits , honey, almond , curd, etc. into your daily diet . You can have seasonal fruits . You can have honey with milk too but make sure the milk should be look warm ,not boiling hot . You also can have curd in lunch . Don't forget to start your day with soaked almond . Good food definitely bring good and healthy glow on skin.

6. Avoid Junk Food :

8 Simple steps to follow to get clear and healthy looking skin

Say no to all kind of junk food and fried food and sugar too . Instead of sugar you can take honey or jaggery as a substitute. Dates also work good . Instead of oil use ghee in small quantity. All these are great for skin.

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7. Exercise :

Do exercise or walking or yoga daily for 20min at least . Exercise boost up the blood circulation in body .The more you sweat , body will discharge more the impurities and dead skin cells which tends to healthy and clear skin. Meditation also keep mind peace which is again mantra of healthy and happy skin .

8. Clean mobile, pillow cover ,etc. :

Our hand comes in contact of mobile , TV remote through out the day . Germs can come through our hand to skin easily which again cause breakouts on skin . In the same way bedsheet , pillow cover comes in contact to our skin while sleeping. Dirty pillow cover or bedsheet can create skin allergies . Hence proper and regular clean of these things can bring a nice change in your skin texture .

Except all these one more important thing is , don't overdo anything . Don't panic or become possessive about your skin . No stress ,  positive thinking  and stay happy is the key of happy and healthy skin .

Hope you found this post helpful for you . Do share your opinion in comments below . See you in another post , till then take care.


Thursday, 2 January 2020

After my delivery I am more into skincare than makeup . These days I am more conscious about my skin . Recently I have added a new member into my skincare  regimen and that is Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub .

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Like we scrub our face ,the same way we can do all over the body . Hence a good body scrub is very necessary to remove all traces of dirt's from skin . I am already  using the body cream from the same brand and quite satisfied . I an using this pomegranate body scrub since a month now and ready to share my opinion with you all .

Price - Rs840/- for 80gm.
Shelf life - 2yrs. from mfg.

It is available Here

Benefits -

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Ingredients - Natural cane sugar , propylene glycol, pomegranate powder, Himalayan orange powder, glycerin, milk powder , natural oils of orange , bergamot and mandarin , benzoic acid

Experience -

 First which caught my attention is the amazing ingredients . This scrub is a blend of pomegranate powder , sugar ,milk powder , Himalayan orange powder , orange oil ,etc.  which makes it more luxurious . The scrub has a nice fragrance which instantly lifts up my mood and I feel refreshed .

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

The scrub is semi thick in consistency which is perfect to use in my opinion. It has small particles which obviously not do harsh on my skin . It spreads amazingly on skin . The scrub particles are so gentle on skin and doesn't irritate at all. I use this once or twice in a week . It cleanses my skin so well and my skin feels super soft after scrubbing . It also hydrates skin . It removes all dirts and dead cells from skin and makes it squicky clean . It also removes skin tan so effectively . I love the scrub completely.

Vanya Anaarcleanse Pomegranate Body Scrub Review

Packaging wise it is so luxurious looking.  Like the body cream this scrub also comes in a tub packaging . The overall silvery packaging makes it looking classy . The outer cardboard box has all necessary information regarding the product .

Pros . -

1. Classy packaging
2.  Smells really well
3. Not too harsh exfoliating particles
4. Has goodness of pomegranate, Himalayan orange , cane sugar , milk solid ,etc.
5. Exfoliate skin really well
6. Removes sun tan as well
7. All natural and chemicals free
8. Keeps skin moisturized too

Con's.. -
1- seems pricey

Rating - 4.8/5

"A good skin exfoliator with all natural ingredients. Keeps skin moisturized as well. What else we can ask for !! Go for it guys.."

Hope you found this review helpful.. See you in another great post ,till then take care.


* Product sent by brand but my opinion is unbiased as usual .

Friday, 27 December 2019

Winter is on its notch and my skin is becoming desert day by day . In winter our skin needs special care otherwise the cold weather will make it more harsh and dry . We do apply so many kinds of body lotions to keep skin hydrated but at the end if the day it is the same itchy and dry . Dry skin people always go with deep moisturizing lotion or creams . While browsing something really good for my thirsty skin , I found Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream . I am using this since a month now and ready to share my opinion with you all .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Vanya is a luxurious skin care brand and their products are all natural and free from harsh chemicals . These are also cruelty free .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream 

Price - Rs600/- for 60gm.
Shelf life - 2years from mfg.

You can buy from Here .

Benefits -
Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Ingredients -

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Packaging -  Packaging wise it is so good. I love the luxurious looking silver packaging . There is also an outer cover which has all necessary information regarding the product.

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Experience - I am using this since a month now and I am loving it to be very honest . I love the refreshing fragrance which is not so loud nor so mild . The fragrance has a hint of pomegranate which makes it more sweeter . After application the fragrance is there for some more minutes .

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

The texture is really smooth and creamy . It has semi-thick consistency . The cream spreads easily on skin and absorbs quickly into skin . It keeps my skin hydrated for 5-6hours and after that I reapply . As I have a small baby I need to wash my hand and legs very often ,hence it stays this much time otherwise it will stay some more hours . I apply this after taking shower and the whole day I love my silky soft skin. It is always recommended to apply any kind of moisturizer or lotion on skin after bath when it is still damp to get maximum skin benefits .

This cream is a blend of pomegranate extracts, pomegranate oil and kokum butter which helps to make skin soft and nourished. These also improve skin texture . The pomegranate in it helps to act as sunblock . Along with this ,it has vitamin E , aloevera extracts and Himalayan rose water which keeps skin hydrated and supple .
Vanya Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream Review

Pros .. -

1. Nice sturdy and classy packaging.
2. Smells divine
3. Has goodness of pomegranate and kokum butter
4. Smooth , creamy texture
5. Hydrates skin for 5-6 hours easily .
6. Natural ingredients

Cons.. -

1- Seems a bit pricey

Rating - 4.7/5

"Overall a good body cream with all natural ingredients . It has pomegranate and kokum butter which works great on skin. Hydrates skin really well , what else we need..!! Completely recommended to you guys.."

Hope you found this review helpful.. See you in another post ,till then take care..


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