Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Childhood is a really precious time where a baby learns a lot about the world and his surroundings.
 It is also special for all the people who are involved with the baby in some or the other way for it provides a storehouse of special memories which can be cherished later on in life. As with everything good time flies by and he/she is no more your little baby hence I recommend that you get a baby portrait done to treasure all the good moments that you have had in your life.

A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories
A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories

Turn photo to painting of your loved one and watch as it takes a beautiful form of its own.
A portrait painting is a great way to go down the memory lane and let nostalgia take over for some time as you revel in it.

Childhood is the time when a baby experiences many new and different things, some of them may bring emotions of joy whilst some may bring painful ones. In the midst of all of these things we come across certain golden moments that bring a wide smile unto our faces.

The moment may pass us by but the memory can certainly be placed in our hearts forever.
Turn pictures to paint of all the cute little memories that you have of your toddler.

A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories
A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories

PortraitFlip is just the perfect site for turning photo to paint and getting a portrait painting done.
They offer you a quite a few option with regards to the medium in which you want your portrait painting such as charcoal portrait, oil portrait, watercolor portrait, acrylic portrait, pencil sketch portrait and colored pencil drawing portrait.

How it works:

Go to the PortraitFlip website and click on the get started button. Choose the size and medium in which you want your baby portrait painting and fill in all the essential details like: number of people, getting it framed or rolled. After all of the above is done the cost will be displayed and you can also give your own suggestions to the artist in a message box that is placed below. Once everything is completed, you have a choice between paying the full amount or a 30% deposit and the rest once your painting is finished.

A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories
A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories

A genuinely well crafted handmade portrait painting is the perfect way to recreate some awesome memories. It is a great way to relive all those special memories again and again. Childhood is a time of innocence and dreams, of hopes and aspirations. No dream is to big and no goal is to high, one day they may want to be an astronaut and the other a pilot and yet another a cricketer. The point is a child has the courage to dream and sometimes we lose this ability in our adulthood giving it the name of reality or sanity. Get a baby portrait done to capture this childish innocence and vigor.

A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories
A Baby Portrait for some Golden Memories

Their ability to derive happiness at the small little and, sometimes labeled ‘insignificant’ things is what keeps them smiling all or most of the time. A baby can be a portal of unbridled joy and happiness.

A customized baby portrait painting is a thus a great way to add to the aesthetic beauty of your house.
Just imagine a huge, almost life size painting of a wide smiling child hanging from the wall, isn’t it the perfect way to grab the attention of all the guests and colleagues that come to your house. Despite all of the chaos and sleepless nights a baby is definitely one of the greatest gifts that god could bless anybody with.

Hope you liked this post. See you in the next one ,till then stay happy. 

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Feelings of Motherhood - Very Precious

Being mother is a true blessing . The moment i came to know that i am pregnant ,I can't even explain my feeling in words. The moment was very precious . From the day one of my pregnancy ,i was waiting for my baby soul to hold on my hand ,to see in-front of my eyes. I was literally counting every single day . Now I am pregnant with my second kid but the feelings of the #FirstTimeMom is very different and special.

Then the day came and I delivered my little soul . That day was the best day ever. Finally I held my little bundle of joy . The funny thing was ,i was looking at him continuously for hours and can't make myself believe that i have become a mom . The feeling and the experience is beyond happiness. I was eagerly waiting for, when he will also looking at me ,recognize me as his mom and will smile at my me . I know i am sounding crazy but i was like that in that point of time. Then after becoming 2 and 1/2 months he started staring at everyone and started giving tiny smiles and i was like in seventh heaven . Sometimes there were happy tears in my eyes. I couldn't thank enough to GOD for this . By looking at his naughty smiles , I always forget my whole day tired . When I got angry by his naughty tantrums , sleepless nights , continuous feeding , he always gave his baby innocent smiles to me and I completely forgot my anger within seconds. Even now when he has become a toddler , my anger couldn't sustain in-front of his smile. My husband sometimes called me crazy for this .

