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Sugar Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Lipstick 'Pink Up' - Review & Swatches

After a really long time i am with a lipstick review. Recently i hauled few stuffs from Sugar cosmetics  (watch my haul video here). My makeup haul is always incomplete without one or two lipsticks . This time i got a beautiful lipstick from  Sugar Cosmetics Nothing else matter long wear lipstick range . The range is not a new launch but they had launched few new shades in this particular range.  I got the shade 'Pink Up' which is from the new shades they have included. I have already shared my view in the video but let me write down here also .. 

Price : Rs599/- for 3.5gm. Shelf Life : 3years from mfg.
*Note : It is made in PRC (means made in China ) which is shocking ... 
Ingredients :

Packaging : The packaging is the highlight. I love the golden transition at the bottom of the lipstick bullet. This adds a nice classy look to the whole lipstick. The shade name is at the side of the bullet . The lipstick has magnetic closure . The outer cardboard box …
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What is Rosehip Oil ? Rosehip Oil's Skincare Benefits.

You might have heard from your grand mother or from the elders of house that oil is one of the best moisturizer for skin.  And I believe on that . See, these days so many kinds of essential oils available which we can use directly on skin to get the maximum benefits.. Similarly Rosehip oil is really great for skin . In this post I am going to talk about what is actually Rosehip oil and its benefits towards skincare . 
What is Rosehip Oil ?

Rosehip oil is a pressed seed oil which extracted from the seeds of wild rose bush . Rosehip oil has maximum skincare benefits and also has awesome healing properties. This oil is really great for sensitive skin and also for dry skin type. Rosehip oil is well known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties.

It has high level of essential fatty acids specially Omega-3 (linolenic acid) and Omega-6 (linoleic acid) which are effective for softening skin and improving skin barrier function. High con…

HiPi - A Short Video Making Platform by ZEE5

Few days ago India Government banned 59 Chinese apps on one go . There is also the most popular short video creating app tiktok in that banned list . Tiktok was one of the most used and loved short video creating platforms . Now after banning, the tiktok creators must be searching for a new alternative.. Meanwhile ZEE5 is coming with the new short video making platform HiPi very soon . 

HiPi, a short-video creation platform ( like tiktok) launched inside the ZEE5 app.  ZEE5  had announced in February during its second anniversary that its short-video platform which is supposed to  offer up to 90-second videos created by celebrities, influencers, and creators is about to launch.

By following the  Atmanirbhar Bharat concept, ZEE5’s innovative and amazing platform called ‘HiPi’ is an one stop place where India can create the most ingenious and amazing content with the help of state-of-the-art features. It is the destination for all kinds of entertainment and a…


Weddings are counted as one of the most special days in a person’s life and everything that day has to just go perfect. It is a special day for the groom as it is for the bride but the bride has a few extra boxes to tick and take care of. 

From deciding the destination, arranging the decorations, coordinating with the wedding planners to preparing the guest lists, accommodations, logistics, music, catering, and so much more, the list is actually never-ending.  But for a bride, along with these plannings, it is also extremely important to look her best on her special day. So her dress, makeup, footwear, the overall wholesome look, is as important as the day itself is. 
Every year there are various makeup looks that go viral and trending and all the brides usually love to select the most trendy, best-looking and best-suited make up for them and just sweep the groom off his feet and make him fall in love all over again.
This year, it has …

Tiktok is #TheNewNormal

The current scenario is known to us all. The whole world is struggling to get out of this pandemic situation. Most of the countries are under complete lockdown and India too is no exception. But we can't forget to live life just be stressed any further, right? Even in such times, there are creators constantly bringing a smile on your face by creating content at home. 

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platform currently in India and all over the world. Tiktok is a short video making social media platform. There are varieties of videos including comedy and informative. Many celebrities, stars are on Tiktok right now. The creators are also spreading awareness regarding Covid-19 in beautiful and innovative ways. Currently, #TheNewNormal and #WorkFromHome are trending on Tiktok, where the creators are showing how to work from home in really engaging ways and there are also messages to our society to not to go out unless you have any kind of emergencies. Along with that, yo…

Share Chores and Multiply Love ..

When the whole family is with you , the tough situation also feels easier to handle. The outside trauma is on the top right now. The world is under a deadly virus and the pandemic situation is becoming heavy on our mental health. Within this 3-4 months, so much happened in our country specially and god only knows what is going to happen in the coming months. Well, when the country was under lockdown and everyone were inside the house , the only person whose workload got doubled was the woman in the house, isn't it ? Preparing food, cleaning utensils, cleaning house, making the kids study and play ,etc. and the list will go on and on. But what if the whole family join hands together and divide the works ,the work pressure will also reduce and everyone will become happy. So here i will say my story and experience with #ShareTheLoad where we stay in a nuclear family.

Just before the lockdown my younger son who was only 1 year old was admitted in hospital because of Diarrhea and just t…

Watch Best Free Kannada Movies on ZEE5

The lockdown is still here, the fear is being affected is still here but as usual, ZEE5 is still working to entertain people in this serious condition. ZEE5 is bringing new shows, series, movies one after another and trying to make us relaxed and happy all the time. This is really appreciating. In my previous post, I had mentioned that now ZEE5 has ZEE5 kids too for our little champs and now I have more exciting news for you all. Now you can watch regional movies also on ZEE5 which is again so amazing. 

There are around 12 regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Odia,etc..  movies are currently on ZEE5 which is again appreciating. With all these ZEE5 has become India's most popular and no 1 entertaining OTT platform. So today I am going to mention Kannada movies especially
Though I do not belong to Karnataka I know the language properly and I always enjoy the drama, thriller, action and comedy in Kannada movies. 

ZEE5 has a good collection of some of th…