The baby is always very precious of a mom .His happiness ,his needs are always the first priority for the mom. During the initial days babies do fall sick very often as their body try to cope up with the outer world. We parents always feel helpless by seeing our baby in trouble ,isn't it ? When my son was only 6 months old ,he got  serious diaper-rash issue. Our pediatrician told that the reason was heavily use of wet wipes which was very surprising for us. He suggested us to switch to cotton and water instead of wet wipes and it worked too that time. I was shocked by knowing that the wipes are all polyester and has full with chemicals ,alcohol,etc. That time there was no options for cotton and water based wipes . Recently few months earlier i came across a brand Mothersparsh which has water based wet wipes for babies . I got for myself to test out first before suggesting to anybody and loving it completely .

About #FirstWaterWipes by Mothersparsh :

The brand Mother sparsh has come up with the first water based wipes which are extremely comfortable and gentle for baby's sensitive delicate skin. Mother sparsh wipes are made up of plant based material which is 100% biodegradable.  These wipes has 98% water content which makes it as good as cotton and water.  As there is no polyester and harm chemicals, these are so gentle on baby's delicate skin.  The wipes have goodness of aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E which moisturised baby's skin and keeps hydrated.  After wiping the baby's skin it doesn't feels dry or sticky  at all rather it feels silky and smooth. To prove the purity of the mother sparsh wipes ,you can do a flame test . With a flame test it burns like cotton and becomes ash where as polyester based wipes become lumps after burning .

Price - Rs 175/- for 80 wipes

Feelings of Motherhood - Very Precious

As the mother sparsh wipes has no polyester in them, hence these also very much environmental friendly.  There is no artificial fragrance in these wipes. There is no alcohol and other harsh chemicals, hence baby's skin will not get any allergies or skin irritations with regular uses . These water based wipes are clinically proven, hence you can use without any worry.

Since months now I am using these mother sparsh wipes for my son and  completely satisfied  . I will definitely recommend to every mother to try out mother sparsh wipes ,i am sure you all gonna love it.

* This post is sponsored by Mothersparsh but my opinion is unbiased and honest.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

I love the feeling of cold winter but my skin doesn't. During winter the humidity level in air is very low and the cold wind takes away the natural oil from skin and makes it dry and flaky . Dry ,crack skin is more prone to bacteria and it can be worse by getting itching or eczema . It is always necessary to take proper prevention beforehand . Today in this post I am going share about 10 essential tips which you should follow to lock down the natural glow in skin . So let's start..

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

1. Use Lukewarm Water : 

Taking hot water bath during winter is very relaxing and a pure bliss. But hot water takes away the moisture from skin and can make it further drier and rough. Instead of hot water ,use lukewarm water for your bath . Even do use lukewarm water for washing your face and hand . After bath ,never ever forget to apply a good layer of moisturiser when your body is still wet. Always choose a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and ceramides in it.

2 - Keep Body Hydrated :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

It is very important to stay hydrated during winter by drinking water in regular intervals. Normally during winter we don't feel thirsty very often but in-spite of that drinking water is very necessary. The dry weather evaporates the water content from body easily, hence having water ,juices,fruits are very important. It also maintains the natural glow on skin.

3- Choose Skincare Products Accordingly :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

Always choose skincare products according to your skin type. Following the CTM routine regularly is very necessary. During winter ,sometimes skin behaves sensitive ,hence using of mild skincare products is advisable . Choose cleanser which has moisturiser in it ,hence you won't feel dryness after wash . For acne prone skin choose products with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin , hydration serum in it to maintain the pH of skin . Avoid using alcohol based products as it will make your skin further drier .

4- Don't Exfoliate Skin Much :

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells from skin and it is also an important step of any skincare regimen. But during winter , as the skin is already dry ,you shouldn't exfoliate more than once a week otherwise the outer moisture barrier of skin will damage more . If you have very dry skin type ,then avoid exfoliating completely and for normal to oily skin it is advisable to exfoliate once a week .

5- Protect Skin :

Protect skin from cold wind or snow is very important. Sun rays feels awesome during winter but UV rays can damage skin more. Apply sunscreen which has titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Another important thing is avoid going out with damped skin or immediate after shower as this might cause skin cracks easily in cold.

6- Don't Neglect Your Hands And Feet :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

 We normally forget about our hands and feet to take care of during any season. The skin of hands is very thin and delicate as compare to skin of other body parts. Hence it tends to loose its moisture very easily and prone to dryness and itchiness . We should apply a heavy duty moisturizer or hand cream in regular intervals . Don't forget to wear gloves while stepping out during winter for extra protection. For feet ,exfoliation is a must to remove extra dead cells .Apply glycerin or petroleum jelly  based creams on feet to lock the moisture .

7- Choose Natural Skincare Products :

It's always good to go with natural skincare products over the chemical loaded ones. Honey, jojoba oil, banana, aloevera, avocado oil are really good for skin.You can also include essential oils into your skincare regimen.

8- Sunglasses :

Sunglasses are must during stepping out. Snow and sun rays can damage the skin around eyes which cause dark circles too. Wear a good UV protected sunglasses to avoid the skin damage around eyes.

9- Diet :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

Taking a proper nutritious diet plays an important role in healthy looking skin. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables ,  Berries are full of nutrients and vitamins . You can have strawberry, cherry,blueberry, grapes, raspberry ,etc. Having water, juices, soups, green veggies is a good decision during cold weather to boost up the energy.

10- Exercise :

10 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Follow

 Like proper diet,exercise is also very important . Exercise or yoga makes body sweat and improves blood flow to the organs and skin. It detoxify skin and makes you feel healthy and glow-y  from inside and outside as well.

So all these are the tips you should follow to get a healthy looking skin during winter. I know that it's a bit difficult to follow all the tips in one go but if you follow maximum of these ,the result will be awesome and you will definitely gonna thanks me later.

That's all for today's post. See you in the next post ,till then stay hooked..


Sunday, 11 November 2018

Heya girlzzz. . By now you guys must have known that I am a lipstick addict person . I love collecting lipsticks from different brands.  To be very honest, I always think twice or thrice before investing in any high end brand lipsticks but if the price is under budget, then I don't think much.  The only thing matters me is the formula of the lipstick because I have really dry lips and the humid weather of my city makes it more drier.  I love matte lipsticks but for dry lips it is too much to do beforehand to get a nice pout perfect lips look.

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Recently Nykaa has launched their new range of lipsticks which named Ultra Matte Lipsticks.  According to the brand these are the liquid lipsticks formula in bullet form. All the shades are richly pigmented and smooth to apply on lips.  Water proof and transferproof and stays long hours without fading. There are 10 shades in this range.  All the shades named after the great women around the world which I completely appreciate.

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

I have the shades Diana and Marilyn with me.  There are nudes,  pinks,  mauve and red shades in this range.  I have really very high expectations from this range by Nykaa.  Let's see how these fair to the claims..

Price - Rs449/-
Available on Nykaa. 

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Packaging - The lipsticks has colour coded packaging which is a good thing. The cap of the bullet has magnetic closure . The square packaging of the lipstick makes this look classy and chic. The bullet has lipstick name at its bottom . There is also outer cardboard box which has all necessary information regarding the products.

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

I love the lipsticks names of the ultramatte lipsticks. Nykaa has put the names after the super women around the world. Among the 10 shades i got Diana and Marilyn shades which are obviously very beautiful.

Shades, Texture, Pigmentation & Staying Ability :

 The shade Diana is a very pretty mauve shade with warm pink undertone. It is more towards the warmer tone side and i personally love warm-tone lipsticks, hence i picked up this shade. Marilyn is a beautiful warm tone red shade . I am a big fan of red shades lipsticks because i found red shades always lift up my mood and complexion too.

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

The texture of these ultra-matte lipsticks are creamy and soft . These glides on lips very smoothly without tugging and pulling . After few seconds of applying these set into a matte finish look. Though these lipsticks are very lightweight and non-drying on lips ,but you have to prep your lips beforehand to get a smooth base. Both the shades are really pigmented. They gives perfect colour in just one swipe and you can swipe twice to get a opaque look. I am really impressed by the pigmentation abilty of these lipsticks. There is no shimmer or shin in these lipsticks ,these are pure matte ones.

Though the brand is claiming that these shades are transfer-proof but in real these are not completely. The colour transfers into things but it won't affect the colour on lips ,hence i won't mind. These are not complete water-proof as well. After having heavy lunch or oily food ,you will definitely need a touch-up . These stay on my lips around 5-6hours.

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

I love both the shades. Diana is my go-to shade right now. I almost wear it every single day while stepping out. I will try out 2-3 more shades from this range for sure. I will recommend everyone to try out the shades Diana , Marilyn to try out. I am going to buy Helen and Cleopatra shade next.. Nykaa is coming some of the awesome collections day by day which is amazing. Now enjoy the lip swatches..

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipsticks Diana and Marilyn - Review and Swatches

Hope you found this post helpful.Se you in the next one ,till then stay hooked.. 


Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Today I am going to talk about the Stay Quirky liquid lipsticks and I will also share the swatches of one of those.  I have bought quite few stuffs from the brand Stay Quirky (you might have seen my video HERE) . I had promised their to review the stuffs, so here I am with the liquid lipstick review first.  I have the shade ' Can I Borrow a Kiss' with me, yes it's the shade name...
Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Stay Quirky is a brand which makes good quality makeup products which are toxicity free and all vegan.  I love their nail polishes range and now when I saw their makeup range, I can't control my excitement.  By the way this brand is available in purplle.com . You can grab anytime with a great deal.  So let's straight jump into the review.

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Price - Rs449/- 
Available on Purplle.com


I am in love with the packaging to be very honest. It comes with a tiny see through tube packaging which is very handy and easy to carry in purse too. The packaging is almost similar to the nykaa liquid lipsticks packaging. The applicator is small but keeps a good hold while applying. The due foot wand is a little bend to one side which is again makes the application easier. The applicator carries a good quantity of product in one go ,hence you don't need to dip the brush again and again.. the lipstick comes inside a cardboard box which has all information regarding the product. at the bottom of the lipstick you will find the shade name with colour coded label . Overall i love the whole packaging.

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Shade, Texture , Pigmentation & Staying Capacity

The shade i have is a very pretty pink shade with bright red undertone . I love such kind shades because those makes my face or skin looks more brighter (in terms of complexion). There are total 20 shades in this range . you will find some reds,pinks,browns , nudes,etc. I love their shade collection.

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

The texture is creamy and the consistency is a bit thicker side . It glides very smoothly on my lips and doesn't feel heavy at all.  The liquid lipstick settles into a complete matte finish look, hence it is very important to keep your lips before hand.  I always prep my dry lips and never forget to apply a sheer layer of lipbalm underneath.  This will make my lips feel comfortable for longer time . The colour is so pigmented. I only need one swipe to get the accurate shade. The lipstick is smudge-proof, transferproof and waterproof too.  It stays on my lips nor a whole day without fading much.  You definitely need a good makeup remover to remove the lipshade completely.  The staying capacity is more than 12hours with meals and snacks in between which is remarkable.

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick ' can I borrow a kiss ' - Review & Swatches

Pros.. -

▶Cute, handy packaging
▶ Beautiful warmer tone pink shade with red hint.
▶ Creamy texture and perfect consistency
▶Glides smoothly on lips and settles into a complete matte finish.
▶A but drier on lips which generally happen with every matte formula lipsticks. Prep your lips before hand for that.
▶ Well pigmented.
▶ Stays for more than 12hours
▶ Well priced

Cons..  -

▶ Available only on purplle.com

Rating - 4.8/5

I haven't tried the other shades of this range yet but would definitely love to try out the nude shades.  But this particular shade is a must buy for sure.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you with another exciting topic , till then stay hooked .

Xoxo.. .💗

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Baby's health is the utmost priority of any mother. It is really painful to see your baby in pain and being a mom of a toddler  I can totally related to the situation. Babies can't speak but they do express their feeling through laugh and cry.  When the baby is happy we can easily locate that but when the baby is crying, it is really difficult to understand what is actually the issue.  There are lots of things happen when a baby arrives and it continues till a certain age of 4-5years.

Diaper Rashes are not only for Diapers, time to change the wipes too...

During the initial months diper rash is a very common issue happens to all babies around here and it is also easily curable , not a big deal . But do we ever think what is the actual reason behind the diper rashes on baby ? We usually blame the dipers we are using.  It is very important to remove the wet dipers in regular time intervals and clean the area, powder and allow the skin to breath fresh air to avoid rashes at those private areas of baby.  Along with that we should educate ourselves in choosing right baby wipes. Yes,  baby wipes are also takes a major role in creating diper rash.

Initially our moms and grandmoms were using warm water and cloth to clean baby's skin which is quite ok-ish , but this was also not the right way to clean and protect skin from bacteria.  Then we started using wet wipes which are very handy of course  and easy to use as well.  But again these are not safe in the other hand.  The polyester fabric of the wipes and the chemicals in it can cause really harm to baby's delicate skin. Most of the wipes has alcohol and other harm chemicals which cause skin irritation and allergies which ends up to rashes.

Diaper Rashes are not only for Diapers, time to change the wipes too...

Recently I came across a brand Mothersparsh which is India's first water based wipes brand.  There are 98% water in those wipes and made up of viscos material (a fibre derived from wood pulp) which is extremely gentle on skin and as good as cotton and water.  The mothersparsh wipes are 100% biodegradable. These wipes has goodness of aloevera, jojoba oil, vitamin E which keeps skin hydrated and helps to maintain the pH level and doesn't dry out skin at all . The mothersparsh wipes are hypoallergenic and clinically tested and don't have any kind of harm chemicals. There is no artificial fragrance in these wipes. There is no alcohol and paraben which is another good thing. These are so gentle on baby's sensitive skin and not cause any allergies or rashes.

Diaper Rashes are not only for Diapers, time to change the wipes too...

Price - Rs 175/-
Available on Amazon .

I personally use this for my son, hence I can vouch for it. We should understand that, it is not right to always blame to the diapers but we should consider to change the regular wipes with Mothersparsh water based wipes.  After all our baby is our responsibility and we should give our best to our little bundle of joy.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you in the next post, till then stay hooked.

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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and we should enjoy every bit of it . Giving birth a new life is not a simple task at all.  After getting the good news you have to go through lots of changes in body, mind and life as well and one should prepare for that before planning to move towards motherhood.  You shouldn't worry about the mood swings and also not worry about the extra kilos you are going to put on. During my first pregnancy, the one thing which used to come to my mind that, I should live these moment because these will not come again.

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

There are some myths related to pregnancy and one of those is not to wear new cloths, even not to buy new cloths.  Now dude tell me, if none of my cloths will fit me anymore, then what I will wear through the out the whole nine month.  I never ever believe on all those shits, I always listen to my heart.  Perfect maternity wear plays an very important role in happy pregnancy.  If you are comfortable on what you wear, then you will feel happy from within.  Isn't it?  

Now I am expecting for the second time and while searching for some comfy maternity wears online ,I found a website name Momzjoy.com and trust they have awesome range of maternity wears and you also can wear those dresses even after delivery because these are also appropriate for nursing babies.  Isn't it cool ? It sounds like worth every penny you spend.  Well,  I got a beautiful maxi dress for myself.  

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

Price - Rs2899/-
You can buy from HERE

All the cloths of Momzjoy are hand designed by their team and trust me you can feel the love for making only after getting the cloth . I got this beautiful teal green plaid maxi dress. The fabric is really soft cotton and breathable on skin.  It feels very soft on touch.  There is a tie up kind thing above the tummy area which create a nice pregnancy feel and will not make you look fat . I love the 3/4th sleeve.  The fitting ,the fall, everything is just perfect.  There is two zip openings near both the breast area which will make the nursing easily. I totally appreciate this.  I have already washed this once and there is no colour bleed at all . Overall I love this comfy maternity dress.  

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

Now come to the shipping and all.  After placing the order, the brand will communicate with you every steps through mail ,hence no worry about being cheated.  They also do worldwide shipping which is great.  There are so many designs and patterns available on website.  You may find the price on higher side but trust me you will never regret after getting the product.  The quality is the proof of every penny you spend on each clothes . I am very much satisfied with the Momzjoy maternity wear.  

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

The Perfect Maternity wear...  | Ft. Momzjoy.com

Hope you found this post helpful.  See you in the next post, till then stay hooked.. 

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The festive season has already started and after that wedding season is on the way. We Indians love to deck up traditionally during such occasions, and those ethnic wears resemble our culture and traditions.  Saree is one such ethnic wear which has a very special place in every Indian's heart and wardrobe too. Every girl looks exceptionally gorgeous in Saree, and that's the reason, everyone has their designer saree collection here.  There is a wide variety of sarees exit in India. Now online shopping has taken the shopping experience to the next level, and you all will agree with me.  Do check out the new arrivals of Craftsvilla's saree section and you will get some of the amazing collections for sure.   
Sarees for Every Ocassion.. | Ft. Craftsvilla

Every state has their speciality in saree, and this is our pride. I have shared quite a lot of posts on Indian Saree variants and collections earlier here.  And today another post completely dedicated to our Indian culture, our Indian Saree.  As the wedding season and festive season is here, you will need some awesome varieties of Saree to complete your ethnic look.  I am going to share here a few latest trend in designer Saree collection which will help you for sure. So let's begin.
Sarees for Every Ocassion.. | Ft. Craftsvilla

Silk Sarees are never going out of trend and look very feminine, elegant and classy. Silk Saree is one of the best options to wear during festive and wedding season to feel the royalty from inside. There are so many varieties of silk sarees available in India for every age group. Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram silk, Chanderi silk, Sambalpuri silk, Sonpuri silk are some of the well-known silk Saree types in India.  Except for offline shopping, there are so many online portals which sell the original awesome quality silk sarees.
Sarees for Every Ocassion.. | Ft. Craftsvilla

As Navratri is going on, a beautiful Bandhani Saree will complement the puja look beautifully.  Bandhani Saree pattern is the traditional pattern of Gujarat and never go out of fashion. A pure Bandhani Saree with heavy gotapati border is just perfect to rock the garba nights. Besides that Leheriya print sarees also go perfectly with the Navratri look. Leheriya is again the traditional pattern of Rajasthan.  It would be best if you had one of those West-India saree patterns in your wardrobe.
Sarees for Every Ocassion.. | Ft. Craftsvilla

Handloom sarees are another option to give you that rich and elegant look.  The unique design of the handloom sarees makes them stand out in the crowd. Odisha handloom, Bengal handloom, etc. have some of the awesome creations.  Except that there is also another pattern named Baluchari which originated from Bengal, also give you that feminine look and classy feeling.

Heavily embroidered chiffon sarees are another good option for festive or wedding season.  You can also go with sequence work sarees. These will look beautiful definitely.

Again if you are not comfortable to carry such heavy sarees or you are not a Saree person, then designer sarees are the best option for you.  They will look simple, sober and elegant.

Saree is the only Indian ethnic wear which will go very perfectly with any traditional functions.  So these are the Saree options which are perfect for festive and wedding season.

Hope you found this post helpful. Share your thought in the comments below. See you in the next post, till then stay happy.


*image courtesy - pinterest

Saturday, 13 October 2018

A Stay Quirky Makeup Haul ..

Recently I have done a tiny makeup haul from the brand Stay Quirky . The name is not new because they have awesome range of nail polishes already and now they have introduced their makeup range too.  Stay quirky products are all vegan and toxicity free , cruelty free ,paraben free and other harsh chemicals free. You can get stay quirky products on purplle.com . The price range is also affordable. In SQ you can find lipsticks, eye liners,  kajal , foundation, bb creams ,etc.

I have got two coloured liquid eyeliners , one kajal and one liquid lipstick for myself.  In coloured eyeliners, there are 8-10 shades available and in liquid lipsticks there are 20 shades available.

Find my experience with the SQ products in the embeded video below.  Hope you will love  it . Will share detailed separate reviews of each products very soon.


Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Unique Musical Series 'Lockdown'

ZEE5 has some of the amazing shows and movies.  Along with that ZEE5 has come with its own musical reality show named Lockdown . It's is a musical series by the very popular rap singer Badshah. It's a unique musical reality show, where Bollywood music artists and digital sensations are brought together and locked down to create two music videos in 24hours time They really enjoyed doing this kind of unique musical series.  The famous rap star told this to one news channel in an interview.

To create a musical extravaganza there are some great musicians like Kailash Kher, Raftaar,  Sachin-Jigar, Monali Thakur, Benny Dayal along with YouTube stars Jonita Gandhi, Shirley Seita, T Bridge, Mickey Singh, Harrdy Sandhu and Raja Kumari. All the music videos are shot in some beautiful scenic locations across India.  The series will feature the recreation of many popular songs into two music videos. Isn't it sounding interesting to you all?
A Unique Musical Series 'Lockdown'

Let's discuss the pair of singers for each episode. For episode one, Jonita Gandhi and Badshah himself reached Chandigarh, the city of spontaneity and energy. After so many hit numbers, finally, the duo settles into two melodious songs ' Tip Tip Barsa Pani' from Mohra and 'Kaala Joda'.

For episode two, Kailash Kher and the Indo-American rapper  Raja Kumari reached Dharamsala, the land of Lord Shiva. To follow the concept of the show, the duo recreates 'Mera Piya Ghar Aya' and 'Kaun he Woh' from Bahubali.  Then for episode three Benny Dayal, Bryden Lewis & Parth Chandiramani reached Goa. The trio chooses the song 'Gilheriyaan' from Dangal and 'Gulaabo' from Shaandar. Really I love the way they portrait the creation.
A Unique Musical Series 'Lockdown'

For episode four, the famous pop star Neha Bhasin and Harrdy Sandhu choose the place Dharamsala to come up with their own version of two songs.  'Akhiyaan Udik Diya' and 'Khair Mangdi' Then for episode five Raftaar arrives in God's own country Kerala and is joined with the popular music band Thaikkudam Bridge. They select the songs 'Rang De Basanti ' and 'Bari Barsi' and they have done an amazing job truly.  

For episode six, Shirley Seita and Sachin-Jigar are under lockdown and have 24hours to create two incredible music videos on the banks of Godavari. The combination of singing queen along with the singers with aesthetic melodies makes an amazing groovy combination. And for episode seven, the melodious Monali Thakur team up with urban munda Mickey Singh to create two fantastic music videos in 24hours.  The duo selected 'Gur Nal Ishq Mitha' and 'Jiya Jale' which gonna rock the stage.

Really, don't you think the music series is very different from the regular ones? I am thoroughly enjoying the episodes and new creations.  All these are available on ZEE5. To enjoy the unlimited music bonanza of Lockdown series, do subscribe to ZEE5 right away.

*pic courtesy - ZEE5

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